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18.05.2013 05:36
Yuqing meet with others too clever antworten

Fang You's eyebrows is gradually raised, and the feeling is not the little girl is wrong, but the girl and they have the time, some coincidence. Wanted to think, the tour shook his head with a laugh, perhaps the little girl has been in the selling flowers, he and Ye Yuqing meet with others too clever, is to think so, but he was looking at the little girl's every act and every move. Ye Yuqing also saw this lovely little girl,Nike Jordan New School Sale, suddenly smiled and said hello, "little girl, and to the flower." "Hey, big brother, big sister, we meet again, big brother, sister would like to sell flowers, this is today just off the rose." Hear the words of Ye Yuqing, the little girl turned, to see them,Coach Totes, and suddenly some surprise, surprise, but in this, the tour was also saw other emotions. Leaf Yuqing suddenly looked at the tour, face upwards of two red clouds, the tour came to the little girl's side, smiled and said: "little girl, there is no lilies ah, you big sister character pure elegant, red rose that hot there, some are not suitable for your big sister." After listening to the words of Fang You, leaf Yuqing complexion two flower pink clouds, into the pink color, the tour may not know, Lily and another symbol, that is a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. "Big brother, I'm sorry, no lilies, but tomorrow I will for you specially prepared." Said the little girl face regret, in the apology, but hidden sadness and sympathy. It is because the party travel Huyou siddhi, makes his view of countless people, especially in the flicker of small friends, must pay attention to children's every act and every move,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, was able to successfully for ten cents a big popsicle, in exchange for a value of a piece of picture books, ten times the profit. Let the party you feel the value of. At the same time also made this powerful flicker and people skills. The little girl in the eyes of the emotion, nature is seen by him be crystal clear, although hide. But the slightest hiding his eyes, it seems really some problems, the tour looked around. Can not help but smile. They are in place, it is next to a highway, and around, but with a few private road, at dusk, convention center visitors exhibitors and sightseeing, already go clean out completely, so this area, in addition to a handful of people who play after dinner. Is no human habitation. During the day, people here to watch the exhibition, jewelry lovers will naturally not less. But now the evening. Liao uninhabited, because the tour exhibition closed late. So this time, but this little girl why this time, still here flower. But not far away from them, there are also two on seemingly lovers, is the Convention Center next to walk, the little girl just from these couples direction, however, the two couples hands, but there is no flowers. Whether is it right? Lovers, see flowers, as a man, will give the girl next to buy a bunch of flowers, it seems, this little girl is specialized in waiting for them to. "Oh, all right, girl, I see you there is a white rose, lily flower it is similar, just give me to the white rose." The tour smile >

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