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> The first 323 Chapter: An agreement is in writing aware of it is to the the watchful eye of of the YE Feng, Black Peng nodded his head: "He say is true, these things in the among the the Secret Code of of that Ling demon has its of the book it is written of of the. WwW, QUaNBEN, cOm's just, now of the Yaozu is already decline of the, leaving only under the the the Wicked a family of as a the of Zeng Jingke the descendants of of the Yaozu to continue the reproductive. "hear the black Peng the words of,, dogs & Lo to suddenly more the excitement of up:" will not of the, Yaozu would not have been decline of the to go on , and now you show up and, Ling demon Secret Code of also appeared the, as long as you to listen to my arrangements, I guarantee you the Road, of the great of the to find out soon set foot on the the pinnacle of, long as you can to achievements the true God, then the of I Yaozu there is' s current renaissance of the machine! "The achievements is true God! Listening to the dogs Luo, the words of, YE Feng feel that the their own really seems to be the same in the the dreaming, before as at the thousands of machines before said to give him achievements true God how difficult it is multi-difficult to,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, but now, the true God adults of the the Honourable half a step Quedui the black Peng say, 'as long as the all it will take is hard work , in respect of will certainly be able to become the the true God ', these two sentence let YE Feng some of the perplexed. , Dogs & Lo Although it is said full of temptation, but the the helpless black Peng does not consider how fond of him, between the black Peng Pieliaopiezui, extremely the air of arrogance of the the Road: "there is no need to, I Today blood atavistic, has been the of the inheritors of of the a family of of Golden-winged Dapeng, natural after the date of to be able their own set foot on demon of the Road, no need for you to to intervene in, so I will not hearkened stay here unto the voice of the your the arrangements for, more will not so that the owner to cancellation of a contract of the. "dogs Luo heard this, suddenly was furious, the boundless coercion The out of thin air apparent, the YE Feng suddenly to feeling of their own body is in the Daoshanhuohai among the, by the million lofty of alpine repression of general, and the whole body of the bones are, blood must be crushed of the general. Feel that this kind is almost make people the rather die than live the pain of, YE Feng could not help the issue of soon as Menheng, After the just as Menheng, the YE Feng has in the did not to out of words, smile of the his face Lianqu leaving only under the The endless lethargy,. YE Feng Although the do not want to die, but they were also has a their own the bottom line of, if their own really to delay the the future of the a black Peng of the, black Peng would also like to away from their own, Well, in order to survive, in order to the the benefits of, YE Feng is perhaps Council relieves of this deed, But now Facts have on the contrary, that black Peng be reluctant to. But also this dogs Luo Today extremely of the excited, a a revival Yaozu, then the as a the YE Feng of the people family, natural also there are responsibility let him sober look at, or else true to let he to teach black Peng, and then to teach out of a on the human family full of true God figures of the malicious in, that person family are we going to they are very unfortunate. Expose it to a the boundless the pain of, YE Feng cold look at the dogs to Luo. One say that YE Feng so, the original you want to an opening of of the black Peng of the pleading with the YE Feng, suddenly stopped his mouth, master and servant even the heart of, black Peng As the love of pet of the YE Feng, For the YE Feng the character of mettle natural also know that some of the, and now YE Feng Since the are not yourself to ask the export for rescue, so natural do not want to their own Horizontal Plug single-handedly, so the black Peng is also just cold look at the dogs Luo. Looked at the YE Feng duo In so, the, dogs & Lo have suddenly large a sense of to a headache, which If you can,, dogs & Lo very want to a slap shot dead YE Feng, even if it dogs the Luo to see YE Feng in fact, fairly pleasing to the eye, even if it behind of YE Feng may also has a one -bit the the the existence of of the half a step the true God level, But all this in the the hearts of of, dogs & Lo they do not compare revival the one ten thousandth of of Yaozu to is important. 's Just, now Deed has yet to be broken and it has raised The black Peng but also making it explicit that unwilling to cooperate with the,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, do not want to cooperation, so ponders for a long, the's face of the, dogs & Lo revealing a touch of helpless the look of. Convergence onwards the of the coercion of its own,, dogs & Lo complexion a indifference of the the opening Road,: "Since ye would not! The cancellation of a contract of, then the before they can stay in the this day Juegu in the bar!" Dogs Luo finished., Nor and so on the YE Feng duo position, went straight dispersed the a black shield, the and reach out and will black Peng forcibly Qindao to the the hands of, came to the the Terran three scattered repair's side. "I family ceremony have already been held is completed, ye you want to to see also have already read over, whether you are not there epiphany, be ye all for the among I family, service three decades, and now just I also have and one thing need your for help!" Dogs Luo So saying, pointed to the YE Feng: "You temporarily living first in the here, to help I looked at the this guy, as long as he not die, do not to escape, other in all I all regardless of, but If he was dead, to escape, then there is do not blame me You're welcome unto you,! "three people heard this, he, suddenly looked at each other, This is just the small monks of the a the supernatural powers territory of the four-re-days, the three of their own casually one person can readily beat him die the death, and now Since the the called of the three of their own specialized watched him there, This can be really is slaughter of chickens butterfly on the wheel, ah, But since dogs Luo opening, and the three also will not refuse to, so it is is the crisp nodded his head, will their own attention the been paid to the's body of the concentrated in the the YE Feng. To see the the three major scattered repair promised, dogs Luo's satisfied with the nodded his head, facing the many Wicked was feeding a few times, while the after clutching black Peng toward the a of the not far from the lonely valley of the away. Turned away and see the is tightly of the staring at the their own of the three major scattered repair, YE Feng extrusion a a little of a smile: "of three senior is does not have to be this way, right, That dogs Luo just let the the of three senior looked at me Bale as long as I do not to escape, then do not in respect of the everything would not be a problem it? "trio heard this, phase, as the a glance, simply shot the lights laugh. "Good, we are just readily help out of the, the is not necessary to to so hard, However, little brother, you have just how will suddenly appear in the here of the, is has long been lurking ready yet? Nazhi demon of the you pet is also how's going on? ...... "listening to forward to the questioning of the old man crackling, YE Feng suddenly laughing and crying, and then of pick of some unimportant, semi-I really do not a fake Determining the answer will. In such a, in the the the under surveillance by of the three major scattered repair, the YE Feng's helpless in in the with the the place of this secluded Qianxiu up, Time to flash that for three months In the this period of this to three months to li, YE Feng and then did not see the, dogs & Lo and the black In, such a situation, once let YE Feng thought that the black have Peng with the dead, and in Peng's figure, but the most let the YE Feng to worries but it is in the the three months ago, the YE Feng suddenly will lose its the need on the the induction of the black Peng. However, YE Feng taking into account the the the case of of their own Today the disadvantaged, so it can only upon his own mind unnecessary concerns about the to lay down, in favor of whole-heartedly of the practicing together. The at the of here for more but of the the center of of the of the days Juegu, can be described as is the the entire days Juegu Reiki the most ample place to, but also here are Today there are forward to three of boring the Terran Kokonoe the pinnacle of of days alpine, so YE Feng in the from time to time of the like the three of them to ask the case of, repair for the a sentiment to soar, almost there are something that is immediately is necessary to sudden the feeling of. Merely the This feeling is only feeling of, do not know is which aspects of something goes wrong, and YE Feng obviously feeling of their own repair for the is already to the limit where the, should be able to break through, However, just seems to be by a thin-film to the obstruction of of the general. In In In on this day of, the YE Feng positive to restrain the irritability of forward to the the hearts of can not breakthrough, quietly to watch forward to sunset of the the horizon of the with. Watch the Morning and evening glow, This is the the that middle-aged monk in the among the the three monks of handed over to YE Feng a kind of singular practice Buddhism way. Suddenly, the the of the the hearts of the YE Feng of the originally were looking on ecstatic of a dynamic, the suddenly twisting the looked toward the lonely valley of the of the the distant. In because to in the the had just that moment, YE Feng turned out to once again induction to the the the existence of of the black Peng. After a long time, in the the among the the look of hope and of YE Feng,, dogs & Lo complexion weird to go out, while the in the the the behind of the, dogs & Lo, it is the of the black Peng of the the spiritual as lively as ever of. The at this time black Peng than the of the three months ago is even larger the a good several times, and the body is also exudes the ferocious momentum, just look at the the this of momentum, seems to be only by the of the Wicked of the six-re-days of the the supernatural powers territory bar, is it black and Peng in the li the time of this three months turned out to once again broke through the? The hearts of thinking, YE Feng could not help of the secretly bemoan the cry, and their own of this host is for the Today, even the supernatural powers territory of is four-re-days did not able to break through, but black Peng this guy has a direct soared to six-prong days, It really makes that the YE Feng wordless surface-to-surface of the black Peng, and ah on. On the in the the the time of cranky by the YE Feng the hearts of, canine Luo is already came to the the YE Feng front of, while the black Peng At this point then the is to rely on in the the YE Feng's side of the trunk. Wave that the set a shroud to, canine the the focused their attention on-forward to YE Feng of the Luo without a word,. To see dogs Luo this look like, YE Feng Kanliao Yan that the the black of your own beside him and Peng, bite the bullet and asked: "I wonder if the predecessors have What commanded of food to attain a state of do.?", Dogs & Lo heard this, croon loudly: "Who is is the your Master?" YE Feng heard this, open mouth on the Road:, "" Qin Yao? "dogs Luo heard this, he, his brow suddenly Yizhou:", "Qin Yao!, heard of This people, ah, is it that the of the newer entrants to which, being half the step sizes is true God? even if it is new the Jin being half the step sizes is true God, then I also should be aware of ah? "listening to forward to the muttering of dogs Luo, YE Feng could not help of the a burst of profusely, Qin Yao! Half a step true God! Both of which have of the What is the associated do? Slightly Kong - A Time to Act, YE Feng once again opening to Road,: "That, the days is Luo Star that the domain of the Liu Chengen is, known as willow empty, but also can be regarded as world of the half a of my Master." The original positron be filled with the thinking about of Qin Yao is exactly is Which fellow of canine Luo hear YE Feng the words of , the in the eyes of suddenly flashed a Jingmang: "willow empty, Liuxiao Zi? you is a disciple of of the Liu Xiaozai?" looking at Luo's performance in dogs, a hesitated at the YE Feng of the nodded his head. One say that that the YE Feng nodded,, dogs & Lo satisfied with the smiled: "Since you is a disciple of of the Liu Xiaozai, then this things can be easily handled much more. Kid, you Today should be also know that the the importance of of the this black Peng for us Yaozu bar? "YE Feng heard this, he, nodded his head, Road,:" I know is the know, but I and the Black Peng ...... "YE Feng positive want to repeat it again the their own the feelings of with the black Peng is how's firm, but the words refused did not export but has been is heard of the dogs Luo drink like a fish to the interrupted by a. "Shut up, where those of you who resolves to pitch in and things Do not give Lao Zi said and, Lao Tzu do not want to to listen to! Anyway, Nowadays The matter has now, since you adhere to to refused to the cancellation of a contract of, then I do not a good strong to stay you, so In the the After my under the to think carefully about of, decided to the put the you to leave ...... "" Xie predecessors to show mercy to!, "YE Feng heard this, he, quickly opening thanks. , Dogs & Lo heard this, nor to respond to, just light write-the YE Feng a glance, continue to Road,: "decision on releasing the you leave, but you In today 's strength of the is too low the, simply can not protection Haohei and Peng, so the the black Peng is temporarily would not tell you to leave together , and black Peng for the time being will to stay in here with me, unless at What time black Peng through the I of the examination, or do you think their own have the ability to to vertical and horizontal the Let the time of under the heaven, come again I have here comprehend black and Peng, During this period, you shall not be Summon black Peng, you, can be understand!? "understand that, and this making it explicit that is the behave like a hooligan ah! Stay strong the black Peng, to drive away themselves, this is inverted is also a way, and is only his such are not afraid of to black a Peng losing his temper do? Are not afraid of I are unfortunate enough to died in the the outside it? With a doubt in his heart, YE Feng looked toward the the the black Peng. The the eyes of of seen YE Feng of with a puzzled, black Peng for quack smile, said: "The owner do not have to concerns about, This strange the guy to Although the the put it hard gas, in fact, just superfluous and Bale, I in the the followed by this guy li the this three months of time went to the a very strange place, I in the there to be able to as soon as of the to enhance the strength, and there is no any of the the future trouble, so I decided to to temporarily to stay here, and so on Guo was a time I the strength of the been elevated to a experienced remission of, then I will goes out to seek the masters, anyway, I with the owner there are a telepathy, will not, of the he offers to with the lost his share, the but also I told him said Well,nike jordan outlet, I left the master,'s combat power of the owner is bound to large drop, so he must be to give to the owner a few treasure has to make up for the loss! "Ye Feng heard this, the hearts of suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, and then toward the the, dogs & Lo asked: "But the predecessors on the are not afraid of the the younger generation strength of the is too low, a careless on the perish and outstanding you? you want to to know the I am with the a black Peng ......" listening to the black Peng this unfamiliar dependents guy to talk nonsense, dogs Luo the hearts of natural very unhappy, now in the hear of the question-Did you of the YE Feng, suddenly snappily the back to the Road, of: "will not of the, your kid skill is not weak, turned out to be able to in my of the the eyelids sub-under the lurking, but also you still Liuxiao Zi a disciple of, so those who old guy the affirmation of what also will not to care about the with you, just like this time the same, If you fell on I the hands of, in the to the know of the you are a Liuxiao Zai after the the a disciple of, I the largest and also torture you a hundred and eighty years of the, to the time will still be put a you, so, whether on how to you, is certainly not die of the! "YE Feng heard this, he., suddenly flipped through the the supercilious look, will not die, YE Feng very strange dogs Luo This is the What thesis, their own Somewhere along the way, do not know almost died how many times. However now the YE Feng also there is no interest in and canine Luo discuss these, so in the the ask what the the after the the the intend to of of the black the Peng's own, very is the enjoyment of the nodded and promised to. <

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