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Chapter 313: Fierce Valley experience "legend?" Hear talk about the word of the week, YE Feng inexplicable smile. The www! QUaNBEN! COM YE Feng has been no smoke without fire, so even if it was just a so-called legend, but at least YE Feng has been deep in mind this so-called secret code legend hearts. From 'strange', YE Feng with millet Xuan in White Tiger City free to hire two Dong Fu. To the millet Xuan account of the need to pay attention to things, YE Feng Close own Dong Fu, hiding inside a study that week to talk Yu-Jane go. Remove the Yu-Jane, YE Feng spirit sink into which suddenly a message will be delivered to the minds of Feng Ye. Carefully study this set of tips, YE Feng brow wrinkled up gradually. "So?" Remove murmured, YE Feng Imperial demon Tower, emit black Peng. Stroking the head of a black Peng, Feng Ye began to communicate according to the method described in the jade Jane black Peng Euro RSCG, and then guide the black Peng operation in accordance with the method into the Yu-Jane black Peng body demon. Ow! ! ! Never thought had a fairly quiet Peng suddenly Yin Hang Nuxiao the black, listen to his voice, seems to have endless pain. Appear Zhefan sudden change, YE Feng brow suddenly wrinkled tighter underground passage, the mind could not help talking about weeks not authentic, does not even get this straight, running ghost secret even make Wicked so painful. Although he has thousands of blame, but it is also impossible to let YE Feng give up, hands slightly hard, YE Feng appease the black Peng emotion. Seems to have received the message of Feng Ye ideas had been jitter, want to break free of the control of black YE Feng Peng suddenly no longer keen to tamper with, just the sound of the roar Xiao is growing even bigger, which included pain people heard will be able to understand clearly. Listen black Peng painful roar Xiao Feng Ye mind can not help but recall when he left, talk about the legendary Zhou said. If there is a chance, I have to get that the secret code! On Feng Ye thinking to myself, this is the first time the secret operation and so can be considered to be successful, I saw black Peng trembling body, looked excited dawdle toward YE Feng, seems to mean that the emotion . See black so Peng, YE Feng smiled and to Conspire to remove the bottle of practice accelerated Dan. As previously said, these accelerated Dan is the fastest speed to accelerate the growth of black Peng treasure, but just kind of looked at the black Peng insist, YE Feng hearts of some hesitation. On Zhou said, this acceleration Dan drawbacks can be considered minimal, but is unable to climb on top for nothing, for the average of the Wicked is almost no drawbacks at all, but Feng Ye do not think so . YE Feng confident, as long as you give yourself time to own would certainly be able to black Peng develop into a the most pinnacle demon pet, and now the end is not in order of ten times the acceleration broken off black Peng set foot on the peak of hope? Feng Ye mind could not help some hesitation. After a long time, YE Feng deep sigh, the alabaster jar containing the panacea to close up. The second day of ......, YE Feng two early left the White Tiger City. Two come here but to experience, is not to travel, so now Chiang trivia handle, natural experience of and ran away. While Rumbler, millet Xuan side open asked: "Brother leaves, this time we're going ah? Not go near the White Tiger Forest?" Feng Ye heard non-stop pace of the foot and replied: "No, This time I want to go day Juegu a concept where you experience temporary set at there! "days Juegu!" Hin heard millet, at the foot of a sudden a lag, and then hastened to open asked: "Brother leaf I heard this days Juegu of extremely dangerous, even those channel of God Seventh Heaven Budo cultivation does not inclined to set foot in which God channel Seventh Heaven monks into death without life, I now repair three days before God channel, Let's go in to that day Juegu life experiences, is not improper ah! "early millet Xuan has been the face of the risk of mental preparation, but this does not mean that the millet Xuan is not afraid of death, Juegu Weiminghehe, millet Xuan nature is exceptionally clear. YE Feng hear the millet Xuan slightly shirk the words, not angry, just smiled and said: "the rumors of the world,Air Jordan UK, how can I easily believe that? Either way, we first went to look at a watch wants, if there really is too dangerous, big deal for a place to Lilian it! "millet Xuan heard, slightly to be a cry, they followed behind Feng Ye. 4, mountains, YE Feng duo stopped. Taniguchi looked at the front of the dark, feeling coming from the front of the powerful bursts of coercion, YE Feng mind also could not help playing drums. They have a lot of life insurance Arcane, even if this is really can not win this evil, but if you want to escape, is not difficult, but, millet Xuan in the end how to arrange, but to become a Feng Ye extremely headache thing. Let millet Xuan waiting out of this? Thinking to myself, YE Feng Later, he shook his head, millet Xuan emergency, it is to seize every opportunity to improve their strength, this go, do not know how much time to spend, so let this millet Xuan valuable time at Shadeng, waste of millet Xuan YE Feng, this is not like it. Appear hesitant look YE Feng, to contact YE Feng these days all sorts of strange, millet Xuan opening: "leaves Big Brother is not what the things that matter to do?" Ah! "Listen millet Xuan suddenly opening inquiries, YE Feng slightly surprised a moment, then nodded and said: "Yes, I have things that need into this days Juegu of a trip, but now it seems that this day Juegu is not for you experience, so I was wondering how to do!" Millet Xuan heard, shake gently nodded: "Since Brother leaves something to be busy, that leaves Big Brother to go to busy it wants to, I will be here waiting for leaves Big Brother like it!" Feng Ye heard, think about it and shook his head: "Do not do that, you now emergency, how can you no reason to delay such a long time!" YE Feng finished, a slight thought: "Well, let's go and look for where you experience, so I'll give you, it wants to me to come here alone! "Feng Ye say, the millet Xuan is not good export to block. "Ye Brother, you ......" millet Xuan could not help heart, emotion, YE Feng is too generous. Just so, but it is a waste of Feng Ye a lot of time, but he also knows Feng Ye say the words out, that easily would not make a change, so just nodded his head, follow behind YE Feng, DPRK the distant away Benz. The two hurry, all the way to silence. Soon, YE Feng duo came to a valley. According to one of the many risks on YE Feng inspection Minghuan fierce Valley of the valley, is a demon spirit star, this valley is filled with many of the world evil spirits, so its normal Wicked rarely, but is filled with many Xiongshou. The so-called evil beasts, is a Wicked sense the world evil spirits, thus independent birth under the singular Wicked. This strange Wicked No Euro RSCG, hobbies killing, and because of the evil spirits of heaven and earth, can not be received as a demon pet, but one flesh is rarely useful, so few people are willing to join in the fun. According to Feng Ye think this fierce Valley is extremely is He Guzai Xuan to experience here, then some of the chores will not dwell upper body, ferocious Xiongshou, millet Xuan in order to receive the real endurance test . Needless to say, YE Feng looked at a millet Xuan, then stepped toward the fierce Valley go. Millet Xuan had some Chuan Chuan anxiety, so now appear YE Feng, heart suddenly stability, quickly followed behind YE Feng, go toward the fierce valley depths. Roar! Walk, roar, has been hanging yin evil tiger suddenly from a dark visual suddenly jumped out, claw edge and with overcast evil gas. Watching the sudden Xisha from Xiongshou, YE Feng chuckled, but did not remove the Raytheon epee, but the pace of the foot Midon, withdraw out of the way, with a smile: "District Xiongshou, sword., Sub- Villa, this little tiger strength is about God channel three days, it is the object of your hands sword open front, do not quickly shot! "millet Xuan heard, suddenly stopped want to flash from the pace of your breath toward TV drama fierce tiger looked. Triple channel God of heaven? Feeling fierce tiger who came breath, millet Xuan feeling as if more than one-third more powerful than ourselves! But since Feng Ye has openings, millet Xuan naturally not do to think about, so just have focused their energy to the body of the head fierce tiger, everyone wonders how to kill the head of a fierce tiger. In when everyone wonders of millet Xuan, the other end of the fierce tiger do not mind it so much only smell roar, that the fierce tiger suddenly turned into a Black Mountain, toward the millet Xuan culling away. Millet Xuan original is still in the process of their own calculations, but wanted to talk about this fierce tiger is so quick, suddenly surprised a moment, and then want to be sideways to escape, but the past but think of Feng Ye said, so stop sword fight back. Peng! With a bang, millet Xuan suddenly felt an enormous force came, and then they will not inverted. Mid-air, glancing to the fierce tiger lunged again, millet Xuan heart suddenly sank under bad underground passage. At this point, the original chuckled YE Feng suddenly cold smile, the hands Yinmang flash, a thunder suddenly piercing out, splitting playing in the fierce tiger's body. Thunder touch the body, the fierce tiger even to the last roar too late to be issued will be already out of their wits, leaving only seems burnt the Canshi to fall to the ground. Ignored fierce tiger,nike air jordan, Canshi, YE Feng move went to the the foxtail millet Xuan front. Looked sat motionless on the ground millet Xuan Feng Ye cold voice asked: "know their own problems where it? The" millet Xuan heard, stood up, nodded his head: "I know, I experienced too little fighting, the fighting too distracted and indecisive, failed to properly processing Xiongshou attacks! "YE Feng cold smile:" Now know? If I had just not around you, you feel like you now How? "We do not know why YE Feng suddenly become so harsh, but millet Xuan honest and replied:" If it leaves Big Brother shot them, I have probably already meteorite body! "millet Xuan know their problems, then later encountered the same situation,Air Jordan 3, will be able to quickly respond to, YE Feng very satisfied, nodded and said: "the battle of life and death, everything is only a fine line between, as you just fight back, if you feel that they can not Yingkang, then it should be decisive sideways to get away then Zaixun opportunity, as a counter-attack, if you think they can not intact moved away then it is the most drastic, put aside all concerns, resorted to the most powerful moves, give the Xiongshou strong blow. "" If you are in accordance with these two methods, then no matter how you will not be lost in the blink of an eye everything changes, you need to measure to determine, I can only make you a little pointing Bale Well, other things or your own carefully consider it. "" As I have said, Valley sovereign experience will inevitably have a major crisis, and if I had been to accompany you around, then the most critical , I will certainly not help but a helping hand extended, this effect on your life experiences will play the the buckle, so from today, I only shot three times, three times, I will leave, that time, all you have to look your own effort and luck! "YE Feng When he finished, do not look at the look of the millet Xuan, just straight into the depths of the fierce Valley go. See YE Feng actually really leave, millet Xuan slight lag, and then quickly to keep up with, but that his face seems sort of determination of the color. <

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