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> Chapter 299: the seven Han Shan Pa induction sudden change of the Lehigh YE Feng Zhefan, in thousands of machines first overjoyed, hi own survival is expected, then it is a burst of furious mouth constantly cursed with Feng Ye do not sensible specialized scare his elderly! Then overjoyed furious at thousands of machines are shock waves. Three opportunities, or thousands of machines Dingding overestimated YE Feng's case before the estimated chance of success comprehend Raytheon heritage, but this YE Feng has indeed succeeded. Daydream looking at YE Feng, in 1000 machine minds crest message YE Feng, YE Feng from Feng Ye lifestyle, a fight fighting. A long time, in the 1000 machine deeply uttered a sigh: "promising, which is promising! Perhaps I can resurrect more than a chance to go to that place to take a look also said that does not necessarily ..." finish the sentence, in thousands of machines, closed his eyes, just quietly waiting YE Feng woke up from the heritage. Ticking constantly realized that tenrai Road in Feng Ye, Raytheon heritage, time passes slowly. Open your eyes, YE Feng's eyes flashed a quietly Ray Mans. Memories of this time of harvest, YE Feng could not help uttered with emotion: "So this is the Thunder Road, I only know Ray, but do not know what is mine, I may now be considered into the Thunder Road the threshold! "slightly shook his head, YE Feng looked toward the surrounding and suddenly found originally the powerful and frightening Fraser already disappeared, at this moment I was standing at a flat Fanfan swamp, covered blood, coupled with the Ukrainian smelly marsh mud, YE Feng becomes a savage but also not as good as one-third. Body strength of a dynamic, YE Feng suddenly the sky. Floating in mid-air, YE Feng idea of ​​a move, I saw the outside of the body surface of YE Feng suddenly Teng shot a Leiguang the thunderbolt. Crashed! Messengers circle this Leiguang Perak wandering in their whole body, my clothes dirt YE Feng suddenly all into nothingness, I saw YE Feng ** supple body, suspended in mid-air. The induction after thousands of Thunder muscular body had grown up, YE Feng satisfaction smiled. Put on clothes alone falling to in The swamp Ray Lingcao taken in the hands of, YE Feng openings Road suddenly remembered something. Until being immersed in the perception of the Thunder Road, Feng Ye only know this time realized that I am afraid that the time it takes not less, but which in the end has spent much time, YE Feng calculate exactly. With a little worried, YE Feng quickly moving thousands of machines open asked: "predecessors, predecessors, is not you? In? Into" days derivative Balam, in fact, already in thousands of machines woke up, the fact , during that time, in thousands of machines has been the spirit comes out, induction YE Feng's every move, now hear the call of Feng Ye, in thousands of machines but he pretended to wake up just in general, procrastination long time just replied: "What is called, the Soul ah, I just to save your life, almost even life are not, you still have no moral!" Feng Ye heard, suddenly froze, this seems to be at the 1000 the machine calculating their own right, why not get angry, this old guy on the first arrogant up? I'm not understanding the Thunder Road, the Raytheon heritage, how he saved? Although he has thousands of calumny, but YE Feng back to think of thousands of machines previously want to be heroes of their own behavior, the heart suddenly rises touch moved, and then will not care so much: "Oh, that, I is not realized that time is a bit long, can not remember, why they come to your old ask if your old busy,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, forget it ...... "hear the words of Feng Ye, in thousands of machines surprised a moment, and then suddenly ha ha laughed: "Ha ha ha ha, boy, you seize the time, if I did not estimate wrong, most will be 25, the prohibition of God herb gardens will be open again, then closed again, so if you at night then twelve step, then I'm afraid you really want to be a wild man! "Feng Ye heard, suddenly surprised, knowing that in the thousands of machines boring, but they will not have to open such a silly joke, there is no interest in doing here Savage Feng Ye heard the words of the thousands of machines suddenly the sky, soar away toward the the magic pill Park entrance. God herb gardens at the entrance. This time from the the magic pill Park ban open time not a long time, so the original into God Yago Warrior have give all back here. Only before lively, previously into this magic pill Park Warrior Warrior not even stand here not to, That is to say, just a short span of a year's time, the magic pill Park swallowed the lives of hundreds of powerful warrior of God channel, vicious name of their God Yago is probably so coming out. In the heart of the white war with the distance to ban open time is getting closer and closer, more and more impatient. White war fears YE Feng is not encountered any danger, white war regret he did not follow the Feng Ye ... the white war anxious hearts when a thunderbolt suddenly across from the head of the crowd, and then fell on the white side of the war . Bolt from the blue, sudden thunderbolt Road also attracted the attention of all those present. Everyone's attention suddenly focused YE Feng, but most people just looked at, we prove that the matter has nothing to do with their own put the attention away, but there are a few people's eyes flashed round after round of inexplicable look, it seems to think hard about what. Lightning disappear, looked Feng Ye that familiar figure, white war suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, the hearts of all worry dissipated in an instant. "Feel white war mood changes, YE Feng slightly think they know why, smiled and said:" I came back late, it touches the white brother worry! "White war heard this, very forthright waved: leaves brother need not be so polite, this ban soon opened, we still want to speak first to go! "Feng Ye heard approvingly nodded his head,air jordan outlet, back and forth continuously for three days, even if he can not feel the vigor of some scarce, so take advantage of this gap Reply good. However, the reality is not always satisfactory, YE Feng want to wait quietly ban open, out of God Yago, there are seven people suddenly moving YE Feng duo from. The seven each other the name of Eye slowly towards Feng Ye two near. Feel the the seven ill intent momentum, originally want to cross one's legs to recover YE Feng suddenly frowned, look vigilant at this sudden came to their front seven. At the same time, the white war felt the seven strange, simply opening the drink and asked: "You are who? Come here what are you doing? Now ban will open, if nothing please come quickly receded!" Seven people heard this, as a phase, in which the eyes of the middle-aged Han dressed in clots of blood flashed a Jingmang, opening: "The two brothers looked at look unfamiliar, should be the first to enter this magic pill Park, right?" is how ? you straight, time to beat about the bush with you! "the white war brow pricked, language stormed Road. The other side is waiting for prohibited open Warrior curious concentrated their attention to Feng Ye. "Cold Mountain Seven Pa! They want to mess!" Are often removed from the God herb gardens and confusion Valley Warrior appear scene showing a clear understanding of the look, it is clear that the acts of Hanshan seven tyrants quite understand. "Cold Mountain 7 Pa? Who are they? Want to do?" The first time this Warrior auditory canal beside Warrior muttering, have asked toward the side of the Warrior. Hear the side of the trunk after hearing the news of the new, mostly weapons both carefully looked at a Hanshan seven Pa, and then shook his head without saying, only the strength of high strength Wu Han Shan fear deterrence of seven tyrants just opening said: "You may not know, Han Shan but our famous star of the array of days, a practice the seven tyrants but Cold Mountain Cold Mountain is the most distinguished seven Warrior, about a hundred years ago, they came to God Yago "But their luck really is not very good, looking for a full 30 years, but they did a decent elixir, and were removed from here, looking to improve repair, break through the bottleneck of the cure-all panacea! no hopes of finding, but an accident, a Warrior inadvertent collision positively angry Han Shan seven tyrants, unfortunately, Wu who direct the cold Chi to be beheaded, and the cold Chi Warrior storage ring in hopes of finding a very good quality elixir they believe that their in God Yago luck really is not very good, so robbery, one or two from time to time since then always they first enter the magic pill Park monks ! "and it is by this means, they quickly gained a lot of elixir, and in exchange for a corresponding panacea to break through the bottleneck, and now this Hanshan seven Pa has five successful break through the bottleneck, only the remaining the boss cold Chi old Sanyang life of also trapped in this bottleneck, today two new this time is unfortunate! "listening to an acquaintance to tell all the newcomers have shocked:" They are so blatant Run out, is it no one tube? "no one will control the strength of high strength, this Hanshan seven-Pa, and the acts of the matter is quite harsh, but still the bottom line every time they only dozens of new the selected one or two newcomers brought surgery, and each time try to do not kill people, to simply take the cure-all they need, so no one has been willing to out of the head for no reason! "This man is finished, no longer re- words, just quietly watching YE Feng two, seems to see a show. Speak to that person and there is nothing hidden, so the presence of the Warrior can clearly hear the word, YE Feng Han Shan 7 Pa is no exception. However auditory canal others the past plume Road, Hanshan seven Pa is do not care, but nodded with satisfaction, opening toward YE Feng said: "the two brothers have heard, we were seven brothers is forced, just trapped in the bottleneck, so had to line an unwise move ...... "cold Chi words have not yet finished, but the unexpected is a cool and bright voice interrupted:" Big Brother cold too, leaves brothers but we Tiandanqianggan were guests, cold brother how difficult leaf Brothers! "Yuehua Jian, the day Dan cases surnamed Qin Mo fairy begins with the crowd out, came to the side of the Feng Ye two. Surprised glanced at the two, YE Feng Wei Zhou brow, but still quietly recover, without uttering a word. Appear suddenly appeared Qin Mo fairy, cold Chi suddenly brow wrinkle, Qin and of Mo fairy is Tiandanqianggan, disciples were, can be said that half of the masters of the herb gardens of God,Coach Outlet Sale, so very cold Chi et al. fear, but the two have little contact with, so the idea is no problem, but today ... cold Chi heard, suddenly frowned, In accordance with the cold Chi their habits should be decisive to the days Dan cases, a face, seen it fit to give up the body in two, YE Feng, but happens YE Feng the kindred elixir of the body is too cold Chi attract the hearts of the cold Chi suddenly some lingering uncertainty. Long time, raised his head, the eyes of the cold Chi across a Lengmang for the face with a smile and said: "So the two brothers, is Tiandanqianggan were guests, being the case, we should not have to do more difficult, but our brothers and wandering here for some time, but they have not been able to find it will help break through the bottleneck of immortality, and now we are hard to find, so ... "<

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