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18.05.2013 05:24
Behind the J ī ng Wei combat air antworten

Shu Yu also feel very surprised. The first time he will find space torpedo rack one's brains, but couldn't tell who it is cloth under the. See the Earth Federation's intentions and reaction, the torpedo absolutely none of their business, then who will help you...... Anyway, the first objective now is to highlight the torpedo group! Small black s è shuttle shuttle in the torpedo gap, so flexible. Behind the J ī ng Wei combat air craft series, is not so easy...... Now all the ship, were in a dreadful mess. A large empty boat be caught off guard, a head to hit up. Space torpedo continuous blasting, all the boats are swings up, numerical energy shield falling. Fortunately,Coach Handbags Sale, before because J ī ng Wei size is too small, empty boat in order to keep pressing on it, a little interval some distance, to facilitate the use of intensive artillery fire. So you don't like the tragedy of the White Snake pirates, was made between random impact, be thrown into a panic. Huangshi and the Grand Canyon has been followed, timely stop car, parked in the torpedo array edge. Luo sees the scene get desperation, shouted: "who set the torpedo!" Then Kaf was very calm, then, carefully observed a way: "is quite methodicalness, it seems there are people experienced formal training." Torpedo layout of regular, set into five layers, three layers of a group of way. Such a group of a group of arrangement, can maximize the use of continuous blasting power torpedo. Now, obviously, the other is that arrays. The carrier and the commander also look out,Nike Air Jordan 12, he calmed down, shouted: "take the first scheme,jordan online cheap, electromagnetic mine sweeping!" In response to the following. The first scheme is aimed at training and torpedo array, according to common sense, the positive and negative relationship between the two as the electron, as long as a collision, will immediately disappear at the same time. But the result is contrary to expectation to them again. Electromagnetic wave successfully put out, also successfully for the torpedo had a reaction. But only seven zero eight torpedo landing swept off a section, with most residues on the battlefield. Middle-aged commander quickly find the wrong: "this is not a formal torpedo, or Noji Ko!" The torpedo is just using five layer three basic formation, but the basic combination, is at sixes and sevens, no rules! This did not rule on the regular army, but it is a good thing. The regular military response to the regular professional training method way against it, most electromagnetic bomb hit nothing empty, no injury to the muscles and bones. "This road...... Pirate. Earth federal fleet withdrew most of the torpedo array, watched J ī ng Wei shuttle flexibly in the array. It was hit several times, the frail shuttle will go bust, but it can always find the gap between the torpedo, and flexibly through out! Middle-aged commander asked: "quick look official newspaper, is where the pirates!" Intelligence officials to step down, middle-aged commander gritted his teeth, again way: "not, would rather kill him, he can't escape...... Dark matter cannon, charge preparation!" Around to hear commands under neat frightened, being at a loss what to do after a while, immediately began to prepare! Carrier at the top of the deck is gradually opened, >

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