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Lingshi of immortality and Lingshi antworten

> 288: give him a chance Feng Ye looked for a moment and white war two, found the immortality quality than a lot of good in their storage ring, but varieties Queyuanburu the their own hands in the more, so it does not buy immortality interest. Www. qUanBen. Com After a child, they are ready to leave. There is a man and a woman behind her. YE Feng and white war two are very sensitive to the spiritual sense, was immediately found. However, both of them can be considered skilled are bold, also do not care about being followed, go a long way, but gradually found This is followed by two to follow them, but do not like to Run out what they mean. "Pata" white war stopped, his head slightly tilted back in the past, impatiently: "You two, with us for a long time, the best one can make me satisfied with the reasons. Otherwise ...... My anger, very want to Zouren and listening to white war, YE Feng smiled, knowing that white war scare each other. White war although looking a Hengrou, extremely burly, unlike a good man, but in fact, he is a very reasonable man, naturally not for no reason with enemies. He made these remarks, more like a joke with people. Feng Ye go back, only to find the original in their own two behind, is actually two quite young kid. A sixteen-year-old male, the other a girl, is a 14-year-old looks very close,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK, should be brother and sister. However, the strength of the two men are weak, only Budokan 78 heavy environment, even if just a shade beast here than they are powerful. The two men do not know how to enter this confusion Valley. "I'm sorry, two adults, but please give me a little time,Air Jordan 9, I promise, will not let you waste time." The boy worried about the threat of white war, but to bite the bullet and run over. The girl is standing still does not move, ready to flee at any time, or shouting companion to help. The white war to see the position of the two, just at a glance. He smiled and said: "interesting the two kid there are a lot of thought." Feng Ye turned slowly, his face filled with a smile, looking at the boy that ran, seems to be self- words to himself and said: "come to think of such strength to survive in this place should be very difficult, right? Moreover, there is a sister to take care of." "Well?" white war feel YE Feng something wrong tone , turned his head, looked YE Feng a surprise. YE Feng naturally noticed the white in the eyes of the war. He also understand why the white war there will be look at it this way. After all, the theme of the world is the law of the jungle, General monks even their own are difficult to save, of course, is not to manage the life and death of others. Two brothers and sisters can not live here, or death of the female beast attacks are fate. However, the situation of the two brothers and sisters, let YE Feng remembered his personal life. I remember when he is able to live a better life for mother and little sister before worked hard, hard cultivation. Looked at the boy's stubborn expression,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, YE Feng seem to see many years ago. He began the young man said: "Do you have anything looking for us? Also, the girl is your sister she was very worried about you? Since she was so worried, why do you have over it? Should know that we are not a good person, "the boy looking showing a little worried Immediately, he put this concern shuffled around, put on a warm and extremely expression Marketing said:" I just saw two adults did not buy in the Golden Wood Park Dan drugs mean, I guess, two adults must just come to confusion in the valley, so no shortage of immortality, I listen predecessors, the strength of the two adults have to Shinto Four Levels of the peak, presumably, not to this place to practice. "" Well, the only remaining possibility is that two adults and the lack of certain herbs, specific to God medicine garden picking. If that's the case, this herb must be extremely rare, or that the only magic pill garden has. otherwise, to of Mr. Chen Mocong on the attitude of the two days Dan cases in any, must not let two embarrassed, to the god of medicine garden picking ah, this is the case, I guess, two to God herb gardens should be to pick Lethal fragrant? "the young man, although the reasoning trust, but his heart is still very disturbed, eyes very carefully watching YE Feng and white face of the war. YE Feng's face does not change, his heart sank, but he saw the white face of the war clearly appeared a little surprised, mind almost cheered. Guessed it! YE Feng looked at the boy's face, feel very interesting, smiling, said: "Guess good since you can guess, you're going to say, it must be related to Lethal Hong? Next Let me guess you want to say it. "Feng Ye reached out a finger, said:" First of all, picking Lethal Hong require a special spirit bottle, spirit bottle confusion Valley specific jade production, restraint negative attributes Lingcao outside is not found. since you come to us, then, your hands must have spirit bottle. "the young man nodded slightly, agrees. YE Feng smile, two fingers, continued: "Second, the god of medicine garden the many the female beast segments in different places, we had just arrived, and certainly do not know the specific situation. Heading Yin | Water Lake picking Lethal Hong, and take a road full of female beast, or take a safe way, the difference between the middle too big nothing else, your hand there must be a void cartography. "the young man nodded again, his eyes showing a hint of shock. He did not expect the other party to actually be able to grasp his ideas so clearly. Seems, his mind thinking what all know each other. This is terrible. The young man has been afraid to show off in front of Feng Ye own cunning, the convergence of the smile. YE Feng continued to lend a third fingers, said: "Third, overcast beast is something magic pill garden unique, its method of attack, harm, there are weaknesses, we do not know, but you know with certainty that it is In addition, the message of the extra-territorial demons If you are a sell to us, we will not refuse. "each other almost see through the mind in general, all going to say out, the young man has almost despair , but to the time, when and Feng Ye say "not refuse" words when he finally realized what just surprised a moment, immediately ecstasy. He repeatedly waved his sister, and she said: "Of course! Of course! Adults to buy my spirit bottles and void cartography, the message of the Wicked, I would never dare to conceal YE Feng promise although I not been to God herb gardens, but've lived here for ten years, for God Yago inside Wicked weaknesses and means of attack, but very clear. "white war is frowned at the side, pulling leaves front sleeve, said: "This kid's lip service, you will not really believe him?" YE Feng smiled and said: "At the very least, his spirit bottles and void cartography, we need to him a chance we do not lack the immortality but for him and the girl, a few immortality may be able to change their fate. "the white war was silent for a child, nodded and said:" Well, I listen to you. "Then, white war begins with the arms and pulled out a storage bags, Qingqingyipai the the, suddenly, an Emmanuel flying out from the inside, it is filled with poly-dan immortality bottle. This bottle Ju Yuan Dan Ju Yuan Dan one hundred. A poly dan Shinto realm of consumption day. Budokan realm of monks, one hundred Ju Yuan Dan, enough practice to the realm of Shinto. The young man did not think could be so generous, white warfare and YE Feng, took out a bottle of Ju Yuan Dan. Here he tasted the world is cold, and know the relationship between the monks is the most cold, pinch pennies. His original idea just able to get the few Ju Yuan Dan, and sister's strength can be further like. This bottle Ju Yuan Dan, Shinto monks, there is nothing. But for him martial monks, but it is a big baby. At this point, his eyes red, and gazed at the hands of the white war Ju Yuan Dan, for fear that these things will fly away. White war saw the appearance of the young man, with a trace of feeling hearts, but his face was still cold, said: "spirit bottle, empty cartography evening to our resting place to a bottle of poly dan you remember to come early, otherwise, I Paul allowed to begin to deal with others. "white war had just finished, the young man will fly general disappeared in the sand, white war while silent. This kid run so fast? I would like to ask him, transaction City Square where? We have so much immortality and Lingshi of immortality and Lingshi are so scarce, do not take advantage of this opportunity to transactions some practical instruments used and attacks reveal be a big loss. "Luckily, this time, a lot of people just come out from the Golden Wood Park, just to go to that transaction City Square, YE Feng and white war asked a few people, find that Square City. After half an hour, they came to a desolate place. YE Feng looked around, this place than gold wooden garden may more barren, in front of sparse trees crooked neck tree in the sand, swings, and at any time fall. Just like fairyland views are very different. The ground floor of this crooked neck tree, there is a huge stone fortress, fortress above the black characters read "the trading shipu Square City. "It should be here." To Feng Ye muttered to himself, and then walked on the white war two. Standing before the City Square, YE Feng with a soul glanced around and found this shipu around and have a lot of tactical deployment of fixed shipu, to prevent being blown away by the wind and sand. In the corner, there is a the several the attack matrix method and observation matrix method, the people inside can be observed at any time and attack people outside. Suddenly, a kind of feeling of being watched, YE Feng side of the mouth showing a trace of a smile: how? Guests to the door, do not open the doors to welcome? "Guests joking, Nujia where dare you?" Trace of enchanting enchanting voice, and then, the door slowly opened, YE Feng and white war two enter, only to find, in charge here, is actually an enchanting woman. "Well? Sound, this woman weird." YE Feng frowned, this woman gave him a very dangerous feeling, and her breath, not the monks have. Looked at this woman, he always felt uncomfortable. Wait till the woman walked away, this feeling immediately disappeared. Next to Feng Ye, white war looked at the woman's back, eyes flashing, said to himself: "This woman is actually repair magic of her voice inside just spent an insanity No wonder it sounds wrong. this confusion Valley really is confusing enough. Hopefully, not to unexpected! "<

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