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seems that they are bathed antworten

Chapter 278: the Suzaku City Chuan Songzhen, in accordance with the map display, a Chuansong Zhen, located not far from the city of Suzaku. Suzaku City is one of the main city of demon spirits Star Ten rumors,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, once had a Suzaku Nirvana here, so long as it is born here Wicked have the opportunity to realize that Suzaku supernatural powers. However, the rumors but that is only rumors, a thousand years of time, no count Wicked was born here, but realized that Suzaku supernatural powers Wicked is a have not been born. But even so, monks dedicated to the birth of the Wicked endless, as it turns out, was born here Wicked not comprehend Suzaku supernatural powers, but according to their proximity to the proximity of the Santo House, will have a certain level of variation. As we all know, the this Wicked variation, then in addition to extreme luck bad luck, then will be greatly enhanced Wicked supernatural ability. YE Feng and white war walk above the Suzaku city of wide boulevards, looking around from time to time that pass a variety of different-shaped Wicked, YE Feng's heart is full of emotion. To the original Gold Star Lo when he was just a flashed black Peng suddenly will attracted many onlookers, like they have a demon pet is what a rare thing, so had to use Imperial Shouhuan to black Peng confinement in the therein. Now, focusing looked on top of the street, as long as the monks of the supernatural realm, the vast majority have a Wicked with the body, which is no shortage whole body surrounded by two or three different types of Wicked monks. This also shows the ability of this Imperial demon cases. This surrender full of wild Wicked as Fightingpet this is an extremely difficult thing, now this kind of thing to the hands of the Imperial demon were easier in general. Hearts with emotion,Jordan Take Flight Sale, YE Feng duo soon came to the top of a broad plaza. But this square is noisy, it seems a big deal in general. One about Five Heaven Shinto monks looking cold and the war on the side of the repair and kept scanning the crowd. Heart to have doubts, YE Feng, white war two, as one, they repair front side of a middle-aged Han about God channel Heaven open asked: "Brother, here, but what happened, how so noisy? "middle-aged Han heard, looked slightly YE Feng two one saw that the two are the monks of the God channel Heaven, a naked eyes flashed, opening said:" You want to use Chuansong Zhen of it, but unfortunately, unfortunately, there is some things, so this Chuansong Zhen temporarily can not use it! "There are some things, you can not use?" Feng Ye heard two, suddenly surprised a moment: "I do not know What's going on, why this-Chuan Songzhen will not be able to use? For Big Brother have time to tell us on these days? "Han heard quite forthright and said:" Oh, anyway, I now also nothing urgent. to talk to you about these things is nothing wrong, but here Xuanrao to, we do not if I go Iron Chef House sit how / "Iron Chef House is where?" white war asked. Han heard this, looked surprised YE Feng two one: "You do not know the the Iron Chef government? Your starry domain monks should not my day!" Feng Ye heard A rhetorical question: "why the big brother say? Does my brother ask something wrong? "Han smiled and said:" This is natural, as long as the monks of our days the stars domain, almost all know this God of Cookery House but we enjoy eating monks, and send bursts of pattern disorder nor is it a very strange thing, but has chosen you do not know, which indicates that you should not be days the stars domain of monks, and even should first came to our days the stars domain, by the way, my name is Lu Gang, you call me names like "Feng Ye two heard, suddenly, as the smile:" Brother Lu eye, we really just came to this day the stars domain. "Yuehua Jian, YE Feng two Lu Gang lead down to the magnificent mansion of a writing God of Cookery preacher four words. In the legendary Iron Chef House, Lu Gang deft provoke man, ordered a bunch of unknown food. Looked at two somewhat stunned look YE Feng, Lu Gang haha ​​a chuckle: "Lessons have been learned? Fact, you alien domain monks came to our days the stars domain will be less exposed site look to know us practice this is a very arduous task, so many monks of my days the stars domain boring, often pondering some weird entertainment thing, but gradually, these have been only used to such pursuits recreational things are derivative out another practice of the Road. "" Iron Chef House is a very tasty monks pioneered the older for those the magic pill Spirit strains, demon blood beast Dan has an unusual interest in, so hit Many the monks practice that is good for us, but also enjoy the food. "" So, I did not expect even here there are so many wonderful things! "white war heard heartfelt emotion:" The day the stars domain, is really is extremely prosperous the wins I the gold Luoxing domain hundred times! "hear the emotion of the white war, YE Feng could not help supplement in the heart of one really wins the Araceae domain thousand times more than ah! Paused, YE Feng asked: "the Naaru Big Brother, this legend array why suddenly can not use? In the end what is going on?" Lu just heard, spoke and said: "The brothers do not know, which Chuan Songzhen that The reason will be closed, all because that Imperial demon were called the elders of the Bo Bo an only son, normally care for me, but suddenly the news, saying it was the only son of the Bo wins unprovoked his death caused the death of an only child, in Park Nature can not be reconciled, so to use their network of contacts rights, forced be Chuan Songzhen to the temporarily disabled until Bo to find out the real murderer killed to win! "Feng Ye heard two not to mention, first burst was shocked, and then a two-phase, YE Feng asked: "stands to reason that this demon Star of Hope is less extensive, murderers if just to find a place to a hidden, that in Bo and how you can find? significant this Chuan Songzhen relationship, how can easily be blocked? "The friend is may not know, the rumors that Bo was pregnant with a strange demon pet, this demon pet can find a breath wins wins, can find a murderer who the murderer wins breath Park will be launching a campaign to closed Chuansong Zhen, but two Daoyou is can be assured that this-Chuan Songzhen up to also prohibit the use of three months, three months after the matter to Bo to find not find his murderer, this-Chuan Songzhen are must be turned on, or just the demon Star of Hope the monks anger allows Bo can not afford! "demon pet! Hear the words of Lu Gang, YE Feng heart sank, and then could not help thinking it is not live solution in the brain to. YE Feng headache of disappeared a long time in thousands of machines suddenly appeared, and opening said: "Boy, you do not have to Luanxiang, I long to shield the two of you little guy breath out, that what demon pet can not find you! "the older generation!" hear the words of thousands of machines, YE Feng suddenly overjoyed: "predecessors, how and how long you are not news, but before I call you, you do not respond to me! "Do you think I willing to keep our noses ah, but no way, now days Yan Tome own awareness is growing, I nothing else, so we had to own all the energy brought repression days derivative Balam awareness, good, I go back, your kid quickly practice hard, and as soon as I freed! "ah, ah, well, I must work hard!" Feng Ye heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the other party will not be able to determine their own, even here nothing more than to be a period of time. Recovered, YE Feng saw that the white war filled with worried eyes, do not have to worry about hit a wink quickly toward him. Two friends how? This matter with you? "Seen YE Feng of two that something was amiss look casually asked, Lu Gang. YE Feng heard this, cover up suddenly and said: "Brother Lu joking, this is something we just got to know, how would we have to do with it, but I did not think it turned out to have such a great ability Bale Bo Lu just heard this, also nodded, smiled and said: "Ye brothers say reasonable, but it is abrupt Lumou, Come, come, we eat to say!" While many people Yuehua Jian has waiter began to Lu Gang selected food will continually end up. Spirit strains for embellishment, Wicked essence soup, this luxury had also these so-called esophageal indifference YE Feng the two suddenly look earthquake. Appear YE Feng two so look, Lu Gang has seemed surprising, then Qingke soon, the two men wake up, said: "The two friends try fan esophagus wonders!" Lu Gang Having said and in ignore YE Feng two Zuoheganxiang, it seems can not wait to eat their own up. Strange to say, Lu Gang seemingly extremely like food specialties, but its often eat one, but always close your eyes, stagnant for a long time, and seems to enjoy general. With a confused mind, YE Feng, white war two, as one, have to eat it. Food into the body, YE Feng speak, while fragrance in my heart, it seems that they are bathed in a sea of ​​elixir Park. Much better than this thing, just a delusion of alien nothing! Although the spirit of relaxation, in practice, but the role is not. YE Feng heart is soon on the esophagus to make a decision, but on Feng Ye just make a decision when, YE Feng to speak into the stomach Road, a Unit of the vigor of continuous pouring, which shares the vitality very pure, it seems that already is a product of the Road. Mind flashed,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, YE Feng attend to cranky, and quickly transported from their own power, absorption from the pure vitality out of thin air from the sky. For a moment, the body's vital energy absorption is completed, opened his eyes and looked at the still turn a blind eye to 'enjoy' two, YE Feng swift speed once again take up these foods. So, enjoy and absorb into the day passed quickly. Once again one strength to absorb completed, YE Feng he tried to take the next piece of food, but found the Lu Gang point for many of the food turned herself unknowingly digestion is completed. Feeling your body pure strength, YE Feng feel they should already be able to try to impact the 72 evil points acupuncture points. Old Liu said of this practice without some encounters, it can be really have to rely on the white waste a lot of time. Press the surging trend of thought in his mind, YE Feng and white war as one, up towards Lu Gang line of a ceremony, but thanked Lu just pointing the grace of two, two to know there is day, know the world turned out it was really so subtle enjoy. Lu Gang Seeing this, to quickly escape: two friends need not be so, the two of you with my fate, so before you say gossip Besides, I also have something you want to do with two other friends to discuss, so ......! YE Feng two heard a cold heart, smiled and said: Brother Lu straight is my name YE Feng, who but my friends white war, Brother Lu my first two name will can! "<

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