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18.05.2013 05:18
the face of Vagli s è antworten

Oh. Faust is still a mixed don't care. "Don't say things out just before you came here, your speech was full of contempt for the non evolution, dead female students is just your loyal fans, that night will contact you to meet......" "Contact the meeting?" Faust unexpectedly a migraine, to Frank asked, "how did I not know this?" Frank a waist, loudly say: "such a letter too much, I directly disposed of!" Faust dissatisfied tunnel: "that's the five girls dating, five!" Underline the words, he suddenly looked at Shu Yu, frivolous and asked: "say, are they beautiful? To be honest I only saw the body, was also look not to come out ~ "Shu Yu s è livid face, strong from suppress anger, harsh voice way:" if you have not received the letter, then, that night, where are you going?" Fast make nothing of: "beautiful woman dating ah, I went." "you...... The evidence?!" Shu Yu continued to push. "I am the evidence!" A cold woman voice suddenly came from the door. It sounds strange but come unexpectedly, although very beautiful, but the guard gunmen but quickly tense. They immediately raise the gun pointed at the door, but also did not see to people's faces,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, a see things in a blur, it was down to the ground, suddenly lost the ability to act. They looked at the door, the appearance of a very charming, she was extremely cold beautiful woman standing in the midst of reel right and left guard, she wore a small one, uniform, hot attractive, Buck looked at her, even the slobber will flow out. She followed by several people, men are not very tall, but all have plenty of fight in sb., Vagli's guard members with them than, like holding a toy gun house wine school. Vagli watched his side were knocked down,Coach Bags Store, s è face big change, stood up and shouted: "who are you!" Beauty walked to the first side, first hand, slightly embrace her waist, blame the ground to say with smile: "I'm not saying that you left? How did you come here?" Then, he told Vagli and Shu Yu said: "this is my Tegla Sos captain, called love, this followed me to relax." "Tiger cable!" Barker screamed out, the face of Vagli s è also slightly changed, see to love eyes solemnly. Shu Yu thought the name a bit familiar, trying to look to recall, had been seen in the search for fast data, this is a galaxy warships, is the greatest expression of deep-sea family military strength. You know, like this level throughout the galaxy warships, but also four ships, have it, not a galaxy of tyrannical forces! So young, a woman, can become the Tegla Sos captain...... This woman is not only beautiful,Jordan After Game Sale, obviously is a genius! Love standing on the first side, and repeat their earlier words: "I is the evidence!" Shu Yu is not intimidated by her first name, he picked to pick eyebrow, he signaled her to say. Love since become famous since, nobody has ever been able to in front of her so calm, even >

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