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really hard work pays off antworten

> Chapter 264 Fudge "You had so many rotten soul worm!" Flower Huang Huarong great changes, slowly receding, if only a dozen or so, she believes her repair can Yingkang, at least can not let them close to, but she found that the presence of these rotten soul insects with those usually not the same, the body still has destroy the soul of God thunder, not be common sense cognition. The WWW! QUaNBEN! COM flesh has been the shortcomings of the flower Wong, want to for Ying Han rot soul worm attacks can only rely on the power of the soul, but was able to destroy the soul of the God of Thunder defeated the energy she planted enchantment, if forty or fifty All came up, she could not hold it long time. "Well, I have tens of thousands of it, but the idea of ​​God is not enough, even if you are a true environment of God I am not afraid of you!" Feng Ye also only hat and no cattle, said three thousand to tens of thousands because as long as deluded each other, he had hope of survivors go on,Coach Bags Store, but at the same time to release too much, his concept of God consume too serious, only to release them can survive on for a while. Flower Wong's smile gradually converge, she also not sure YE Feng said in the end sort of true, but I believe that even if not tens of thousands, at least hundreds, which really let her headache was originally thought that triennial wake encounter two human practitioners swallowed, no one thought even met such a tough guy! "I did not expect you at a young age, the hands of the evil things, but many, in that case, I do not pursue the things you broke into my territory, and you leave on your own!" Flower Wong'd like to go with the men deep beast for her the soul rot Dangxia insects, rotten soul been domesticated insects and wild different, as long as they do not recognize the target will die endlessly chase down, she did not dare to take the risk, hard to practice 10,000 years to reach today's repair to, and now there is a body, and even more do not want to be scraped. "Well? Client was incensed me to leave?" Hear the flowers Wong, YE Feng, some can not believe that he was also going to if the other hard, he told do not know what the Vamp to break the death, I did not expect She even incensed he left, so he immediately from the other thoughts. "I came to the valley of the shadow star, in order to get the Yin Ling fruit, I do not know whether the girl can tell where to find a? If the girl is willing to inform, I can help you lead more people to come!" Thought previously to kill those Dark cases and days Gladius disciples, YE Feng the mouth crooked Yang, thought of a way of Collateral. Does not cost avenge their own strength, this feeling is really wonderful, he saw the flower Wong puzzled look, went on to explain: "You offerings beast should devour magic practitioners are interested in? If I am wrong, When I did not say, I will find their own Yin Ling fruit! "the Emperor is not what offerings beast!" flower Wong look for a change, before a change in the look of charm, some impatience, said: "The client was incensed you then just say go you do not go, even delusional to negotiate terms with the Emperor, true when the Emperor not afraid of your soul rot insects? you look at the following group of children, they can not wait to be eaten raw How about you! " finished, the eyes of all the offerings in the forest beast instantly restore clear, all directed at the direction of Feng Ye loud, the sound of a large formation ** sound waves attack, YE Feng where this tree violently shaking up, scared him hastily grabbed the side branches. Seeing unrealistic not, YE Feng quickly changed the subject, Haoshenghaoqi said: "girl, I know that was wrong, you should be talent pair, but you now have only the human form, but no one breath of life ah, if swallowed practitioners, sure to become a United States if the angel of the woman. "real man resilient, Feng Ye can not be rigid to not know what such a strength, do not know what species of guy seriously, anyway, just what they need fills him just to be able to achieve their goals and do not want to tell her to do more entangled, that Yin Ling fruit with Liucheng En praise not feel wanted to be Guards level treasures. "If the girl can inform the message I want something, maybe I can meet some of the conditions of the girl." Even if can not achieve Lida Fu said the the seven phantom ghost demon flower Wong juice, can one day allow practitioners exceeded three consecutive realm effect, can always break through one or two small realm? Or Yin Ling to eat fruit refined into immortality, but also allow him to upgrade to the Shinto four or five heavy environment instead. Careful thought, YE Feng spend Wong feels a little token, she has been here for millions of years time, but also want to go out to see the outside world, but since she is a plant creatures, unable to move the body, now with human flesh, and want to go can. Moreover, the beauty is the nature of the female species, she was able to swallow more repairer instinct, become more beautiful by the way, how music is not? "What you say is true?" Flower Wong where fans Maple few practitioners went to her, usually trapped to death in one place, this fans maple is usually no wind, only three years she escorts moonlight bathed the victory means when the wind blows. YE Feng Lida Fu is to catch up with such an opportunity, or three months after the two of them can only become a forest two bodies. Therefore, regardless of the flower Wong repair tall, live in the age, she never machinations, and YE Feng so said, immediately some heart. YE Feng smile on his face, in good faith, said: "However, I advise you'd better be able to free the convergence of breath, out of the place. Otherwise, if you do not get rid of this one chi, to certain death outside . because outside of God throughout the strong, if you encounter certainly can not escape my master is the one! "the Liucheng En and in thousands of machines have taken that step, as elsewhere, there is no such master,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, leaves Feng is not clear, but want to come should also be there, after all, the world is so big, star field as much just to name a few, who knows the number of super-strong in other star field, so he saying not too much. "God throughout the strong? Much stronger than you?" Flower Wong never go out, do not know the strength of the human realm divided, she heard the words would die some disdain, even in the valley of the shadow star, her strength can rafts name, so I do not believe that out of how many kill her presence. "You do not know the true environment of God?" YE Feng stunned for a moment, immediately show up this woman is not human, they explained: "strength like me, just Shinto double territory fills is under the Shinto above the Budokan, Shinto is the true God, the like the following offerings beast, they are three to seven heavy Shinto territory strength, while the real environment of God, enough to destroy a planet under a strike! "Since the woman did not know the realm of human strength, YE Feng natural how terrible blown terrible, it is best to let her too scared to go out and go see the flower Wong still do not believe the way, they went on to say: "If you do not believe you can go out and see, that time dead on the outside can not say I'm fine. to tell you. "Well, even if you say is true,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, that your human innate advantages than we have, to quickly enhance the repair is not difficult to understand, I'm just curious, why come here only to repair low practitioners? the "flower Wong things outside know very little about, with the explanation of Feng Ye, you want to get out the idea more strongly. "She seems to know nothing ..." YE Feng Fufei in the heart, have patience to spend Wong said the situation in the valley of the shadow Star outside, and some practitioners in the world of common sense, her fool Yilengyileng the. We knew it, the relationship between the two is slightly improved, no longer as tense as before. Flower Wong sometimes nodded, sometimes confused and kept asking, some things naturally to her knowledge can not understand the outside world, they produce a very mysterious and very powerful, but also really good feeling, can not wait to try to leave the valley of the shadow Star YE Feng, but she said earlier that he was a chi can be out and kill the remark was a bit worried. She also realized that the practitioners of the human world is too complex, with only about which is better strength here is clearly different, and ultimately she put down the stereotypes, YE Feng smiled, "Thank you, you told me so much you do not want to Yin Ling fruit? I know there was a place nearby have produced the kind of thing. "" Really? "Ye Feng Xin Xiada joy, really hard work pays off, has been talked about from the middle of the night, he was almost dawn, the said Zuidou hair dry, I did not even expect the other party will take the initiative to say where Yin Ling fruit, this is really a pleasant surprise ah. He hastily urged: "Can you tell me, Why do not we go?" Kind of fruit is useless to me, and as you can see, I just won the flesh, yet need a solid, your own past, you in this direction has been to move forward. "flowers the imperial hand to the left means, suddenly a holy the moonlight runs through the woods, straight leading to a place. She then said: "there the two big rivers, at the angle of the two rivers there is a swamp, where there is Yin Ling If you want, but it seems only a small tree, it should be no a few fruit." Flowers The Emperor Having walked the land growth Bianxiang her, where the ground in a pool of ash, left after seven magic ghost demon flower incineration. Left a few steps, she suddenly turned cold eyes staring at the Feng Ye looked for a few seconds and said: "Do not forget what you say, I know you're lying to me, nine-10 will no longer be place for you! "of Feng Ye excited Lingling shiver, flower Wong Yandeng covered in cold sweat, this feeling makes him very uncomfortable, and he does not know what he says in the end there is no use, can only take things one step, but he felt that this woman repair extraordinarily high, but and Liucheng En kind of invisible road, back to nature feel very different, there should be no the high repair fishes Liucheng En. "When I go back, not afraid of you?" YE Feng heart sneer, jump to jump to another tree, where there is a bright beam of light through the distant smoke chi and trunks not stop beams of light . The tree those offerings beast, like a asleep generally lying on the floor, quietly without the slightest sound. <

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