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Chapter 250 out in force! "What are you doing?" Feng Ye They move shocked the same kind of auction seen world treasure, they like inverted beans General on the table, and those who did not move a few chopsticks cuisine meals, they are pushed to the side. Www. QuAnBeN. com Bai Xueqing quickly explained: "Nothing, this is some small gifts, want to honor ordered division. could not pay anything good, hope the Ye Gongzai do not mind ah!" In fact, these things on the auction, has been caused uproar, but in the eyes of God throughout the strong, may be just ordinary stuff. They endured heartache, a piece neatly placed a table, another the ground there ten altar the flames Fenxin, this altar almost have the equivalent to about 600,000 chips, is not so cheap. Originally Feng Ye say the Liucheng En repair is not thought about that the other party will come up with so much material to when the gift, just want to later on Bai Di Star off more moisture little. Faced with such a parade, he will know what to do, if you get back to Liu predecessors, it is not obvious that his cultivation to say out? But if you do not close, I feel like a some unreasonable, people have healthy dig clean, that they do not close, it is not do not give face Well, is he hesitated when suddenly a voice sounded in his mind: little guy even learned the name of the banner of the old lady trickster? However, since they are willing to give that old lady blunt myself! "Carter, the ground ten altar flames Fenxin of suddenly disappear, and those materials but did not mind, Bai Xueqing, and Bai Lingyun two shocked,Nike Jordan New School UK, immediately they suddenly froze in place for a while, suddenly understand what is happening,Nike Jordan Flight 9, respectful toward Liucheng En Booth direction worship and worship, said: "I would like to thank the old predecessors compliment! "Do not you two junior idea to hit the old lady who love to watch old lady does not leave, but do not like trouble, if you dare to disturb the old lady's life, at your peril!" clap of thunder-like sound in room unexpected sounded, Bai Xueqing, and Bailing Yun two stunned and shuddered, the Liucheng En strength more convinced, quickly nodded yes. But they also shocked, two people in this room together but set a prohibition, even if the white family was the main is not certain sensitive to movement inside the old-timers direct discourse pass over, intend to know the two of them, which shows Peak city everything would his perception! 'Now, these materials are useless to the old lady, you recover the rain, but this wine, a month after the old lady to the 10th altar! "The Liucheng En discourse continues to be sounded in the room, followed by that vast sea of ​​breath also will not see . The Bailing Yun wiped his forehead cold sweat, Peizhao Xiao Feng Ye said: "Ye Gongzi, respect for teachers like to drink this wine, a month after the White House will be shown with offer, but these materials ..." To be honest, Bailing Yun sincerely hope the Liucheng En can accept these materials, if only 10 per month altar wine, too light component, after the event of unresolved emotional catastrophe, fear can not move people a helping hand extended! Recent decades the White House, and not far from the White Emperor Star roads cases deteriorating, hard-fought occur at any time, we can win over the older generation, the future there must be far-reaching effects, but the other is clear that their own and other people's ideas, this charge only flames Fenxin is, did not want their material. Feng Ye will know what wishful thinking in front of two old fox play, have no alternative but refused and said: "these things do not have access to my master, I do not need two predecessors or Take them again, I would like to thank the hospitality today, say good-bye! "afraid to leave to get into more trouble, so Feng Ye do not intend to stay any longer, so both of them for a while and then put other trap to let him drill. Although the heart of Bai Liya some ideas, but he does not like calculating the style of the two with people everywhere, fear is a careless will be able to own to sell. "That leaves brother have to be careful ah, Stinger those who are more vindictive madman, plus you kill their leader's cousin, they certainly will not be the good strike to throw in the towel." Now came to a realization plan Bai Xueqing and Bai Lingyun there is no way to continue to win over YE Feng, Feng Ye do not buy it, does not mean that they have no way out, the Baili Ya there may be a breakthrough in better. YE Feng looked deep two one secretly surprised, I did not expect trouble eventually came to the door, and then they smile, said: "I wish to thank the two predecessors to remind, I believe they are not necessarily Scarface identity dare to come looking for revenge, or they are of no return! "now so many things, YE Feng does not intend to return to the headquarters of the White House side of the small courtyard, perhaps more secure to buy a property in the city of Peak some, at least the Liucheng En next to him not to worry "stabbed in the back, you can also learn from Liucheng En refining things. Out of the the spring Court, he the Liucheng En Bianxiang the stalls around. At the same time, in Bai Di Star very far on the Death Star, the leader of the Stinger Luo Jinpeng sky and drink it a big bowl of wine the bowl suddenly fell to the ground, looked at Bai Di Star direction of said Chen Sheng : "cousin, you will not die in vain, I will avenge you! let you kill enjoy Qiandaowangua criminal, perverted perish!" "woods, tiger, the two of you Messenger down all ready to go, the target bloodbath Bai Di Star Peak City! "Yes, Boss!" beside two left, Luo Jinpeng remove wear a dragon decoration sword,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, gently stroking the blade, look revealed the vicious wolf pernicious eyes, murmured: "cousin, you remember this sword? was encountered Choujia kill, you desperate to cover me, only I am today, and now you have silently left, he kept hello did not play our the Stinger huge name of the first, you a, why do you go on this way? Big Brother harm you Do not worry, no matter who kill you, Big Brother will revenge on you! "think of the scenes of the year, Luo Jinpeng will pains, a few drops of Tears fall down along the face. His cousin out of the city before was secretly messaging contacted him, said that the whole thing is weird shows, but he said no big deal, cousin, despite the facilities for the White House did not dare to take the Stinger how. Later Scarface YE Feng killed Stinger the eyeliner arranged in Bai Di Star returned immediately to the person in charge of thousands of predators leader furious, hearts deeply regret it, if you had a cousin Tolerance for a while, and so he sent over how good, but unfortunately everything has become a thing of the past, any regret to have no effects. Little while, two whole body murderous predators will come back, bowed: intrinsic chiefs, the brothers have been ready, a total of three thousand five hundred and sixty three, a not bad! When we'll start? "two eyes shining fierce eyes, they are perennial tip licking the blood of the generation, an instinctive sense of excitement for the killings, are also considered big named head in the gold Luoxing domain, and even some martial art family out high reward strike kill two of them, but the Stinger erratic movements, coupled with no fixed abode, will be able to easily find a place to conceal for decades, so no one has been able to get those rewards. Now listen to leaders bloodbath Peak City, two excited I pre-Coushang said: "Boss, Peak City, the White House, but a good place ah, year-round day material treasure acquired from other planets, presumably inside Inventories many , we robbed, even two decades have used up! "the goal is not just grab the treasure, there is a kill of the people, the name called YE Feng, cultivation in the Shinto two heavy environment who this person is alive, the Peak City score his half "Peak Your city numerous Luo Jinpeng know, but each of his people are bloodthirsty madness predators, with those few years have experienced not a battle the Baijia Di sub, of course, not on the same level. To say the combat effectiveness, he believed his 3000 come, enough to make Campsis city of Baijia Di child jinshu killed, including Santo Bailing Yun! Because Luo Jinpeng Shinto the Yaesu peak throughout the strong, even on the white family was the main white Haotian not they strive fast speed, the White House that our ancestors had no time to reaction. Half? "The woods and Steller two of his face could not but look ecstasy of color, both of whom clearly how the scar is dead, and a small the Shinto double as junior, naturally they are not in the eyes of inside. As the leader release this, it will not go back, and half of the Peak City treasures, enough to make their life do not have to worry about practice materials! "Boss, we when to start?" The two of them have some can not wait Peak city not only most of the goods of the White House, there are a lot of pretty girl, these are their Marauder favorite booty, think the treasures of the beautiful white small little girls and Peak City half a fiery heart, they can not wait to be able to depart. Looking gloomy looking at the sky, Luo Jinpeng sighed and said: "no hurry, I always feel that some strange things, in order to enable more smoothly our trip, we went to contact and the White House has always been and roads cases and let them go to attack the White House, as long as they mess up, we take this opportunity to Peak City bloodbath in one fell swoop! "Hey hey hey! leaders really wise, I'll arrange to do the job of the Road, were responsible for liaison." woods flattered turned and walked out, he roads cases inside, but came in handy, although they were roads Predators do not necessarily have a good impression, but can join forces to combat White House, I believe they will certainly agree the. Tiger to convene brothers, which the departure, such as Bai Di Star elsewhere mess up, we started to attack! "Luo Jinpeng commanded End, suddenly the dragon decoration sword into the scabbard, in the eyes of the beholder as real , fired at Bai Di star where position. <

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