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even congenital master does antworten

> Two days of February, the rise of the dragon. Www. QuAnBeN. COM legend, every day, days of the rise of the Dragon King of heaven competent **; Since then, the rain will be gradually increased. Above the dauntless Houfu the mountain, pine shake, the bamboo swaying, spring raindrop hanging on fresh bamboo leaves, it is bamboo leaves more verdant. Suddenly, at this moment, I heard a sharp piercing sound to pierce the calm atmosphere, followed by the forest flashed an extremely dazzling light. "Break" a figure just passing, the man armed with a two-edged cold iron sword, the Jianguang windy, straight into the front of the pine and cypress trees and striking. "Poof!" Saw the tree pine and cypress trees, just slightly shocked, the whole sword will have all piercing the trunk easily be pierced. The sword, launched from more than 10 meters away, to penetrate the trunk, almost just a blink of an eye, can be described as approaching the extreme. But YE Feng looked at the sword, but still shook his head in silence. Face some gloomy. Kidneys, I have to get through seven, leaving the last one did not get through once to get through, I just acquired pinnacle realm plus I September sword comprehend, ichthyosaurs lapse shenfa the use, generally acquired strong is not my opponent but I now a sword speed, you want one hit kill iron sword assassin, but not ten layers grasp! "the volt turtle convergence Breath is only enough for I disguised [endoscopic relies instead] realm, so that iron swords Assassin ignored me. However, it does not make my strength boost! that iron sword assassin of the Jingyang Princess entourage, if he wanted to assassinate King Yang Princess, will be shot from her nearest place I can only wait for the assassin shot to stop him. innate, I suffer. "" Unless I'm faster than him twice in his shot the moment on the pre-emptive directly to kill! not the case, such as Princess around guard react, I did not meritorious opportunity! "Unfortunately, my internal strength has been the practice to a bottleneck, for the time being not even think about breakthrough and mysterious month swordsmanship this is not a fast characterized sword, I want to do an instant kill that iron sword assassin, easier said than done? "Feng Ye hard at trying to come up, the whole afternoon, have not thought what better idea. The sky was dark, YE Feng sighed, very unwilling hearts. However, YE Feng is a time, his mother and little sister did not want to worry about getting late, slowly to the way home away. YE Feng right to bear the cold iron sword, stroll walking in the mountains. At this point in February, the weather has begun to return to temperature, spring has enveloped the earth, and Yingchun flowers blooming in the mountains. At this time, YE Feng looked at these scenarios, the brain suddenly thought of something, seems to be the epiphany! He shot behind the scabbard, the cold iron swords exudes the icy coldness, suddenly thrust out of its scabbard. Suddenly, his figure and the cold Jianguang, on top of the trail erratic start to open. "The Feijian must clouds!" He whisper jianjue the hands of Jianying throughput a coldness in his feet down then step on the nine palaces, three steps backward, so that the second type. "Princes do to the West!" The sword, pay attention to the potential unstoppable trend! The sword of the people, to have the King of Qin ** sweep the world make a pilgrimage momentum. The sword both Mo overwhelmingly. This is a world trend, human and sometimes do, to avoid, you can avoid when? This sword, inevitably nowhere! This sword a sudden burst of the Jian Qi lasing out point on the ground gravel, stone suddenly cracked open. After a moment, void rewind, YE Feng tip tap, body maneuvers moment, coldness such as meteor showers are generally instantly out of a gorgeous brilliance, dizzying! Boat PC World Weng fishing alone trees and snow! "Feng Ye in the blink of an eye, actually resorted to the most powerful Shazhao mysterious sword. This sword is divided into two strokes of the actual situation, the first trick is unreal, YE Feng sword in the hands of the forward and striking, the thorn out, but a body position, but in a sudden conversion Jian Shi sword from the armpits anti- thorn back. "Shoop" sound, Jianguang soaring into the sky in an instant! His men followed the sword move in the air, skimming over, or flutter, such as peregrine falcons, maneuvers stroke Dapeng, a rapid trend with his sword! His waist has not completely turned, this time in the air, such as torsion twist, but in the hands of the sword, have been foreseen piercing a pine tree more than ten meters away! Feng Ye that threw perfusion infuriating, speed, strength greatly, when the tip breeze throughout the entire tree, the hilt exposed on the outside, suddenly shaking non-stop! Feng Ye looked at the sword, was shaking his head in silence. "This sword is the sword of the most sophisticated in the September sword, is the most dangerous sword! Unfortunately, this sword was slick! If this sword to kill opponents, but their own Jianyi get rid of, it is bad a not a sword swordsman, what fear? "even if it is meritorious in front of Jingyang Princess, this sword, I never should learn!" YE Feng sword from the pine and cypress trees on the pull out, plug it back in the scabbard, and walked away. Yiyewumian, YE Feng, wake up in the morning, in turn came after the mountain. Today's weather is excellent, cloudless, YE Feng sat down cross-legged, The cold iron swords flat is placed on the top of his legs, his eyes pensive for a moment, suddenly took out a knife and from her. Last night, he thought for a night, how can shot faster than that of iron swords assassin? He only found a way out. Hidden weapon! Unfortunately, YE Feng can also use the hidden weapon Flying, but he was not good at the stars! Feng Ye know that you want with the hidden weapon that does not skilled knife and shot to kill the the iron swords assassin is an impossible task. Hidden weapon can hit the iron sword assassin, that iron swords assassin completely can not vapid lives exchange for Jingyanghe Princess a life! As a qualified assassins, murder at the same time is the same die. They are the present to there Bisizhixin! A humble slain, for the identity of a Princess VIP. This is a choice, no matter who, it is easy to make a choice. Certainly not ordinary hidden weapon, knife and I do not have the strength of one hit kill iron swords Assassin, perhaps even delay the his assassin trace time. "Feng Ye know their level of hidden weapon, completely unable to do a hit kill. If, when the delay time, being the first opportunity to kill the assassin, hand skill, of course, not his own. Their hard design, of course, can not be cheap others. YE Feng frowned kept thinking: "in the end the how to let the assassin I killed, while others simply can not make any response to it?" Feng Ye I kept thinking, I heard the next uttered a "broken" crisp sound, as if something broke open, he suddenly looked back at, I saw a "soil impatiens buds suddenly burst open, open to the seeds inside the parcel radiance . See here, YE Feng immediately eye-catching in mind an idea. "With Feng Ye past life is being Town generals commanding generals of the King ', although the strength is not in excellent shape, but it is also the eighth realm of the martial arts master, and stay in the military 15 years, friends numerous. Inadvertently, he heard people mention, the Town General Wang concerns southwest 12 County it was a rebellion, after once it was a rebellion, quickly put down, the General had sent in the city of dysfunction in the 12 county Barry edge distance, secret construction arsenal. Only arsenal is deep in the mountains, most people simply can not be found. Time, YE Feng For dauntless Hou a do not like, or even fantasy day Brave Hou If you act recklessly commit rebellion, he just plead to pioneer avenge his father! So, do everything possible to who told him to inquire about the arsenal of Hengyang City near the esprit de corps of the message. Esprit de corps who met with Feng Ye ten years, intersect intimate can mouth is very firmly, not how. YE Feng figuring out ways to get him drunk, that talent wine there is truth to tell YE Feng. So this arsenal, at a hundred miles east of the city and outside Hengyang barren hills! YE Feng deep in the military, know the habits of the military. Arsenal, placed inside is definitely not what ordinary Daoqiangjianji of a class of weapons, but the the alchemist Road refining Thunderball on a big kill. Such big kill, lose ground, devastating. Unless the practice until the day after the peak of realm, musculoskeletal tough, otherwise most people Thunderball such a deep-fried, is definitely 10 dead students. "As long as I can find arsenal of Thunderball that time, must be able to that iron swords assassin directly kill this first-class credit, who can not take away!" YE Feng quickly in direction of Wang Dongbian barren run away . Miss his heart, and even the horses are not to borrow. Anyway, he is now internal strength repair, continuous run few hours, does not seem to be tired. Probably rush for more than an hour, YE Feng finally saw the traces of barren hills. But that barren hills bare, except for some weeds and trees, but what did not. "Arsenal should be hidden in the hillside, or long been found." And YE Feng came to the barren hills before you began eyeing the surrounding environment. Barren hills and surrounded by endless hills, very low,Crossbodys Coach Bags, there is no particular need to pay attention. Just north of the place is a lake. That green lakes, very muddy, can not see the under. YE Feng looked carefully shift the attention of all gathered at the edge of the lake. YE Feng suddenly saw the edge of the lake, a huge stone pressure there. Piece of stones the full few people, if the operator weight, at least a dozen kilograms of! So heavy stones, most people absolutely Norway does not open, even congenital master does not have the strength. "Channel, it should be in the in stone lake below." The entrance of the arsenal is certainly not there, this stone is just a coordinate. The foot of YE Feng Yi Deng, the whole person is like a fish suddenly leaps Cuanxiang the surface of the water in front of. "Peng!" Bang, YE Feng into the water, splashing, then, YE Feng orientation along the stones, slowly sneaked into the bottom of the lake. Very cold lake bottom is muddy one, YE Feng vision in the bottom of the lake received a great impact. YE Feng slowly groping down, dive about seven or eight meters, suddenly his hand in an instant,Jordan 7 Sale, just in front of a one meter square cave. "Is here." YE Feng like a fish in general, quickly go into a hole. "Crash", YE Feng felt on top of a glimmer of light, suddenly drilled surface of the water. There is a cave, apparently acquired hewn,Coach Crossbodys Online, the walls are hung with a glowing pearl, exudes the shining light. Few glowing pearl priceless, but compared to this storage of strategic materials, but it is inferior to many. One of the big box, outside whale made of plastic tarpaulins carefully wrapped. YE Feng 11 Search past, suddenly saw "Baoyan Perak sub words, suddenly his eyes lit up! Per-a Baoyan Perak sub are siege weapon, YE Feng quickly come up from a small box, this small box, equipped with about ten Baoyan Perak sub. The ten Baoyan Perak sub, put together, even the walls of the city of Hengyang absolutely can not stop! "Well, this Baoyan Perak child, that the iron swords Assassin's credit, who can not take away the next month, I just want peace of mind practice as soon as possible to get through all the kidneys that time went to the White Kingstown, to the reuse of the capital by the Great General Wang! "" Dad, you and waiting baby will soon avenge you! "<

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