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18.05.2013 05:08
while the three one of the family antworten

Hear the fatty's words, Vagli Yan mouth smile: "Luo the uncle really enthusiastic people, when the mother was alive, he once said to me, Luo Shishu once in Mingdi meeting gave us a great help. The next session of Congress to accept Luo Shishu Mingdi, junior counsel......" The face of Luo Pangzi s è changed rapidly, and ease. The Lan Gelei family as the Earth Federation, and also one of the most ancient family of the Milky way, and many forces are entangled with. Luo Pangzi in the Neelam family is no exception. When langrey family also to formally on the Earth Federation stage, kneeland family really give them a lot of obstacle. Now the Lan Gelei family gradually rise, at the last meeting -- the Earth Federation Mingdi on top of the summit, have voted to make the Lan Gelei family to participate in Mingdi assembly, Ronaldo represented by the Neelam family, dropped the key a veto, so as to make the Lan Gelei family of ten years of hard work not completed. Of course, Vagli's sarcastic now only incidentally, she is the most key means, the Lan Gelei family to attend the next Mingdi assembly, and will have the right to vote! ********************************* field immediately fell silent. Mingdi Congress held every four years, held in the scenery excellent resort -- apricot forest planet. It takes three major federal family as the core, the other ten families as the pillar, one hundred and fifty-seven families as the basis, jointly determine the Earth Federation of all important matters. No matter the allocation of resources, new energy development, the edge of space exploration...... Have decided to get a meeting. Can say, this is a naked the spoils conference! The Earth Federation of clans in the hundreds of thousands, but can be decided only thirteen family upper. The Lan Gelei family in the new era of the early three,Coach Online Sale, was a large family, but at a very rapid rate fall down, after the mainstay of family, family, had been excluded from Mingdi conference. For six hundred years, the Lan Gelei family even participate in Mingdi assembly qualification has no! Now,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, the new master of the house Vagli proposed the first step, is to get back to Mingdi conference! And he heard their form view, this requirement is based, is not in exchange for real...... The presence of three or four people, half of it is a small family of the inner solar system or nearby, just by virtue of the geography of the get message and. Among them were the Lan Gelei family opponent, also have their partners, but is at best a Mingdi assembly based family, have the right to speak very little. Can really talk to is slowly around the seven or eight men around Vagli, including Luo Pangzi, they are the mainstay of family spokesman, while the three one of the family, even a isn't here! In these circumstances,Jordan 7 Shoes, Vagli had made the intelligence collection. She smiled and put forward their demands, and looked at Luo Pangzi with a delicate eyes, occasionally glance around the light. Luo Pangzi embarrassed to say: "lengley home calling me uncle, I also asked you a niece! Niece asked me to understand, but to be honest we kneeland family do >

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