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> In the jungle on the banks of the Crystal, an unexpected glade, surrounded by the original lush trees vine, at this time of the bombing of a char, rather than lying in half height, this piece of open space add up to over 100 meters Green Serpent carcasses. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM YE Feng sat on the ground, is recovering injury, he did not BLAZING Gang Leibo and to, by their own the Jian Qi bite injury is not a light, Fortunately, Bai Liya of the body with a healing panacea, otherwise I am afraid short period of time, he can not be undone. "Ye brother, you BLAZING Gang Mines good horror Oh, Shinto quintet throughout giant green anaconda can be killed, you hide the good stuff HUGE!" Bai Liya looked bombed into two cut-off of the giant green anaconda, the bottom of my heart some cold, although this Mibao one-time use, but used to protect life really good, but she knew YE Feng secret, it is not convenient to get to the bottom. Slowly open your eyes, YE Feng pale, said: "The power is very good, but unfortunately a total of not a few, but just almost died, I was decidedly reluctant to use, with a small one ah!" Just in order to ensure make giant green anaconda Yijizhiming, he all of a sudden the two, resulting in the hands of only fourteen, and my heart some really endless heartache. Then he suddenly remembered in thousands of machines, since the closure Aotian the to refining this kind of thing, it is estimated that he taught? In thousands of machines since depletion soul energy, has been hiding in the recovery Tian Yan Tome Momo, In addition to that exhausted the means to reach the White Emperor Star, you have not been before contacting YE Feng, even just a matter of life and death did not appear, Let his heart a little bit unhappy, even though repair all lost at least can be induced if there is danger. Which the concept of God probe into space ring, YE Feng own God read slowly circling around in the days derivative Tome, gently calling on thousands of machines, he can not directly own concept of God into the book which, otherwise overhauled with thousands of machines being sucked Chejin the trouble that captured this wonderful book when he tried to kind of sense of space in this book suction pulling force, will be close to the concept of God is spirit gave sucked. "Well? Your kid this time to find what I do?" After a moment, in thousands of machine consciousness idea appears directly in the Feng Ye mind. Like an illusory shadow, and even looks not see, probably only see the outline. "I would like to ask the seniors, the Fire Dragon Gang Lei you know how to refining? Just a Shinto quintet environment Wicked almost eat me, but fortunately I have here a few Fire Dragon Gang Lei self-defense." Simple Feng Ye just happened about it again, did not have anything to hide, anyway, the Fire Dragon Gang Lei is to from Huoyun city, and seal Aotian is derived from the heritage of thousands of machines, these things should be clear . In thousands of machines to hear puzzled and asked: "BLAZING Gang Ray? You say is the kind of God was in control fire sons of thunder? Surname seal the little guy kind of refining?" Is a fire cloud Gang Lei predecessors you have refining method? something good, I would like to refining some self-defense. "heard on thousands of machines really know, YE Feng mind some hot, although this time killed the giant The green anaconda have a lot of tricky ingredients, but if you use good, of this Huoyun Gang Ray can really play a very good utility. A piece of green anaconda scales extremely tough, even the melee release YE Feng Jian Qi can not do nothing, but it effect Lei Huoyun Gang to swallow the stomach, this blown into two cut-off. Feng Ye feel that no matter what evil, the total organs like skin tough and difficult to break, just think of ways to let it eat, or Fire Dragon Gang Lei can be placed weaknesses site, we will be able to meritorious deeds. For practitioners, usually no Who flesh refining the Wicked kind of terrorist extent, so as long as they can choose a good time, unexpectedly, also can play a good effect. That things could have been called yin evil Lei Gang, not of what Huoyun Gang Ray, I was passed to the closure to Aotian little guy is defective products,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, coupled with the required materials are extremely harsh, so he is not total refining fired several gave up, refining, defective products. "" If you want to refining yin evil Gang mine, but I can give you the full refining method, but this material is collected is difficult full refining refining yin evil Gang Lei, you can instantly kill the Shinto Seventh environment expert, but the refining process is extremely complicated, afraid you may not be able to cobble together enough material! "After thousands of machines. some explanation, Feng Ye have a more intuitive understanding of this yin evil Gang Lei, until he heard that a bunch of complicated material and refining method, secretly raspberry endless, really worthy of the instant kill Shinto Seventh throughout the strong presence of light refined materials up to hundreds of species,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, of which more than half of his never seen or even heard of. It may be different each local practitioners called for the material, but just Shinto the Seventh environment Wicked inner alchemy, he will be able to limit the wearer want refining yin evil Gang Lei, a a Shinto the the Seventh environment Wicked nedan, so doing we want a lot of refining, do not know the to kill head this level of evil. Hear Finally, the idea of ​​refining the full version of yin evil Gang Lei Feng Ye must directly. Because it is unable to reach the target in the short term, run into the the Shinto Seventh environment Wicked, he hide all hide less, which have the ability to kill ah. Since the the Yin evil Gang Lei refining does not come out, this Fire Dragon Gang Lei He touches you can try, and perhaps can be refined to self-defense, fourteen or so, I am afraid that will not be long before it will run out. YE Feng reluctantly, only to give up, or to gather material, refining their own Jian Zhen talk about it. After two days of the trek, YE Feng and Bai Liya finally reached the Crystal River upstream birthplace, where forest is no longer so lush and dense, but in a mountain hillside position, the climate here. cold than the jungle, The Bai Liya looked to see distant rolling mountains, said: "almost about to, it is estimated that this neighborhood should have a grain of sand, we first find a place to rest." these days are always nervous, really a little too much. "YE Feng nodded, looking for a clean, flat stones to sit up, although the the Shinto environment practitioners contest Road throughout the body a lot of tough, but this the road is full of evil, and from time to time will encounter Shinto forty-five weight, or even five or six heavy Wicked, the two have been in the spirit of high tension in the state, and now finally to the place, the nerve relaxed, natural feel very tired. At this point, few people voice suddenly spread to the two ears, YE Feng suddenly alert. "Hush," he hastened to the convergence of their own breath, not far from the Bai Liya small channel: "Watch out, someone here!" The Baili Ya also hear the voices of these people, almost the same time to make with Feng Ye the same choice, she converge their breath after a cautious forth his own idea of ​​God the probe to go to the source of the sound direction. Six people, four men and two women, a Shinto triple habitat woman, there is a Shinto quadruple environment man, the strength of the rest of the people is not weak! "YE Feng own concept of God detectable said out of this force For both of them extremely strong, the worst one with him, is the Shinto double as master. The human practitioners may be different from the evil, and they are better at flexible use of their Euro RSCG, insidious is not excessive. The face of the six I do not know the enemy is a friend to all, YE Feng think it is not to expose their good. But things are often counterproductive, the Shinto triple territory that of the other woman, habitual use their own concept of God swept hundreds of miles around, suddenly found they are not far in the distance there are two occult own breath, she hurried his teammates made a gesture and said: "Be careful! There are two unidentified people hidden in our neighborhood!" Perhaps this is the repair of the benefits of a realm above, plus she is in itself a very sensitive the other five are not found YE Feng, and Baili Ya two, but that she had to find! "What? Near us was an ambush? Do those guys Willingen family?" Shinto double the lowest in the realm of environment man suddenly surprised, quickly remove the instruments used, ready for battle. "No! A man and a woman, are Shinto a double territory, no threat to us to go, we have a look at what idea they hit!" Led by Shinto quadruple environment experts reminded of, also found YE Feng presence of the two, before that corner was to be ignored, the concept of God to focus on to the other side, suddenly found a hint of the unusual two the who was Ruoyouruowu breath and not be completely hidden live. At the same time, YE Feng Bai Liya found that with the arrival of six, but they can not retreat, or will they get me wrong, provoke unnecessary to kill, so they place the entire pending, would like to see the six individuals in the end he was. "You two who, why hide around us, what purpose!" The borders of the Shinto triple day woman with a look of frost gives a stranger not feel that Shinto the quadruple environment man and did not speak, but rather she first raised the question, like to think it is the way they should. YE Feng quietly looked at six one, they should be from the same martial art are exactly the same clothes, a white robe outside the set of the blue gown hastily explained: "not to hide here, but we previously rest here, induction appears to you, fear of causing unnecessary trouble, so we had to conceal their breath. remarks YE Feng said Peel does not say anything,Air Jordan Shoes, but did not show anything afraid, nor does it seek to curry favor with the meaning of the Shinto quadruple environment man nodded his head can not be investigated, such a calm and relaxed state of mind, it should not be home looking for revenge, so he quietly rattling around a few people waved their colleagues down the unsuspecting. See their soothing mood, YE Feng went on to explain: "both of us come here to collect grain sand, say our strength as you also do not know each other, and there is no hatred, there is no justification to ambush you!" <

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