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18.05.2013 05:02
light of hearing the sound antworten

To the canteen after lunch, Shu Yu came to zero quarters behind the grove. This place has been quiet, but today, he entered the heard a laugh. Shu Yu frowned, hesitated a little, or close to the past. The familiar "we bully" scene...... Some people make nothing of, feel oneself highly flattered, enclosed in a population of zh ō ngy ā ng timid, how familiar scenes, have seen countless times or a long ago chicken Shu Yu. However, this was in the middle person, but not so common...... Sanan! Weak chickens eight class of almost all of the evolution, the man so bullied into small three it? This is the ecology of a school...... Shu Yu looked a little while busy ready to leave, for this is always in the weak chicken before looking for self-confidence wretch, he did not deliver the Y ù at. The men of Sanan pushing and shoving,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, soon pushed him to the ground. One thin like monkeys like the guy laughed at him: "three, but I must say you look nice, quiet this chicken woman even if put in the whole school, also is beautiful, you see she is good. But you look not on yourself? With the boys to rob a woman, your head?" "This find chicken trouble also bullied waste, said he heads up, you believe that?" Another man at his companion, with feet Chuai Chuai make nothing of sanan. Sanan humed 2, a word also does not refute. Gentle and quiet? Shu Yu heard the name he stopped footsteps. Sanan and these people see in her? She's no resistance. Shu Yu's eyes flashed a chill, quietly listening to them. Standing in the middle of the medium height a few cold to hum a, next to a few people suddenly stopped, obviously these people led to his. The boy girl, looks tender, red lips, eyes like a snake is smooth and flexible, let a person see the students no good to. Shu Yu know him, this is Lou and day six class, ability is quite strong, performance is very bad, I heard some background behind him, Shu Yu is not too familiar with the. Lou and squat body, light touch of our face, the three settle apparently hit a shiver, nose hum have disappeared. He said softly: "Andreyev, you misunderstood me!" His voice cloying,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, end up. Shu Yu frowned, light of hearing the sound, he was uncomfortable, want to take this guy on the ground beat up a meal. "In fact, I really love the students!" Lou and day to sweet said, "the students looked to me is not without feelings! You see I was holding her hand,Coach Kristin Online, her face was very red, can not bear to shake me!" Three heard him this shameless words, body shaking, and hum a few times. Lou and gather together the face the past, whisper: "what do you say? A little louder, I can't hear you very clearly. "Three where really do not know to say what will happen, he closed his eyes and mouth, a sound also dare not come out. "She that was not shy, are gas! If not >

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