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the most important is to find their antworten

Evolutionary base name is "variation and ability training base", is located in the Northeast school, covers an area of very large, is one of the key construction seventh intermediate school. It consists of four layers, mainly to provide students with the practical ability C ā O and exercises of. More than two layers, is the many small room, there is real, there are virtual scene. Can say, the students at least 1/3 of the time a evolution, is the need to soak in here. Vagli in Chi Chuanle with, wiped out most of the pirates, the most important is to find their own battle rhythm. Chi Chuanle used to stop Particle Cannon when, she worried that watch over there, he quickly cleared away the rest of us. She knew that before the battle was all Shu Yu's command, could not help but fell silent. A non Evolution Evolution of combat command? She never thought this could ever happen. But the facts before us, Shu Yu's tactics is very effective, not only makes the combat air craft basic lost the fight, but also to help her so quickly defeated originally very tricky enemy! The end of the battle, Vagli hesitated, decided to go there to look at the evolution of base of teachers and students. Chi Chuanle also played over the empty boat, his forces lost more than half, but destroy the engine doesn't need to be strong,Air Jordan 11 UK, Chi Chuanle has mastered to the. A base to evolution, Vagli saw continued into the SH è s è light. She couldn't help opening the contact, asked: "Shu Yu, what should I do now?" Shu Yu said without hesitation: "you to evolutionary base is? Don't be in a hurry to find the enemy out, first with the scene, the White Snake they trapped inside! You just saw, say combat experience, students is far from enough, if not because of your strength than the other words, we would not be so quick to resolve the fighting!" Just command Vagli overwhelming x ì ng victory, his mind is still very clear: "now you walk around, the main attention to protect the safety of students. Other, late Chuanle out empty boat!" His voice came out at the same time, a crashing sound. Vagli looked around,Air Jordan Store, just in time to see a aerial craft lost power, the plant down! *********************************** Shu Yu did not call for too long and the princess. Evolutionary base there more and less, and the location, the princess went to further reduce the risk coefficient, nothing of particular concern. Instead. He quickly ended with Vagli's call, began to contact another number. The number has not turned on, Shu Yu tightly wrinkled up eyebrows. At this time, the late Chuanle call and then come in, excited tunnel: "Shu Yu, see! I dropped a ship!" Shu Yu also heard the sound of loud bang, empty boat off the lake in the center of the school, set off a great disturbance, then sank. He perfunctorily nodded and said: "see see,Coach Online Store, you stand high, can see the students in class eight?" Chi Chuanle laughed: "Oh, concerned about the quiet? She should know, also don't know >

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