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18.05.2013 04:49
and they stay together for decades antworten

The old man's Chigurh chick boys, refers to his baby horses. Shu Yu and the quiet one to lay down their luggage, he was unable to hold oneself back to take them to see their baby. Shu Yu previously only in the data and pictures seen horse this creature, but this does not hinder him a glance like them. The horse is a spirit of biological x ì ng, their gentle eyes, facial expression determination, a will not be easily moved. The old man's baby sjgrens were domesticated very well, Shu Yu touched it completely not escape -- of course, shoge started its ng J told Shu Yu, never from the back of a horse to touch it, which only makes them frightened. Shu Yu holding a piece of candy, to a brown s è horse before it gently, snorted,Coach Purses Clearance, heard Wen Shuyu's palm, gently rolling tongue, put sugar into his mouth. Shu Yu laughed, touched his nose, it not only does not hide, also with rub two, seems to be in the expression of his love. When the quiet little is with seen horse, her performance Shu Yu more than good, there is a horse and even Coushang arched her face, make her laugh. Shoge looked at her, wrinkly eyebrows shook his head and said: "little girl, you wear this body can't ride a horse." Quiet and looked at her, also frowned. Before she came, did not want to ride a horse. In her mind, she just accompany Shu Yu here, this is a date? But now encountered a horse, the heart of familiar memories unstoppable welled up,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK, she really want to ride. She looked at the shoge painfully, shoge like this beautiful and pure girl,Coach Store, help she had an idea: "I have a young man's clothes, can wear riding, afraid you are not clean......" Quiet hastily said: "it's OK, I don't love clean!" Then, she laughed too, quietly spit. Shoge laughed: "well, don't love clean girl, if you wear clothes, you can't get it dirty!" Then, he to quiet a wink, is clearly a god s. Shu Yu on one side and smiled at. Here, the quiet obviously than in the school is much more lively, face a lot of rich. She was brought to the shoge behind the changing clothes, Shu Yu here alone a horse a horse at the horses, looking more and more like. He can't see, his expression is also very relaxed, shoge out saw, say with smile: "baby also liked you!" "Ah?" Shu Yu doubt turned, "is? I like them!" Shoge pat the horse, touch the horse, laughed: "and they stay together for decades, early to know their expression! They are like you, you rarely have a horse margin!" Shu Yu gave a hearty laugh: "Oh, too!" He held his head to, with a horse touched the face, the horse came to rub the rub, also put out his tongue, soft licking his face. Shoge laughed, he handed towels for Shu Yu, above some stains, but Shu Yu did not care to take it wiped his face. Shoge more happy, loudly say: "come, choose a horse, we'll go out for a walk!" If >

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