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we hunted Wicked and antworten

> YE Feng quietly watching the departure of a few people, in the eyes of a trace of the intention to kill slowly projection. Www. QuAnBeN. COM he touched it just be that Nine Yang, Wu burns the place exudes a feeling of dumb. This is a sign of wound healing. YE Feng could not help exclaiming: "Hunyuan by, is really amazing, as long as the injury is not too heavy, basically, on its own within the gas slowly returning." That dude the people xiaojia? Grandpa called Xiao Pa days? the triple border Venerable strong level? Does he really think that there is a strong grandfather, everyone needs to see his face alleys? Although I can not kill the men, and do I not kill you dude really act recklessly! "Since you said Japan, longer, Wicked Sea kill me the next time I see who is dead." YE Feng hearts soon there will be a decision, since few people want to set to kill him Naturally, he will not let these people. He asked himself did not do anything wrong, but it led to this unexpected calamities, natural will not let go. YE Feng a Enyuanfenming person, just that people do not ask indiscriminate, they asked him for the kill. He will not let go. At this point, YE Feng not only did not leave, and are quietly with those people behind. Along the way, YE Feng seems to be a skilled hunter very flavor with traces left to rely on those who pursue the five men. Perhaps five arrogant used, every place, for fear that other people do not know they have to, like, come up with a great deal of movement. In this way, YE Feng did not deliberately looking for, we can find the location of the five individual. However, YE Feng and not too close, although Xiao Ding repair is not high can not find him, but four of his guards, repair is very strong, and have been inseparable protect him, did not give leaves Feng is a separate to kill Xiao Ding opportunity. However, Feng Ye did not intend to give up. He was waiting for this opportunity. He knew that, even if the four men of God, there will be lax. He has been waiting for. In this way, the time a day later, the five men have been in the forest looking for wood dragon breath. Along the way, they only explore the wood properties Wicked breath, simply not interested in other kinds of evil. Wooden dragon, there is not so easy to find, especially reached the the Budo seventh realm of wooden dragon. Very good at hiding. Wicked practice slowly than humans do not know how many times, thousands of years of cultivation process, they are still the most common low Wicked, occult atmosphere is their only means of life insurance. And, when I began to practice, those evil simply do not have too high intelligence, so their survival, are basically relying on instinct. Especially those evil is simply unlike a human, you can learn the the subtle power law left by their predecessors, by virtue of their own instincts practice. Just Wicked survival between heaven and earth, they naturally have their own unique advantages. That is that they are good at hiding, and the life of the Wicked are very long, can easily live for thousands of years. Moreover, many of Wicked ** are very powerful, than the same order of human strength many. This also provides a great advantage for their survival. "Damn, we look for such a long time, not even a wooden dragon did not find? Damn, damn, damn! That damn bastard, he came to find a wooden dragon, how I can not find! Blame you four waste! not even a Kokonoe throughout the kid catch. "Xiao Ding will not find a wooden dragon anger all scattered in the four who. Along the way, he constantly threatened four, If you can not find a wooden dragon, they will be how to punish. However, the four men did not Xiao Ding's words seriously, because their duty is to protect the son of the dandy, as long as Xiao Ding from harm, that Xiao tyrant would not give them a hard time. Xiao Ding is a dude, but Xiao Tyrant is the dominant party, of course, reward and punishment. Otherwise, alone repair strong coercion someone, will bite. Otherwise, it is impossible to control the reins of a planet. "Son, this time we have a very long, is not it back?" The red robe old man facing of Xiao Dinggong King said, his face a bit hesitant. Obviously, he was very clear to say this proposal, must be ushered in Xiao Ding scolding. Sure enough! "Go back? If we go back, you should give as a gift, given to me by Miki? Are you and your family's life? Hateful, this time I came out, that is, want to get wood dragon demon Dan to win her happy, now you let me go back empty-handed? you want to die? Or you want to see the son in the beauty disgrace? hum! "Xiao Ding sit and watch the red robe old man. The red robe old man, did not dare to speak more Eye resorted to again and again against the side of the Lvpao old. That Lvpao old helpless to stand out front of Xiao Ding bowed and said: "son not to worry, I know that, over time, Marple Court held a very large auction, wooden dragon kind of demon Dan, although precious and rare, However, the auction of the kind of level, you are afraid you can not find the wooden dragon demon Dan? "" If this is the case ... it touches can be considered. "Xiao Ding brow slightly stretch. Heard a few people talk, YE Feng hearts, a flash of the beholder. His pursuit of this dude has a half months, but no chance. Facing the monks and a half months is nothing, but a few days they go back to the palace of heaven were Chuansong Zhen, it is necessary to open. If this opening is delayed,Nike Air Jordan Womens, he will need to wait a month to get back to the palace of heaven cases. Originally, he was not in a hurry back days Que cases, but this time, a little accident, the Qin Yao they do not know where he certainly thought he was out of any accident. He did not want Qin Yao and the Purple Palace Ella concerns, so he had to give up the intention to continue to kill Xiao Ding. "Well, Japan, longer this hatred, I remember." Hesitated a lot, YE Feng heart will have a decision, he was about to leave. "What people?" At this point, that red robe old man feel as if behind a trace of movement, suddenly shouted back. At this moment, scared YE Feng quickly converge all his breath, hidden selves. "Feel the spirit of this old man is really high, I'm just slightly exposed a little lax, they immediately can feel really powerful!" Xiao Ding backward glances, and found nothing abnormal, stare at the red robe an old man, and said: "Do not be paranoid, Wicked sea secret territory, Does anyone dare to come out in the case of four of you to join hands? let alone I Xiao eldest son,Coach OP Art Sale, who has the guts to dare to follow us? "Xiao Ding silly, but it is too high saw his grandfather Wal-Mart. Came up with the decision, YE Feng is not indecisive, he soon accordance with the guidelines of the given astrolabe, toward the palace of heaven cases in Wicked at home and the gathering and galloped off. This way, he also encountered a lot of evil, but the strength of those Wicked is not too strong, are easily solved. Actually, in Wicked at home and, Budo seventh territory of the Wicked is not too common, the the Kokonoe realm of wood Long Feng Ye encountered in the beginning, is also very coincidence. Because to kill Xiao Ding waste a lot of time, YE Feng, when it is found, the Chuan Songzhen from Tianque cases Wicked Sea distance is very far, he hurry, the rate soared to an extreme. The forest, I saw a virtual shadow flicker. "There are three days,Coach Purses Outlet, the legendary array is necessary to open it seems, I have to speed up." YE Feng in the hands of the fixed astrolabe, flashing constantly, start measuring distance and azimuth. To hurry, YE Feng even use on a mythical dragon wings, whole person in powerful energy Emboldened, the speed has reached the extreme, as if across a black lightning, passing from the air. Wicked sea where a gathering place, Hou Xibai and other people have been ready. Just a month, YE Feng also does not appear very worried about their hearts. Hou Xibai turned around and asked Sweet Basil said: "Big Brother, Young also did not come, we are not to go out looking?" Sweet Basil shook his head: "No, we went out, if Young came back, would not have to go out and get us? We want to believe that the strength of the junior in the sector, to feel at ease here waiting for it. "Having said that, but I'm still a little worried." Hou Xibai mumbled something, turned around and asked: "Big Brother, this time, we hunted Wicked and demon Dan, can change how many PEIYUAN Dan? "" Well? I count the "Sweet Basil bow wit, his face a smile:" about three hundred. "wow! so much If so, let everyone can be divided into dozens of stars Pei-Yuan Dan Sure enough, self-reliant, is fly. Munekado really is too mean. "Hou Xibai the laments. Finished Hou Xibai sudden facing the sky exasperation said, "Hey! Do not know junior in the sector now how?" Sweet Basil to pat the Hou Xibai the shoulder and comfort: "Do not worry, I believe that the elders had an accident, it must be go back and informed the Zong door, Tien Patriarch cultivation Tongxuan,,, since the value of the junior in the sector, nature will not let junior in the sector of the accident, we unfounded distance, YE Feng speed has accelerated to the extreme. "Laugh" With the rapid flight of Feng Ye, his clothes and compass related to air friction issued a wide variety of sounds. He has felt the air around some viscous. Grandchildren to Wicked Sea open Chuansong Zhen, go back to the day. "The time is coming, junior in the sector has not come back? Do, Big Brother?" Eyes from time to time to see waves of people, it has become legend, back to the days Que cases, Sweet Basil three people increasingly anxious, behind to see, YE Feng did not come back. They faint look forward to at the last moment, Feng Ye can appear. But soon they will be disappointed, to the last moment, they did not find the arrival of Feng Ye, seeing, Chuan Songzhen is necessary to shut down, they entered the Chuansong Zhen helpless. "Wait a minute!" Suddenly, the distant a cry. Jin Bu Huan Hou Xibai Xiao Xie's eyes light up, "is a junior in the sector." "Great, finally caught up if the junior in the sector lost here, go back to the master will live stripping us!" The instant of Chuan Songzhen light lit, YE Feng just step into Chuan Songzhen. "Finally, to catch up." YE Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Thereafter, the space constantly distorted. The next second, they appear in the palace of heaven were square, and what they leave the place. <

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