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even some kind of force antworten

> YE Feng and Jingyang Princess Aurora a shrouded, and then, they entered a huge phantom space. The space WWw.QUAnbEN.COm is completely transparent. You can clearly see the stars of the universe outside. At this time, the sun is like a huge fireball, exudes a rolling heat waves, exceptionally bright in the dark sky. YE Feng, who come back to see the planet of a blue lake, covered by white clouds. "This is our lives Ziwei Today, we are in the space shuttle instruments used, Hao Tissot after about a day, will be able to reach the center of the Araceae domain is the destination of our trip, the days of the South dense environment. "Qin Yao came out and said. This time, Hao Tissot, only six the Qin Yao and Feng Ye and his wife, Hou Xibai, Sweet Basil, Xiao Xie everyone. Hou Xibai very strange and asked: "Master, pray for rain girl, the Qin quiet and uncles are not you? I just pray for rain girl and Young clearly see up." The Qin Yao do not want to say,UK Nike Air Jordan, simply Road: "They have other things not access." "But you do not have to worry about Hao Tissot, sister gave me this shuttle instruments used, is a top grade instruments used and there was given star disc., I left in the electric purple peaks a messaging notes as long as there is something big happens, someone will inform us that time, we can take the this Hao Tissot go back. "" After all, purple power peak is our true the home of our trip in order to practice, practice into Tianque cases, but I do not want you to forget our roots. either after you repair to what extent, you have to remember, purple MSI is you have real home. " "Yes! disciples endeavor to comply teachings of the master." four kick bend obeyed. See four answered simply, Qin Yao nodded and said: "Well, your local practice., Ella, you come with me when I preach to you a set of exercises that day we live extraterritorial space, in Hao Tissot, a rare smooth chaotic element force can practice you seize the time. "Purple Palace Ella looked Feng Ye a, YE Feng nodded slightly, she followed the Qin Yao go. After all, the Qin Yao has always been cold, Purple Palace Ella saw the Qin Yao was some fear. Just, Qin Yao is very serious in his doctrine disciples, Purple Palace Ella fear of his lack of qualifications, the Qin Yao do not like. If she is back purple MSI, and can not be used together with Feng Ye, it is too innocent. Fortunately, Qin Yao patience and full the Purple Palace Ella qualification unlike her own thought it would be worse. Just the other day, her cultivation there is significant progress. Is about to reach the realm of birth. "This day, your real dollars, refining purely a lot is not far away from the breakthrough in the realm of birth if they work hard practice, ranging from March, more than three years, must be able to break through cultivation." Qin Yao encouraged a few will say no more. She is taciturn, but also to see the sake of this beloved disciple of Feng Ye, pointing Purple Palace Ella few. Purple Palace too a friendship in general, and Purple Palace too many children. Although Purple Palace Yunshang is the Purple Palace is too a favorite daughter, but not worthy of the Qin Yao special treatment. All of this is because Feng Ye Qin Yao's eyes. Day and night, all the repair Although there is no significant progress, but they were all clearly feel the real element of their bodies, one can not tell, with great pomp Yuan-li. They all feel the magic, you want to continue practicing. However, this time, Hao Tissot suddenly jitter. "How is it?" Everyone opened his eyes, very nervous. This is extra-territorial. If in case of emergency, simply escape no place to escape outside the universe Gang Feng directly they ripped. Not to worry, to our destination. "Qin Yao began. "So, really scared me jump." The Sweet Basil pale, with Hou Xibai looked at each other, are also found each other a look of panic. However, Qin Yao opening the hearts of everyone to settle down. "The Zizi ~" At this time, Hao Tissot before a Road brilliant colorful light curtains open, black space, suddenly opened a huge colorful spiral. This spiral rotating very fast, and finally the formation of a massive black hole looks like, "jeer" Hao Tissot attracted. "Oh, my God, my head dizzy." Incredibly hard after a while, everyone suddenly descended on a low hill. The Purple Palace Ella repair a minimum, everyone woke up, she was still unconscious. YE Feng immediately ran past, a true input, In Soon, Purple Palace Ella slightly woke up. However, she woke up, but the final look of the space shuttle, made her body very suited to, and now dizzy, so weak. "Ella, we have to." YE Feng whispered soft words, he saw the eyes of the Purple Palace Ella slack, this is not the spirit of the performance, to put Purple Palace Ella back in the body. Today, they have a couple, the idea is not taboo so much. The crowd stood up and a smell in the breath. The air ... they suck one, suddenly found the air here, actually contains a rich world of Reiki, an inhaled, they suddenly felt his body pores are comfortable. "This place can be stronger than those secret territory more than this level of heaven and earth Yuan-li, I have confidence in the hundred years before, breaking the door of destiny." The Hou Xibai most pleased. The four, his repair the worst, but, even so, he dared to boast of this Haikou. Visible, where the aura of the rich. "Yes ah, one day South secret territory. Really worthy of the most beautiful places of this star field." Xiaoxie face innocent smile, her feet, the bells Ding Ling rang, very happy. She went to the hillside, and lifted up their eyes. "Wow, it's beautiful!" Distant a mist-shrouded! In that clouds looming peaks change into a variety of interesting gesture; fairy sometimes like a float in the air, and sometimes like the old man held out his hand, sometimes like a peach apes, sometimes careened ...... this morning thin haze mist, indeed, when the far past. Qin Yao looked at this piece of heaven and earth, endless mouth muttered: four decades I was twenty years old to leave the Que cases, 40 years after, I finally came back to the sky, or so the beauty of the air is still so glycol. "Although the past 40 years did not return to the days of the South,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, but this place in the hearts of Qin Yao has never never forget. "Master ..." Feng Ye see that, this time, Qin Yao mind is actually extremely disturbed. This is not scared, but excited, a very indescribable feeling. Before coming, Qin Yao introduced to him with a variety of scenery, features there, to come back so that the so-called genius children in those days of the South, take a look at her four outstanding students, so that those people by surprise. However, when she really came to the days of the South, Qin Yao but not by nearly as youngsters. At the moment, Qin Yao overlooking the peaks of the distant rolling a huge TV drama, look in the eyes is complex to the extreme. "I'm fine." The Qin Yao facing YE Feng point nod, and then lift the spirit, facing the bottom four disciples broke and said: "Let's go." "Go?" Hou Xibai people by surprise, said, "Master, here is what local? deserted around, let's go, come, time to go? Royal Air flight why not? "the Hou Xibai just finished running Gang Qi wanted to fly, but he suddenly found Gangqi operation extremely difficult, only simple the formation of a thin layer of body care Gang Qi, simply can not gather enough Gang Qi flight. "How is this going?" Surprised Hou Xibai. Qin Yao smiled and said: "Do not try here, rules than purple MSI strict countless times. Shinto master only to Royal Air flight If you want to flight, it must be refined out of their natal instruments used. Combination of mind, to Imperial empty flight. otherwise, or to walk well. "the Hou Xibai hard with a straight face, he deliberately wore a very luxurious robes, appear Yushulinfeng, uninhibited. However, he dressed so pull the wind have to walk, his heart really can not be reconciled, the reigning proposal said: "Master, we can grab a Wicked when the horse?, We can also faster." After listening to this , the Qin Yao could not help laughing: "There's evil, is not so simple. accidentally, if the case the Shinto level Wicked, a few of us may become each other's food. We arrived early and do not know where it is dangerous, so you gave me honest. wait until the Tianque cases, again! "perhaps because the gag of the Hou Xibai the, Qin Yao mood of many. Soon as he finished, he walked on. Her footsteps, indeed, every step step on the ground, but in the eyes of Feng Ye, but extremely clever, if at any time will be gone, the same change. This pace, sky-step? Unlike. "YE Feng Qin Yao looked surprised, at this moment, his eyes seem to some not see Qin Yao action, as if it is an illusion. Her movements, even some kind of force contact with the outside world, YE Feng simply unexpected magical changes. "Original master has been hidden strength. These forty years, I am afraid she has been suppressed in the purple MSI strength." Some of the strength of the Qin Yao this moment accidentally exposed, YE Feng feel their own master, I am afraid than you think to much stronger . Looking at the pace of the Qin Yao, his mind was suddenly overtaken by Pina, if fleeting feeling. With of his Jiuxiao Dragon step is very similar, however, is a more profound pace. YE Feng want to do but feel that realm. After a child, however,Outlet Coach Bags, he failed. "My realm is not enough, it seems that also need to practice this time to the days of the South, is come to the right. Behind the Budo the road, never-ending master the more, the more wonderful the world!" YE Feng eyes gleaming brilliance. Just that moment, he already had a mind impulses. Unfortunately, this feeling is just skimming over instantly disappear and be a no fathom. "Ye Lang, how do you?" Purple Palace Ella whispered inquired. Between her and YE Feng already have a vague feeling of empathy, simply by virtue of his subtle reaction, you know his feelings at the moment does not seem very good. YE Feng She flashed a smile, the same low voice, said: "Nothing, I just thought of a power law, but unfortunately not yet realize through." Purple Palace Ella comfort. Said: "Ye Lang, I believe, you will realize through. "YE Feng re-focus on the head, eyes full of strong self-confidence. YE Feng carrying Purple Palace Ella, together with several brothers and sisters, with the Qin Yao behind. The vast mountains, their fast. Been walking toward the front of the mountain. That a mountain, endless insert day into the clouds, even higher than the Tien cases on multiple, large, much less know where the few. There is YE Feng to this destination Tianque cases! "Days Que cases, I YE Feng to!" This is a whole new world, is of Feng Ye took to the pinnacle of road start! <

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