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YE Feng did not intend to antworten

> As night began to fall. Www! QUANBen the! COM YE Feng led the seductive woman all the way into the sea of ​​red cedar, returned along the way, all the way, although there are a lot of beast attacks, but it is in near misses. Road, YE Feng Jingyang Princess for that woman to be accountable, special powder, specially high income to lure a the dorsal spines snow toad, and alive, so that the woman with back cross. However, the woman seems to have never seen such strange creatures, a time very excited. At this time, YE Feng walk in front of that woman is a curious glance to that in the bag house the dorsal spines snow toad. This spine back Snow Laevis, long back as thorns burns, whole body, white, exude a cold chill. Although this spine to back snow toad is not a powerful evil, but it is not the ordinary people appear beast. In particular, looks very cute, Feng Ye daughters saw this and other animals, like a time manifested yet full of innocence, nothing like just the seductive look, the heart would think, so we go. "Hey, since you gave me the poison, let me help you say a few good words in the face of Princess, you always have to tell me you name yet? Otherwise when Princess asked about this the dorsal spines snow toad , and I is not good to take credit for you not? "The woman behind suddenly opening. YE Feng looked back at her, see her look not just like that of the charm of Italy, then looked, how very pleasing to the eye. The woman looks this good-looking, in particular, is a pair of eyes, twinkling like talking. Her voice is sweet and waxy waxy, listening in the ears extremely comfortable. At this time, YE Feng see her staring at her so bold, I suddenly some strange impulse. YE Feng turned around and put this and other impulse pressure, replied: "My name is Feng Ye, the dauntless Hou Yetian Hao grandnephew." Grandnephew? "The woman heard YE Feng, at first it touches stunned surprised a moment, to be her eyeball then a cruise, his face would suddenly revealing a hint of clear understanding smile. "Well, I remember the miles you called Feng Ye." Woman walked quickly brisk walking a few steps, YE Feng side, turned his head, he looked unbridled YE Feng up. After a while, she did not know the thought of something, "laugh" chuckle loudly. "What are you laughing?" YE Feng strange Road. "I do not laugh, do not cry?" Woman stared fiercely YE Feng, which makes YE Feng puzzling. Do not know where to mess with her. "You people do not know how to Lianxiangxiyu I look so good-looking, others are like with me. They coaxed me and said nice to me, for fear I by the trace of grievance. Booing you, I just light "I curse you pat you beat up, have not seen you suffer any injury, you not only drew his sword to kill me, and I fed back the nausea dead the Hundred Days heartbroken pill,Coach Bags Outlet, it is too stingy." after no pretty girl like you even if there is, she goes on pretty face will become spikes riding mud looks like. "the woman finished, snorted, thought YE Feng for this angry, but, etc. for a long time, I saw YE Feng just casually looked at her, as if full of do not care. That woman can not help but feel kind of playing, my heart suddenly displeased and was about to say anything relentless, he was YE Feng directly interrupted. "Shut up! I hate you so chipper woman, just sorry you goes pretty face." That woman was YE Feng, a roar, was going to say what hard words to save face, but found his tongue suddenly does not come out. YE Feng looked, and my heart suddenly a strange feeling, can not help but hands touched his face, think of Feng Ye said "goes pretty face, suddenly revealing a trace of joy in his eyes, his mouth muttering loudly , "I thought you were blind." They go fast, pretty soon,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, they will be seen not far from Hengyang city walls. The night was dark, they also, my leave. At this time, YE Feng turned his head and saw the woman looks like a little embarrassed, who also hung a lot of leaves and twigs, hair still remained with drops of water, then noticed the front of the woman's age does not seem large. YE Feng opening to say something, it seems out of place, paused, simply do not speak. See that woman Feng Ye have nothing to say, they think to go back early to wash some site dirty look if people saw, that can really throw the dead. That woman can go forward a few steps, suddenly thought of something, ran back again. YE Feng strange and said: "What do you want?" The woman staring at YE Feng, very seriously, very seriously asked: "your heartbroken pill, really is 100 days after the attack? If the attack in advance how to do?" The woman nervously expression suddenly Feng Ye think she is very cute, looks like a charm beings fear is fitted out to deceive others. "It will not." Feng Ye hold back the smile, the seriousness of the Road. "Really?" The woman still did not believe. YE Feng suddenly impatient, intimidation and said: "Even if false, I will not give you in advance antidote unless you accomplishing I account your thing!" YE Feng finished, the woman just looked at YE Feng, a long time after a while, stick a pursed mouth,Air Jordan 13, said something inexplicable: "You men are not good things." He then flying in general ran away. Leave YE Feng, scratching their heads completely in place. Faulty ah. "YE Feng muttered something, and soon put this little episode forget about. Today, he finally toward their goals out of the firm's first step, a gap between process and anticipate. Next, he will be the implementation of the second step action. At this time, however, YE Feng hungry chest posted back, and even then the great action, it is impossible hungry. Wait until YE Feng When I got home, I went into the house, they see their parents turned out to worship their ancestors. YE Feng could not help but be a little strange, the ritual in the past, are generally the dauntless Houfu come forward unified. However, Feng Ye will not ask. "Dad, Mum, I'm back." And Feng Ye see their parents and say hello. Soon, the mother Unconditionally soon end to a bowl of noodles, Feng Ye eat gobble down. "Mother, I'm full." YE Feng wiped his mouth, going back to his room, and began practicing internal strength. But this time, the father, Ye Xiao allows Feng Ye go out with him. The weather has been completely black, the little stars in the night sky, the limitless sky looks extremely. Father and son standing on a small courtyard, YE Feng thought father to ask how things during the day, just to speak, his father motioned him not opening. Ye Xiao quickly out of the small courtyard, YE Feng then I heard a sound of footsteps, probably a leave. YE Feng could not help but frowned. The home actually being watched? "Dad, just ..." YE Feng's eyes exposed dignified. Dauntless Hou actually so do not believe their own family, afraid to send people to monitor their own family? This is not representative has reached the limit of his ability to endure? The original past life, the father is dead at this time. YE Feng always suspected that the second son Ye Yin under the black hand, you want to fight against the eldest son in the army's prestige. Later, YE Feng found, Excellencies cotyledons Hing is also very likely that behind. Wait until this time, YE Feng suddenly understood all of this if it were not the approval of the Brave Hou, whether it is the second son, or son, did not have the guts to dare to start on his father. Ye Xiao waved, said: "all right, the man has gone. The dauntless Hou sent us a monitor I got home that day, this person has been monitored around us your mother and your sister do not know, you do not tell them so they indiscriminately to worry about. "" I know, father. "YE Feng paused, put things Yiwuyishi told Ye Xiao Hu own use series of poison to threaten the girl thing did not lose. Your waist injured, the matter can be very flexible. Let me see. "Leaves Xiao listening, lifted to put YE Feng's clothes, looked at Feng Ye injury found YE Feng waist between only a few bruises, but no serious internal, could not help but calm down. "It seems that girl Zhang Li, you avoid Coincidentally, her basic strength you relieved this injury does not hurt." Ye Xiao know the situation at that time would not have said so. YE Feng did not intend to fully tell the truth, lest father casually to worry about. Under the night sky, the relative standing of both father and son, Ye Xiao looked YE Feng, unwittingly suddenly found YE Feng than their even higher on the brow, it is full of British Gas. For a time, Ye Xiao could not help but feeling. "If your grandfather still see you look like now, fear is glad." Ye Xiao Feng Ye has always been very severe, then YE Feng saw that their father was rare praise himself, but added a bit embarrassed. But YE Feng father had mentioned his grandfather, actually there are some gloomy brow, YE Feng could not help but some bad feeling in mind. YE Feng asked his grandfather died, but the father has been shirk killed. However, Feng Ye do not how to believe. "Your grandfather died two years." Ye Xiao suddenly opening. YE Feng Upon hearing this, suddenly nerves. Father suddenly how to speak it? Yes, today is the anniversary of the death of the grandfather. House incense worship, is ready grandfather. YE Feng quiet look at his father. He knows that nothing else today, the father should put all things unto himself. Ye Xiao, turned his head, looking at YE Feng, to see YE Feng eyes light flashing, that is not willing to ordinary eyes, suddenly sighed. Feng child, this thing, I originally did not want to tell you I always hope that you can continue to quiet life do not want what you're carrying. Unfortunately, I found that I was wrong if it continues to go wrong in this, that after my death there is no face to see your grandfather. "" Feng child this year, you Budo progress too quickly, the act too cutting edge will be exposed. doing small dauntless Houfu is order you to stay in an ordinary children, you must also be reconciled even if you are willing, I am afraid dauntless Hou in that vein, but also will not allow you to go on like this shining! "" Dad, unwilling to live in the dauntless Houfu under gingerly today it , since you have been successful, then we a distance out of the cage far would have three months time, we just need to wait quietly on the line, but I'm afraid not enough time, so, one thing I have to tell you. "<

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