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18.05.2013 04:38
heavens bench covered antworten

> "Bass bass bass!" Wang Jue back three steps. Every step of his footprints deep into the ground of the heavens. "Imperial DNT in the end is what? Great strength!" Wang Jue feel tremendous pressure. But soon, he is their strength more confidence. He has to the god into the psychic realm, this order other master, rare in the world, he would not believe the front of the boy reached the realm! Royal DNT step foot on the heavens, God of War is inserted deep into the ground the halberd slowly pull out. His right hand a swing the Ares the halberd oblique stand in front of. God of War killer bling, especially dazzling. Royal DNT original appearance looks simple and honest boy, but this time, they took him to the God of War killer, his whole momentum becomes extremely wild, kind of Overlord matchless bravery and strong! "Small dragon, the Terran Tournament, a heterogeneous doing here? You do not know your body odor smelled?, I smell it from your wins in a rooftop ridiculous you thought own secret well now, you get out, I can forgive your sins! or Imperial DNT Ares halberd suddenly a swing, with great force, comes out from his hands, and God of War killer a strange resonance, issued by the waves of the undulator. This undulator, most people see, hear. Wang Jue feel! Wang Jue suddenly felt a incredibly hard, like a head next to a huge bell sounded, the concussion he fainted. "Humph! Powerful, right?" Royal DNT sneered walked, step by step toward the Wang Jue, his every step, the whole body from top to bottom there is an imposing cohesion. Wait until he went to the front of Wang Jue, Wang Jue have felt the tremendous pressure. Rao is his God to change psychic realm of spiritual power, but also feel a little difficult. You forced me! I will kill you! "Wang Jue Yu DNT forced Annealing ten steps must exit wins the roof, feel humiliated to the extreme, his face was furious. "Do you have any skill, despite the out let me enjoy the thrill of battle!" Feel the breath of Wang Jue began concise,Air Jordan After Game, Royal DNT excited licked his lips. Of course he knew the immediate status is not the Wang Jue strongest, the strength of the state. Such alien humanoid fighting, fighting force only a maximum of five. "Since you court death, and I will give you your heart!" Wang Jue suddenly burst out laughing at the same time, in his body, blood gas crest, emerged out of the waves of black breath. This black gas has people feeling of panic. Wang Jue whole person into the black air, it seems constantly changing. A quiet field, only to hear the the heavens black air which seemed to issue "And crack" sound like what Monster break open the strong prohibition, come into the world. "Royal DNT, you're dead." Evil doing all the chatter from the black gas coming out of the kind of eerie feeling to cast a shadow over everyone's heart. Then black gas slowly receded, Wang Jue in the field, even began to slowly change. Wang Jue body slowly began to variation, "pops!" Twice, his original human skin actually started under the shed, revealing a dark shiny black scales above dripping mucus. "Crash!" His back stirred up the two, one pair, two pair, three pairs! His back, and actually give birth to three pairs of wings! These wings on a black the airflow turn, can not see clearly the specific situation. Just wings jitter extremely fast, loud, "Kaka" sound. "Laugh!" Finally, one with blood, covered with black scales tail end of the spine directly from Wang Jue take out. This tail like a steel whip, constantly lashed the ground, issued a "flap" sound. His tail whip to the ground, quickly flying gravel. This tail is powerful. Can imagine, the man who was whipped to certain Pikairouzhan! Wang Jue body covering is so near, his head covered with spikes in the sun, to look Senleng sharp. Body only his hand does not cover scales. His hands each holding a sword. A white, glistening and a Ghostly Atmosphere dense, very different. "See, Royal Phecda? This is the most perfect fighting shape for my family, let you have a good insight! Let you see the body I Peng magic dragon family, than you Terran frail body, in the end how much advantage! "Royal DNT cold look at Wang Jue mouth is slowly raised, the smile on his face. "Very good body blood gas must be very powerful! Ares I halberd if able to swallow your flesh and blood, the more close to Kai Ling state." Then, suddenly, Royal DNT body spread out around a layer of a huge blast , blast natural spread open, his whole being seemed enveloped in golden blast. Two wins rooftop speak, although not heavy, but the station down to watch the game among many experts, ears can not be insensitive. They say, has long been spread it. The below million people almost more than half are aware of their conversation. "These two people could be so strong! Wang Jue, not even human. He is evil? However, Wicked how to become human form?" Fool! You were so ignorant! Wicked repair god into the psychic realm, can form a human practice. because we were the most prosperous family, but also the most developed, Wu Daochang Sheng ancient, those who want a more powerful evil, had turned into a human form to our Terran learning practice. Otherwise, if low Wicked according to instinct practicing, the lifetime can not exceed the higher Wicked "! the only Terran can create so many prosperous power law Cheats. those who the Wicked can only practice their ancestors blood heritage to stay unless there is a big chance to improve the purity of blood that, you can not improve cultivation. "" Wang Jue Peng magic dragon family. heard of this family is the offshoot of the Dragon, Peng magic dragon family in the world almost live in Jiulong Mountain, which is the world know the secret. then rein Jiulongshan, it is Dayan divinity king! "These people are not afraid of the evil, and Shen Cejun half a million troops in the side, numerous experts are concerned about this game than the bucket wins the roof, even the most world Wicked, can not discuss. After all, the human family is now the world's most powerful ethnic group. Rule the world, but also one emperor. If the Beastkin strong, it will not be the Terran rolling living space, almost have disappeared. However, the sudden appearance of an evil into human form, everyone is still very interested. Wicked shape, after all, this is the legendary story. Only repair to the god into the psychic realm of evil in order to shape. World, Terran Warrior to reach this state, but also a dozen. The Wicked to achieve this state, almost all of the blood family of extremely pure genius. Terran even reach this state, you can still have room for improvement. Wicked, in addition to time deposits cultivation, to struggle to improve their origin in the blood. The whole world, to achieve this state the number of Wicked, no more than one palm. Just Feng Ye have heard that Wang Jue appears to be associated with divinity, the heart suddenly had a haze. "Jiulongshan Peng magic dragon family? Him to kill me! Imperial DNT, but also to kill me? How is this going?" Feng Ye staring at the two men in the field. The two men actually are coming to kill him. Imperial DNT kill him, Feng Ye know at least some of the reasons. Reference Kuimu Lang given him the news, he probably can guess, should be related to and Donghua cliffs BI bible. However, this Jiulongshan Wang Jue, Why did you kill him? "The Nine Dragons Peng magic dragon family, divinity rein the divinity king and Brave Yetian Hao Hou seems to have some relationship, could there be ..." Feng Ye have thought of what his mind projection out of the trace of the beholder. Over a trace Murder twinkling of an eye passed away, he silently watching the stage. Wang Jue and Imperial DNT are not ordinary people, the strength of each unparalleled terror, the two men fighting, once the war, there must be a person to serious injury or even death. The best result is a lose-lose! "Well? Hands!" YE Feng spirit suddenly together. At this point, the field has changed suddenly. Wang Jue even pre-empt attacks. His feet are linked with their own hands the sword of light, so that the field in the extreme time, there has been the countless fantastic dazzling white light. These light, a contact with eyes, blinding. Even Wang Jue hand every flip, his feet each stay, the field will be more of a Wang Jue figure. The instant effort heavens stage, actually there are hundreds of Wang Jue figure. Is faster due to ghost? "YE Feng could not help suspect. Breakneck speed and deliberately stay in the light with a blur, he can do it, but not so fast as Wang Jue speed. "Should not." The Xiaoxie eyes some thoughts, "He should be realized that the profound meaning of light. These ghost looks fake but in fact, one for each of his light elements gather together the force The avatar with my water element is somewhat similar to but my water element two places at once did not attack his ghost, but I can not see out. "" Do these ghost has an attack power? do not possible, right? the Hou Xibai incredible. Royal DNT field, watching the heavens stage full of Wang Jue figure, did not reveal a trace of fear, but cold smile. This means wanted to defeat Imperial DNT? Nonsense! Wang Jue, do not you know that this means useless to me? "Royal DNT indifferent standing in the air, the golden glow of his figure wrapped them, a God of War halberd majestic, makes him look like gods. "Really useless?" Wang Jue sneer sound suddenly at the Royal DNT ears sounded. Subsequently, the strange, the Phantom of hundreds Road almost at the same time to move up, each Phantom is holding the sword of light toward the Imperial DNT kill over. Under the audience to see this scene, shoot straight gasped. "How could that be? These virtual shadow, are actually true! Is that Wang Jue will be two places at once? Him how to control these ghost!" YE Feng also felt incredible, turned to look Xiaoxie, Xiaoxie see this scene, seems to be caught in thought, frowned tightly. The Hou Xibai Qin Yao asked: "Master, which is his own all the spirit and condensation avatar means? If this is the case, his mental strength is how strong? And instantly concise hundreds avatar. avatar attack less than one-tenth of the body, the Royal DNT no way he did, simply it is a thankless task. "to Feng Ye opening:" I think, he should not use these avatar to attack Imperial DNT. perhaps, but in order to create an opportunity to "create an opportunity?" the Hou Xibai thoughtfully. "The sword of his great meaning,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, if you take a look." Qin Yao thought for a moment and said: "You have four good look this battle not just be able to see the strength of these two individuals are strong, and your attention to a close look at their deal with in the field, from in income for your future practice big advantage! "" Yes, master! "are hundreds of ghost kick attack Imperial DNT, dazzling, totally unclear. However, the Royal DNT is very indifferent standing still, he seems to be able to predict every attack. Subsequently, his light-hearted Ares halberd block down. Occasionally, the number is too much, he would step forward. This step is very easy, but extremely clever dodge most of the attacks. The previous step after step, left step, right step the ... Royal DNT in the field stroll, these are just the most simple stride,Air Jordan 11 UK, but his every step taken, though only moved a meter or so, but the effect is like a Teleport tens of meters, easily hid from Wang Jue any strike. His speed and timing of the grasp, perfect! "You will only hide it? I see you hid when Wang Jue thundered. "Idiot! I can dodge all of your attacks, but simply grasping an opportunity to hit you, you have to die!" Royal DNT sound very confident of a sudden, his body golden light suddenly shrink layer layer upon layer of numerous road, superimposed on the body surface. Just at that moment - "Shua!" Wang Jue hundreds mirage even in mid-air speed fusion, Wang Jue around the entire human body are beginning to float to the surface with bright white light, like the sun the whole person, people can not look straight into the light is too bright! ? Fencing? Wan Jian normalized? "YE Feng brow suddenly furrowed, this moment, Wang Jue body breath completely disappeared, he is like melt in this light. Just are hundreds of ghost synthetic one, not only shadows, Jianying, meaning sword! This integration, so that the power of the sword Wang Jue increased the number of times! This sword, YE Feng has felt the power! "Call out" a white light like a meteor across the sky, directly toward the Imperial DNT. The sword of great power, speed approaching the extreme, everyone stood up. Their hearts are invariably think: "Is the winner of this moment, so fast coming up?" However, Feng Ye see the Royal DNT stood there, his face did nothing to shake. No panic in his eyes, surprise, there are only a touch of contempt. Royal DNT right hand clenched Ares halberd, in the face of this amazing power of the sword, he without looking, even simply lift the left hand, shape into a fist. Subsequently, he in Jianguang arrival of the moment, it is free to move punched punch! However, this seemingly random punch, blocking the sword is incredibly powerful Wang Jue! "Peng!" Jianguang fist collided, resulting in a huge gas explosion sound. Royal DNT Zheyi, just like a mountain hit in the past, Wang Jue felt his whole body the entire space is compressed, and his whole person naturally locked oppression. "Poof!" White whom meal, and then darkened. Wang Jue figure emerged, the his light jianpi in Royal DNT fist. Royal DNT fist, transfer from the layer of bright, as if metallic streamer, Wang Jue sword blocked. "Well? Bad!" At this point, Wang Jue felt the vigorously. A huge impact on the Royal DNT fist, even the sword of light by Wang Jue has been up to counter-attack. "Click!" Only to hear the crisp sound of the cry of broken bones, Wang Jue Wojian right arm even strange distorted. "Boom!" Wang Jue whole person that fist power inherent in direct hit fly thrown away. Royal DNT, but it is standing motionless in situ. The Royal Phecda proudly stand on the stage, Wang Jue fist smashed into the soil. Under the crowd of people, first hesitated and then burst racket is. "What? Gap is too big now!" That Wang Jue even punch can not stop! "As if adults bully kids, there is no comparable ah." "Wang Jue, a clown, in vain I thought him a makeover, came up with Tiamat form so pull the wind can blow beheaded Imperial DNT, did not think, but the punch was killed. "" The Royal DNT, it is too horrible, right? even the weapons did not use the direct use of the fist smashing each other's weapons. practice how his body? his body can be comparable to the magic weapon! "whole person" boom! "Wang Jue straight from a height smashed directly into the heavens Taichung. Heavens stage, a sudden burst of flying gravel. Originally the heavens bench covered with white jade, H waste in the blink of an eye. Wang Jue whole person into that white jade Taichung, life and death, I do not know. "This gap seems too big! Should not be ... ah ..." Sweet Basil shook his head, small eyes full of doubts. After all, the strength of Wang Jue is also very strong, God becomes the psychic half-step peak, how could so can not help but play? Does this mean that the Imperial DNT diamond in the rough, has reached the door to the realm of destiny? This can not be right ...... Sweet Basil thought, think it is to ask Qin Yao, they Tian Zhuolian the Road: "Master, Wang Jue really so lost you?" Still early to conclude now. "Qin Yao not sure. Frowned and said: "that Wang Jue did not die, I can feel his breath since he is not dead, just injured, it is also possible to win the game, but the opportunity should not the Royal DNT do not know where to come, Hardy talent ** cultivation is too strong, and can even be used the fist Yingkang the other side of the fencing attacks! "YE Feng looked up at the heavens motionless like shining armor God of War 'Royal DNT' hearts Wang Jue on this ground, how he does not believe. Wang Jue, just the power of the sword is not a matter of fact, the Royal DNT fist, although with great force, but want to escape easily. Why Wang Jue not escape it? YE Feng doubt very much he has another motive. "Master said that Wang Jue mental cultivation seems strong spirit of repair ... on just the power of the sword should not physical attack! But in spiritual Attack! Psychic attack colorless and invisible to outsiders not only the Royal DNT know. "" Do not ... "and YE Feng suddenly looked up to the stage. Sure enough, the Royal DNT expression is no longer calm, his frowning, seems to be trying to endure any pain. He hurt! <

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