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18.05.2013 04:35
Xiongsha the hostility antworten

> Grips only once, however,OP Art Coach Bags, provided some of the vision, the people had been found Feng Ye did in strength than Yan Yunfei clever lot. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM However, this time, they did not directly conclude that the blood drinking knife Yan Yunfei to lose! Warrior fight, fight like a battlefield, strength, luck, chance, are indispensable. Operation, smart people weak to strong wins, is not possible. Moreover, Yan Yunfei this is not mediocre. His blood to drink knife 9, even based on the model of the weak strong wins! Knife, a knife, like the tide of the sea, the impact of constantly superimposed. This Dao Shi, once applied to start can only wait for him to cast completely, half-way, simply can not be disconnected. At least, to the strength of Feng Ye, only Yingjie this knife. Can not find flaws and Yan Yunfei beheaded! Yan Yunfei knife is very long, YE Feng than Raytheon epee not much better. However, his blade is very strange. Most of the long knives, if more than three feet of length, its blade material requirements will be very high. Moreover, in the building when, in order to prevent the blade fracture in hacking, often in close grip at a certain point, will undergo a rigorous treatment, add some mixed material to ensure strength. However, Yan Yunfei knife, but it is different. His knife, is more forward, the greater the weight, the greater the thickness. Moreover, his blade is very long and narrow. This knife looks very strange. Kind of cruel taste. In the past, they did not know his sword, so the design is for what. But this time his blade full display, only to find his design, even for his knife tailored. Front weight, his arm axis, the blade weight field, in accordance with the inertia, his knife more than doubled even sharp! Even he can by virtue of this small design changes, let yourself among this knife, completely ignoring the "severity" of the concept. Makes him at this moment, in the realm of the broadsword, completely no less than YE Feng shred! Build this knife, it must be extremely craftsmen in the world! Only this time to fight, people could not help but cheer: "No wonder that a final battle rehearsal! Strength of the two, it is too strong! Even if the character of the older generation, Yade Zhu a few!, in time, the two men must necessarily were moving the world! "" do not leave in time, the two men already were moving world ...... perhaps a few years later, they can scale new heights, give me Yan Wu Road, leaving a huanghuang legend, and help us to worship, jealousy, longing, but, unfortunately, ah ... "" Unfortunately, what? "Unfortunately, today they are bound to have a dead here. Both men are peerless genius, no matter who fall in here, all my Dayan Budokan a great loss if they opt in northern battlefield. Can you imagine, Rong and Di that will send many masters, mobilize army to Weisha them? two men, each person comparable to hundreds of thousands of crack troops! die here, it is a pity ... "Yan Yunfei field, blood drinking knife blade windy, waving to pierce the air, but air in his "God" to mobilize, did not issue a trace of sound. Nor will he Daoshi produce any reaction force. Yan Yunfei knife, knife fast like a knife, strength, heavy knife like a knife! Suddenly, at this moment, Yan Yunfei knife from Feng Ye Dayton a meal, the tempest momentum of whom meal. See YE Feng, Yan Yunfei eyes full of anger, said: "Feng Ye! Has the sixth knife, I just gave you three opportunities to your strength, you should see that I left flaws! Why do not you counterattack? do you look down on me Yan Yunfei! "YE Feng epee Canoeing," when the "bang, get in before the knife-edge of Yan Yunfei, an occasion Tuikai distance of one meter. YE Feng void sharp look to Yan Yunfei, a Stern said: "I did not look down on you! Instead, your knife is very strong! I was very surprised the world, you have a sharp knife? Your knife I have seen so far, the most overbearing knife in the world I want to take a look at your knife is exactly what it was like? "hear Feng Ye say, Yan Yunfei suddenly laughed:" Ha ha ... Ye Feng, you know what's what! but even so, I will not let you go! you just humiliate me, I will kill you! Otherwise, my heart is not wise, bloodthirsty heart will affect my mind! I do not and you are willing, demons erosion night of old age, loss of decades of life for no reason! "" Look at my Blade piercing the sky! "Yan Yunfei knife blade circulation," Zheng "heard, one swift pace of fluctuations in the Yan Yunfei on the shake up. The tremor frequency fast, YE Feng saw Yan Yunfei blade sharp as if pulling serrated. The sawtooth itself is not sharp, but was able to rely on quick pull zigzag back and forth gnawing than sharp things a thousand times to sawing. Yan Yunfei the knife, if you encounter Raytheon epee, I am afraid that the hardness of the Raytheon epee, but also leave a gap! The knife, YE Feng not Yingjie! "Crash!" Yan Yunfei drink the blood knife blade diagonally split over YE Feng instant sideways, at the same time a turn of the wrist, Thor the epee is no longer aligned to the Janus Yan Yunfei knife-edge, but put it up sideways. Then, YE Feng's hand a pull, a. "When!" Yan Yunfei knife of course, not Raytheon epee and other magic weapon can match. Only his tremor was destroyed. Yan Yunfei not blow, the blade YE Feng touch, involuntary out one-sided. However, in the blink of an eye, he went so far as to adjust the Dao Shi, still pixiang the YE Feng. "Well? Actually not completely fend off a good weird Effort!" Feng Ye mind the next condensate Yan Yunfei dare not underestimate blood to drink knife the knife. YE Feng the foot of Leiguang flashing and thunder sound at the "boom" is heard,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, suddenly back more than ten meters! His mind extremely puzzled: "I obviously fend off the direction of his attack, he is actually in the blink of an eye to adjust posture, blood drinking knife, a necessary drink blood, really deserved reputation!" See YE Feng escape again , blood drink knife Yan Yunfei can not help but not discouraged, the eyes is war Lung. This is the world of the not many people dare to take his knife, now also an understatement broken knife worked hard seventh decade. Yan Yunfei war my mind is not on the sidelines of the people can understand. Yan Yunfei aspect northern massacre million, but that is alien the Man! Those who in his eyes, even kill on the hundreds of millions, not enough to affect his original mind. Because he never used them as his real opponent. Yan Yunfei has resorted to the knife 7, YE Feng still get out, and seems at ease! He has YE Feng as the enemy of his life. He was at his joy and war, not ordinary people can understand! Life can get an opponent like how the pleasure? Suddenly, and Yan Yunfei stopped the hands of the Dao Shi, he knew, and continue to do this, even spend a hundred knife, I am afraid it can not kill Feng Ye. YE Feng, I admit,Kristin Coach Bags, you really stronger than me! Even if you are demons erosion, mental impairment, you are still stronger than me! However, I Yan Yunfei will never lose to you! Seven knives just me ten before the age of five, never comprehend the essence of "blood to drink knife own knife. the next nine knife is the real" blood drinking Blade! "this knife, I never out the enemy, you be careful! "Suddenly, Yan Yunfei numerous long knife thrown on the ground of their own hands. The long, narrow blade of the knife is very sharp, just listen to the cry of "AIDS" has been inserted throughout the ground. Then, Yan Yunfei hand a pull, slowly pulled out from the cracks in the black space of the a bloody long knife. This knife, trace a rich blood gas flow, like Pentium flame. No one knows this knife in the end how much blood is drink. Feng Ye see scared! Even with such fierce things in this world! Knife drink blood million Xiongsha the hostility wound on it, the ordinary weapons I am afraid that as long as a touch, this evil blood gas contamination, as scrap metal. The people underneath initially see Yan Yunfei weapon in the hands dropped, I thought he surrendered do not fight, can not think, Yan Yunfei even pulled out an illustrious Xiong Wei Gang Qi space Xuedao! "Is this true blood drink knife!" He just has not resorted to the real strength? No wonder the YE Feng avoid them so easily! Turned out, he did not have resorted to their own strength but in the exploratory Feng Ye ! "tentative YE Feng saying this? clear!" and Tien cases of post good a the patriarch children angrily. "Well," a proudly wearing a misty City Clothing disciples and said: "my ethereal City Yan Yunfei brothers Tianzong Wizards, the world will be him as a rival, to be eligible to test his Blade nine just but the blade of his own blood to drink before the age of 15 what of it? matter foes know I wander the city from top to bottom, just never rumor. "Knock it off, watching his sword, move!" At this point, the heavens space, Gang Feng suddenly from Yan Yunfei momentum suddenly rose, his body Blood Gang Qi, also tell in the end he sent, or in his hand and blood drinking knife issued At this moment, his whole body suddenly burst out a burst of strong intention to kill. Over which I was a cloud of mud! Divinity see here, mouth smile slowly emerging, saw a His Royal Highness Prince Edward, said: slightly due to "original drink the blood knife Yan Yunfei has come to this realm will afford him YE Feng hands that just did not make the full strength. Yan Yunfei claims to kill God in the northern killing malls, to deter the edge shortage, indirect Dayan break new soil Miles! if the Prince's brother Paul held the country town general, Chen Di, or recommend Yan Yunfei ------ three-shift, which is the first. <

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