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because space storm unknown antworten

> Yangzhou City, and YE Feng six months to come when there is not much difference, still extremely prosperous. The WWW, quanBEn, com, even in winter, the bustling, did not reduce the number of. But because of the arrival of the end of the year, the shops' business but more prosperous. YE Feng came all the way from the Italian city of Yangzhou, shook his thousand years, but he spent two days. Call ... finally to. "YE Feng figure skimming appear in to Hou Xibai sites. YE Feng Powell arrived in Hou Xibai begins with the mansion came out, laughed: "Where the winds blowing, blowing junior in the sector here? Come,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, do not hurry hosted a dinner in Yangzhou city's best courtesans to Fuchu, today, I want to take to entertain my junior in the sector. "Thank you, brothers and kindness. only brother to this is not to eat, drink but ..." YE Feng Yuehua Jian to the northeast The sea looked, but strangely, the sky here is not even any change. That is impractical in the house of the sky, as if only to see near the northern sea. Yangzhou here, but do not see a trace of sight. The Hou Xibai also fine people, see Feng Ye looked at the northeast horizon, strange looking, he knew then that Feng Ye probably will not just come to Yangzhou. Waved his hand will be against the lower people, so that they withdraw, followed then YE Feng introduction of the lobby, and whispered: "Young, whether what happened?" YE Feng Ling feel very keen perception to determine this no one looked, he said: "I saw on the road northeast horizon an ancient Hui was born! momentum of the large, I am afraid that all the men of northern Xinjiang have seen but do not know Heyan Jiang south, but it is there is no trace! "Yan Jiangnan North, like two worlds, Feng Ye mind though curious, but this time it is not to discuss this topic. He did not say any more. "Ancient Market? Volley appear?" Hou Xibai the Za few eyes slowly bright! Feel Hou Xibai seem to know what to YE Feng continued: "Yes! I met an old monk on the road, this old monk said, this ancient Hui East China Sea underwater sites, What is Crystal Palace! The blood domain Frazier Maronite old ancestors left! "Crystal Palace! turned out to be Crystal Palace! really have come to no effort!" the Hou Xibai joyful face, then, is cautiously asked: "the Crystal Palace void Figure really only see the northern area have to see it? "Yes! northern Xinjiang only when it rains only this scene ghost appear first I thought it was a mirage, but later found not I wanted to tell the master back to the mountains, can master a few days ago to leave the mysterious day cases, I do not know where she went on the road, I met two senior sister apprentice "you actually met two senior sister apprentice? your lucky two senior sister apprentice in the snow for ten years she and I down the mountain, she chose born penance, I chose the WTO enjoy I remember her temper quite cold, three years ago, I passed through snow-capped mountains, in her Dong Fu for a few days, she would not have come forward to see me she was able to out an exception to see you, your face can be really big. "the Hou Xibai quips. YE Feng Actually, I'm note that Hou Xibai the words of some sour taste, continued: "Brother, these words later Crystal Palace ruins do not know can exist long like mine on the island of Genki tombs only open a few hours, we rush at this time I am afraid it is too late. Hou Xibai but said: "Do not worry. Crystal Palace ruins, every time out, there will be a month's time. month, it will once again dive into the bottom of the deep-sea And Crystal Palace ruins outside layer of extremely powerful ban if the repair to the god into the psychic realm strong will own spiritual power is too powerful, caused this prohibition, so ... Crystal Palace, only eight re- strength to enter the environment! "shackles" go you to join me, if not invincible, but not many people in our hand, and seen to please ...... By the way, tell you a good news, because your kid to stimulate brothers decades bottleneck in the last month, has finally broken through! "Finished, the Hou Xibai body of essence suddenly Gudang, a layer of blue green wave began to Ruoyouruowu the surface. Subsequently, the circulation of this layer of water waves, layers Gang Qi began to emerge. His idea of ​​a move layer waterlines Gang Qi suddenly turning up. Above, actually emerged from a green valley of death! Although it is not obvious, but indeed real, is a dragon! See, this is Dragon Qianyuan Gang Qi! "The Hou Xibai laugh extremely bright," With this Gang Qi, two years later, won the day's battle, I have absolute confidence in the top ten! That time, let me look at the old man, I to Hou Xibai, not only drink a girl dandy! "progress the Hou Xibai strength, YE Feng hearts happy for him. At this point, the northeast sky suddenly issued a Rays angered the city of Yangzhou everyone looked up. "How is this going?" YE Feng frowned. Hou Xibai is surprised, "Oh! Crystal Palace ban was about to be broken open! Aurora Shadow, Arctic wander the city means seems that their first hands-on! Without further ado, this wine appears to be drink does not become, we go! "dragon Qianyuan Gang Qi, purple Raytheon fire Gang Qi, surfaced on them. "Whew! Whew!" Two distinct color Gangqi rapid out of the outside, attracted the people of the city of Yangzhou There was another conversation. Two fast sea directly to the northeast away from the city of Yangzhou. "In accordance with our speed flight day about an hour later the Bohai Penglai Island. The previous years Yonggungsa ancient ruins, just a hundred miles of the island of Penglai. Rush of people, most of them will wait for the Crystal Palace in Penglai Island Open . "the two fast, soon arrived near Penglai Island. At this point, they are away from the underwater ruins have been very close. Feng Ye look to the sky, then suspended in mid-air ruins even more clear, even something inside buildings, items, YE Feng eyes are fiber cents is now complete. But the distance, but still so far away. Two people outside the Penglai island an island, spontaneously stopped. At this time,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, YE Feng hear a trace of movement. "The back of someone." YE Feng finished quietly transported from the the volt turtle convergence Breath, hidden in the back of a reef, Similarly, Hou Xibai also grabbing live sound, implicit in the not far away. Almost in a moment later both of them hidden under twice whistling coming from the top of their head, two different colors of light flew straight depths of the East China Sea, it is specific to Yaesu environment strong Gangqi. "Those two what?" After two fly away, YE Feng and Hou Xibai of exposed head. "Two men dressed in the Shen Cejun in beautiful clothes, should be the master of divinity king of men!" The Hou Xibai slightly look a gift horse Road. "Now, more and more interesting." Suddenly, he looks for a change, "again!" They once again to hide it. This time, to not two but four. "Hey ... Dongming camp!" Looking at the past four, YE Feng brow wrinkled up. Four of them, he saw the old monk to kill him a few days ago. He can not help but wonder: "The old monk origin? To how with Dongming camp mixed together? Is he Dongming camp?" YE Feng thought, said: "Brother, you know the East China Sea underwater ancient Market inside exactly what let so many people are concerned about? "Hou Xibai Pieliaopiezui, replied:" No one knows what is inside the Dragon Palace Ancient Town, the ancient Hui in fact, can only be regarded as a small and almost secret territory. dense environment, it is only because of the loss of control of the ancestral dragon god, every thousand years, careless power of exclusion of underground space out. "said, the Dragon King's palace, but also a lot of good things, thousands of years ago that time on, heard the Arctic wander City got a Sword and got Legend of the Arctic the misty town to in the days after, slowly rising to become one of the world's four major Xuanmen such a thing but ...... also depends on luck, sometimes, what will not be, we will encounter danger. "Feng Ye surprise:" That so many people there to run?! "dangers and opportunities exist side by side, you do not look these people to now pull the wind incomparable, until Crystal Palace door closed, the next time you open again, do not know half of them can be from the inside out! opened this ancient ruins, but to human life. "" However, than won the day's battle, or worse. that thing, it really was not people to participate in the life and death or not ah, sometimes simply naked massacre! "YE Feng did not speak, but static the start of the static Close your eyes and return to real dollars. These days continuous hurry his body of real dollars exertion of a space. Do not know when the Crystal Palace doors suddenly opened. There are fairy magic, he dare not pretend that we can find. What he needs is the revealer Raytheon! Dragon, the line cloth rain clouds, the legendary ancient Dragon, is the incarnation of Thor! YE Feng, close your eyes, this recovery, another day. Period, YE Feng and Hou Xibai, flying overhead, set aside a few strong, set aside a few strong. Small number, like they are the same, the two, the number, but also three or four only. Contact surface, and have maintained a certain distance. Touch points, ie, without warning, nor speak, but will not conflict. These people, most of them are Seventh environment God, and gas combined state of the strong sail the Wicked flight, the Yaesu environment strong, after all, rare. On this day, one after another, but also flew over a dozen people. YE Feng in the eyes of everyone is a stranger, but the Hou Xibai this face is as much familiar. Even crossing the road, facing the the Hou Xibai arch hand over, said a "Hou Xiong." This bizarre scene, but also a lot. When Hou Xibai an expose himself Gang Qi, the complexion of those who will suddenly change, Immediately, his face exposed, surprised, shocked, turned to some admiration, a little jealous look. Even the original, some people do not know the Hou Xibai who, demonstrate their prowess after Hou Xibai this, have begun to notice over here. Time of the evening, the crowd did not lose patience appearance, are quietly waiting. Just at that moment,Air Jordan 12, all of a sudden, a golden light emitted from the sky into! Subsequently, this golden light more and more even, but it is put up a rainbow, piercing from. Suddenly, the people have crowded up, eyes straight Leng Leng looked at the golden shot to. "Do not move! This is Ling Duyu Jinqiao, so it is completely condensed forming to go! Otherwise, it will cause cracks in the space to the entire piece Penglai Island will be involved in because space storm unknown void!" Was so a call, the rest of the people also know this thing, they restrain the mood, continue to eagerly waiting. Time is the past, gold Changhong slowly brought together, and then, a dragon bent Bridge lifelike appear the ancient Hui palace at sea level, with direct access to that mid-air. Sea water rushing sound of the sea, flocks of Wicked began to emerge. Feng Ye have heard the Qin Yao said that in the depths of the sea, is chaotic turbulence in space. Strength of high strength weapons, but also easy to get lost in the bottom of the sea, is involved in the space inside the ruins. Similarly, the depths of the sea, but live in numerous grotesque Wicked, Wicked through chaos space turbulence from another world into this world. Sea, a lot of powerful evil feel the flow near Yuan-li, come to have Tanchunaodai. "Time of emergency, who should?" Crystal Palace has been opened, whoever you on? "Sleeve toss the Arctic misty city two wearing a red Gongzhuang to woman, appeared in the air, standing, left floating over the ocean. "I first on!" Suddenly, a big fellow sprang from the crowd, his stature is very burly, momentum is amazing. His teeth, crashing embark Jinqiao Ling Duyu, quickly rushed into the Crystal Palace door. All his body off, the the the windy fire red force surging the surrounding air began to distort baked. But his body front foot just stepped into the door to the Crystal Palace, the rear foot, everyone heard a loud rodent bite sound. Slightly shocked! Chichi Chi ~ "very sour crunch, strong bloody breath. "Oh, this is what a monster! Off my hand!" Ah! Do not kill me! "Suddenly, the sound of screeching broken! "Bang!" Subsequently, a rag-like body with a bloody atmosphere, was thrown from the inside out. It is just that Han! He also did not breathe, but the whole face filled with a look of terror, muscles of the body, is something from start to finish bite again. The brutal. "Grunt." All involuntary swallowing saliva, this sub-scenario living petrified. Foot kick took a step backward. This in the end is what? Burst haze shrouded in everyone's heart. Some people began to beat a retreat. <

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