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A strong sense in this day and antworten

> Large Palace generals, West Hospital. the WWW, QUanbEN, COM palace walls painted a layer of powder pavilions corners everywhere hung with red silk. Bright everywhere, always beautiful. YE Feng changed dressed in brocade robe, purple unicorn embroidered This is the large Yan Wuguan super Guanpao, even if unusual military attache credit again, can not wear. However great general value YE Feng, gave him twelve Jin Pao, others said nothing. Moreover, Feng Ye The strength of the strong, enough Monkey thousands of miles,Coach Hotsale Sale, Qin Yao a Letters chance to send a man to the people by His Majesty, the King of His Majesty, the King of Qin Yao face will not split. YE Feng wants Monkey, non-not, but now everyone is waiting for him three years later, that war scenes of the world scared! A real man to win fame, only direct fetch, can not take the song! Monkey, you have to let the people of the world know that, the Marquis bit to clearly upright! Thirty-six countries, has always been the best of both worlds between Tai Yan Rong and Di Rong and Di potential flatter Rong and Di, and beheaded along Dayan business group. Tai Yan powerful, flatter Dayan is large Yan tipped off, this fence Zhibu Ding When will poke behind Dayan Dayan knife, and now the people by His Majesty, the King of diligently for more than forty years, Dayan wealthy and strong country, it is swept away ** unified northern era, this fence, and never allowed to exist! Tonight is a bloody battle, a bloody night! Feng Ye Hao even wearing Jin Pao music at the head, Hao even not a do not know intentionally or unintentionally, the foot is slightly behind YE Feng half a step, even the body hidden behind Feng Ye. Seeing YE Feng, the reigning smiled and said: "brother Hao even today why so gingerly? Do not you, and other people can not relax." ...... "Hao Lian is not music but it is shaking suriko fan smiled, "Of course I am not such a person, not to mention you strength stronger than me a little bit, is can do the open cases LiPai founder, Hao Lian Yue Feng Ye fact will not make such ingratiating things just today, you are the main character, you want to make a good impression in front of the future father-in-law, but also can be won in the face of those Fanbang Hao even without music, though not the big names, however, give you do a green leaf, Hao even music ourselves, is still very dedicated. "Feng Ye heard Hao even music, smiling, shaking his head again and again. That he deliberately go in the back, playing with the idea. YE Feng, Hao music that is. Hao Lian Yue known as Southwest Renjie United States Bi, prestigious, if he was willing to, in front of outsiders, not to high to see a YE Feng Feng Ye do foil. This is the campaign! Feng Ye know, Hao even the music is not just the first one for his campaign, but do not know the king of the great general who also arranged. He looked behind one, there is a wrestler, holding a gold tray, tray gold silk woven into a Jinpa Jinpa, holding to Feng Ye that the Raytheon epee. The wrestlers do not know how many training, walking, eyelid drooping, just looked at the foot of the steps, YE Feng, a move, he also moved, YE Feng stopped, he stopped without the slightest error, just as Feng Ye the shadow, has maintained his distance of three meters. At this time, all of a sudden the music to large-outs, self-assured, mighty boundless and seems ZhongDing Fine. But melodious study on three, piano bead heard, a big bright palace lantern, according to at this time of the night as bright as day. The West House banquet already started! "Zijin Xiao Bai Yuqin, lanterns night that Tan Hua Zhengsheng to this banquet start really early, General seems not to do." Hao Lian Yue said random, they took YE Feng Light Infantry fine Walk everywhere in this red satin paved palace. Their feet silk pave the way, it touches very luxury. Just YE Feng clearly heard Hao even without music in his mouth and makes a calculation the price of these silk changed to the outside, for the number of non-commissioned officer of the year forage. More so the operator, his feet gingerly, wary of increasingly trampled this silk. They all know the great general not such extravagant luxury, he did, he must have profound meaning. Although the two go careful not slow speed, soon arrived from the West House. Just at that moment, a courtyard, suddenly appeared wearing a girl dressed in red. The girls were going through a book look like something, muttering there. Next to her maid stood a playful, honest girl standing behind. Then servant girl looked up, just to see the two men passing by, her eyes lit up, surprise and said: "look, here they come!" Upon hearing this, Feng Ye Hao even music suddenly stopped, to the side, was surprised to find the girl widened curious eyes, as if to see what the rare animals, staring at them. "This man is a little familiar, it seems that you've seen." Feng Ye hearts Road. Hao Lian is not music seems to know Feng Ye mind want to pull him, and whispered: "Do not worry about her. This girl is the Jingyang Princess's sister, has always been crazy accustomed to." The words did not hide the sound is deliberately The girl was heard. Sure enough, the girl heard this, suddenly Liu Mei stand, stand waistline, pointing Hao Lian Yue shouted: "Hao Lian Yue, a kind of singled out with Aunt!" Hao Lian Yue Smiling, without a word. "Really is crazy girl." YE Feng deep that. Hear YE Feng evaluation, the maiden suddenly angry, she was just curious and wanted to look at the man valued by his sister what it was like, unexpectedly Hao Lian Yue provoke, gas not a bad explanation, under depressed, had overturned shouted, Wawataijiao the back yard around. Playful maidservants rush to clean up the roster, "Miss Miss" cried followed. Their path, burst Jifeidanda. Two into the West House guards outside naturally recognize Hao even music, it may not recognize YE Feng, but they did not pay more to block. Only when YE Feng walked, they saw behind the mighty, that the Raytheon epee, they are the heart of a cold, have a look YE Feng. Just leave them just a back. Tough, tall and straight, towering mountains, restrained and calm. Him, almost has the breath of a black hole, confuse around. Make them feel less than comes out of breath from his body. Their heart shocked eyes of a shocking moment. This man turned out to be the the Yaesu Habitat the condensable gas refining Gang Habitat Grandmaster! So young master! ...... Banquet large, can be described as the most of the southwest decade! Dayan side Hawker clouds, Central Asia alone, there hundred people attended the event. Said those missions figures or national prince crown prince, the people of Central Asia, the most noticeable, only hidden in lanterns and shadows, without human attention thirteen. Where lanterns are the darkest, can all Ruoyouruowu, all eyes glanced to where to go. Because sitting there thirty-six countries, the most prestigious thirteen Juggernaut! "Rumors which 13 people from the same person under the door, and the master craftsman Western Regions recognized Jian Shen! There are even many small countries, not consecrated slander, Jian Shen worship only! I heard that Jian Shen 30 disciples six people, each at least Juggernaut strength. "" Juggernaut strength, as we say, is of Seventh environment God and gas peak, breaking jump, that realm as long as the step is Juggernaut! The that their master, I guess, should be ten heavy environment in order not broken the door of destiny. "Hao even sitting in a music YE Feng, he was very understanding about these things, then put these secret YE Feng 11. Leaves brothers, out of which 13, 12, to fear, just look over there man with white hair of this man, called cold flame 13 Juggernaut strong rumors that his penance for ten years in the far north ice sheet, study and understanding of Kendo, and now never break through, just because of the lack of real dollars, as long as a few years, repair as necessary by leaps and bounds! break open the doors of the Kokonoe throughout said are not allowed. Even today, really, that sword that is also well above the general Juggernaut do not know, you are sure No? "Hao even to music some concern Road. After listening to this, YE Feng is self-care to his head and drink a glass of spirits, he had noticed there was no one watching their own. He coldly Looking to Road eyes, it is cold flame of man with white hair looking. He waited a few years after! "Feng Ye drink a glass of spirits, split mouth smiled. Hao Lian Yue suddenly surprised, and said: "Why?" Because tonight, which 13 of them must die! "YE Feng cold smile. Suddenly his head and a cup of whiskey in one gulp. Although his voice low, but concealed these people around. Suddenly, all his pride infection, have towards him over here, there are some generals, do not know who this young, we come up with words to scold responsibility he did not know bragging Immediately, they see behind Feng Ye standing man. Man hands holding an epee, This BRILLIANT peak Qin's first sword, even without the presence of Morohito seen or heard. Suddenly, they know that this bluster young, who in the end! He is Feng Ye! Epee no front, that General dubbed Raytheon Feng Ye! Their hearts have an idea: it is to take a look at this young man, in the end what means, so the big generals Wang and Fushuai of highly respected! Side secretly talk, gossip and although the sound is not heavy, but at thirteen Juggernaut Ercongmuming generation, only briefly listened to a few, will soon understand that they are talking about, the famous Juggernaut fierce temper, this when no longer bear it, "bang", pound the table "Wow," stood up! Originally Gongchoujiaocuo a harmonious scene, this next trouble, everyone stopped the action, and have looked at the man. Man pointing YE Feng, rumble said a few words, in the eyes of flame. "Rushing Wow!" The angel of the Central Asia group, have stood up to see the Feng Ye! This is all of a sudden, rattling! The atmosphere suddenly tense up! At this time, but only one Western Regions Juggernaut did not move, the cold flame of white hair. He also self-care drink, his hair white as snow, but the breath coming from him, but as the flames, Pentium extremely hot. Rumors that he was in the far north ice sheet Wu sword. Far north cold of the ice sheet, he realized the meaning sword of the fire element of the road, which had said that he was a contradictory person, as his name. However, at this time, but he just will hand out slightly flat, a sign for silence. Unexpected, outrageous Xiyu, whether it is willing to, or can not be reconciled, and everyone had to take orders, have sat down. "Even such power and influence is not simple!" YE Feng eyes squint slightly, Ruoyouruowu concept of God raids in the past, want to probe the strength of the Western Regions Juggernaut. But ...... "bang!" Concept of God such as electricity, but it is suddenly encountered one very tough barriers blocking. A cold outside, inside, hot like the sun! Strong contrast, all of a sudden the idea of ​​God YE Feng torn up! YE Feng's face changed, and this turned the Yaesu throughout Grandmaster master! Well-matched with their own! And, for the control of the Yuan-li, it seems even more of a chip! If he was able to hot and cold temperature random transition fusion is the Kokonoe throughout half a step gods! Race! Too! Able to overcome this, in order to verify the repair, leak filled! Three years, perhaps I can reach the pinnacle of the Yaesu environment! "His heart is not only not afraid, but rising from the rumble of war! The eight heavy throughout the pinnacle master, rare in the world! Today if you can have a free hand, with life and death battle, every reason to let YE Feng excited! "Huh?" God YE Feng Nian swept the Western Regions who Juggernaut wrist is slightly meal, can not help wondering extreme. He felt, just clear the existence of a strange concept of God swept him. He looked up at several of the large YAN Jun Marquis sweep, see that they look normal, and the hearts of doubt endless. Dayan laws that Budo Yaesu immigrants Monkey worship! Church, seven Marquis, can not a person who has such surging as the surging river, destruction as divine punishment Thunder breath he can not help but frown: "Dayan when the addition of a large master master?" kinds of fear, panic in his mind a kind of lingering. He got up abruptly. His tall,Coach Bags Store, white-haired, such as electricity, slender eyebrows into the temples, the whole person as alpine Xianfeng generally very windy. His waist wearing a sword without scabbard, but already people are appalled. Other people do not have with the sword, with the sword, tonight is bound to be on the ring fighting. This is a good Wu has been rife the Huang Huang Dayan iron law! Cold flame stood up, naturally became the focus of everyone. A lot of people in the field know his identity, constantly talk privately, but no one dared to stare at him direct vision. The cold flame comes out of that kind of cold Frost and flames, such as breath, not anyone can afford. "Well?" Suddenly, he looks a cold, then suddenly turned around, pegged to the YE Feng! Two eyes, such as electricity in the air phase, cold flame moment it was identified, the boy is tonight their opponents! Only,Air Jordan 11 UK, he saw the young face YE Feng surprisingly surprised, in his view, this young man is really young and a bit too much, but the body that kind of condensed breath, but it is comparable with myself! Moreover, his breath more than their calm, more heavy, once launched, he believed that speed and power, absolutely can not be ignored! Suddenly, he saw of Feng Ye behind the man holding the epee! "He Raytheon epee! How could that be?" Feng Ye looked cold flame hearts desire a war with him, a smile on his face. YE Feng is very confident, he smiled and Hao Lian Yue said: "The man is indeed a master! However, I can kill him!" Banquet quietly been, the moon slowly skew ...... night has been deep banquet To end. At this point, the crowd suddenly a man ran out, pointing YE Feng, yelled: "The murderer, he killed Kucha-Ha Zhake Prince! Bully Central Asia unmanned you messenger of adults, the Juggernaut adults, you must be for our prince revenge! "Here, this man suddenly took out a dagger, yelled:" servant Husker to my loyalty and blood, may you adults our prince scrub vendetta! "When he finished, he suddenly dagger piercing his chest, then a Huala severely. The blood suddenly lasing, spilled over the floor! Suddenly, the blood of Kuangyong, let him standing firm, fell to his knees. His hand is so powerful, severely Huala, suddenly, he suddenly appeared on the chest, a big hole. He put his hand into the chest. Open! "He roared loudly, the veins of the body skyrocketing," tearing ", he turned abruptly to his heart from his chest pulled out! Even with a few great arteries, the beating heart that puff! This scene, everyone is shocked! Then, the blood to stimulate the nerve Xiyu, suddenly rushed past toward YE Feng, mouth roared "revenge" a class of words. A prince seems that Feng Ye killed the King of Kucha sub-befriend, even regardless of danger, personally Emergency over, to take the lives of Feng Ye. Feng Ye sit and wait, self-care is still drinking, posture beside Hao even music, others have departed. For fear of being YE Feng implicated. Western Region Juggernaut cold flame, but sit and watch Feng Ye. A the Kucha country prince, compared to the purpose of his trip, but also nothing. Town General to annex Central Asia, Central Asia thought provoking Yan Rong and Di war, they can seek greater benefits. But, all of this must be built Zhu on top of the powerful force! A strong sense in this day and age, far from being people want so narrow! That represents a nation's beliefs, as well as the glory! Than the outcome of a regional war, more meaningful! Yang Wei of China! Prestige, prestige, dead people, but not the blood, not enough liwei! Cold flame quietly watching. If this a dozen people can cause a trace of destruction, death, YE Feng is enough. Of course, the cold flame think this is an impossible Hopefully, they let YE Feng to show some of their own means, or so that they have more preparation. This person is young, but, of cold flame it for many years Furui no wave heart tonight, actually began to faint concern. For cold flame, this feeling is not a good thing. Unfortunately ...... "instant!" Bang, YE Feng random hand, Raytheon epee beating up and landed on the hands of Feng Ye. He just gently hit epee, one get forward. "Whew!" The breeze sound suddenly hit! "Tearing" no Jian Qi, nor the number of mysterious feeling, just by virtue of this sword breeze will direct future torn to pieces. Bloody! Directly! Violence! Originally the Western Regions Morohito cheering moment like being grabbed his neck, the excited voice choked in his neck directly. Hold back flushed! But no place to vent! For a time, no one would have dared to move about. Fear looking at YE Feng in the hands of the sword! This is a sword to kill! YE Feng sneered sword back to the behind. "Pata" YE Feng Raytheon epee back into the Guinness behind the beautiful tray on top of a little dense red atmosphere, as if the blood mist is slowly Raytheon epee breathing which. This sword also followed slowly beating up a hint of micro-perceived pulsating. This sword is alive! Everyone looked at each other, do not know what to do at this time. "A group of sucker!" Hao Lian music Pieliaopiezui the bar and began to laugh, laughing, YE Feng filled up a glass of wine. All, the presence of all, Leng Leng Feng Ye no one else care to drink the wine. Murder, drinking, pleasant predicament. ........................ Ten days I did not write, rusty morning, five thousand, night issued $ 50. <

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