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ordinary the cyan snake antworten

> "Call out!" YE Feng ear a sharp claws across his face suddenly been cut a half long scars, a drop of red blood bead YE Feng's face. Www quanBEn com a silver wolf evil in his eyes. The wolf systemic silver hair, like a needle, stud put up in the sun emit light Senleng. "Good fast!" YE Feng looked a Yinlang suddenly rushed out of the other end, bear in mind one. He wiped the blood on his face, brow slightly beating. If he had spiritual power surge, the concept of God has become more sensitive, able to predict in advance to the danger of arrival, to escape just Yinlang deadly claw, I am afraid that this time, his wounds will not only then some. YE Feng looking at of that Yinlang sharp claws know if it is caught in the body, wherever, I'm afraid, like a rotten watermelon, was arrested one smashes! "Wolf claws are too sharp this evil, and the strength of the stronger, the body,Outlet Coach Bags, the huge advantage! Its paw, I am afraid even sharp than the magic weapon!" But only so an Yinlang Wicked YE Feng was not afraid, he was afraid around other evil. Those Wicked was eyeing at YE Feng, YE Feng showing surprising flaws, or a guilty conscience, Feng Ye will never doubt, they surrounded them, tearing himself! Wailing roar! "Seems to be aware of the tension YE Feng, the other end Yinlang the sky and shouts loudly, bigger blanket with mouth, to exposed sharp fangs, seems to be making fun of Feng Ye. At this time it is in no hurry to attack YE Feng, but move around, toward the other peep YE Feng Wicked grimace in pain, like, said, "This is my prey, you are not allowed to grab!" Wicked strength is not poor, living for decades, Euro RSCG had no less than human, see Yinlang action, have loud mocking sound. "Left ~" Oops, "Kaka" the most central open space, the other end of the Thunder Dragon hear the lively, youleng eye is faint sweep YE Feng, "hum" playing a nose ring, he contemptuously turned his head to no longer pay attention to Feng Ye. Raytheon mountains Wicked mockery of human situations such as the occurrence of Feng Ye is not surprising. Raytheon Yamamoto is the evil in the world, human beings here by all Wicked hostile, this is normal! In the human world, If those evil being caught, I am afraid they will be arrested and accept forcibly tame, and dedicated to the dignitaries, in order to win their smile. In However, head Yinlang the strength it then, YE Feng and did not look in the eyes. Animals, death! "Face of this Yinlang provocation, YE Feng sneer, raised his Raytheon epee. "Roar!" That Yinlang a tone of Feng Ye know is definitely not a good word, his back is a roar, a grasping claws forward. "Boom!" Moment, a breeze in its feet, that moment, its whole body seemed endless storm rolled up, it's faster than the usual time, a full three times faster! This speed, has been close to the speed of sound. Just the blink of an eye, that Yinlang attack to the front of Feng Ye! "Ridiculous!" YE Feng Lengheng the cry. The running speed Yinlang again soon,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, can not be faster than YE Feng Jujian the speed on such a short time, heaven and earth Yuan-li, YE Feng whole body already collected at the point in his The $ Kuangyong the Mizumoto force between heaven and earth to form a sharp spiral formed a small black dot. The face Yinlang aches and the impact of the numerous road storm spiral, YE Feng cold smile, the hands of Raytheon's epee shocked hit! "Rumble!" Burst of thunderous explosion must. The tip of the small black dots, crashing is crashed into in the hardest Yinlang skull! The very confident Yinlang its skull is the hardest place of its body, should be stronger than any other local defense force. If YE Feng attack its front legs, it may also fear a bit, but the skull? Hmm! This is a really stupid human! But ...... its tip a little black swirl to touch Yinlang skull that Yi Sha, suddenly, suddenly burst out a terrorist force. Like thunder in the sky, invisible, but when it get angry, amazing power, enough to make the heavens and the earth moved! "Kerala" Yinlang only feel his head burst dull, and then, it seems vaguely heard something cracked voice, and then do not know anything. "!!!" All the presence of evil are shocked to see this scene, they collectively lost her voice,Classic Coach Sale, the original sound like the roaring carnival, stuck in the throat, the issued "Kaka" weird sound. Just, they only see the front of the human the simple jianpi the hardest Yinlang skull the originally extremely hard Yinlang skull, like a like a rotten watermelon, directly crushed, and then white brains, red blood suddenly spewing out, splashing all over the place. The that Yinlang body, is the sword, split fly directly back, hit a tree, then snapped to fall to the ground. Limp, it seems that the bones are gone. Those Wicked Seeing this, just arrogant demeanor, suddenly all closed his mouth to one of stagnation, not sound, for fear of a sound YE Feng eyeing. At this moment, the forest even unprecedented quiet. Ngong ~ other end of the Thunder Dragon turned positive to see Yinlang hit a tree fall from the scene, it looked Feng Ye that sword, his eyes showed a trace of curiosity, but this is also just a hint of curiosity. Subsequently, it once again turned his head to attentively looking at the front side cliff. Wicked around looked at each other, broke into their own sites, one person, one dragon, the strength of the powerful far more than dozens of head Wicked, but their behavior is too weird. The dragon just stare at that side of the mountain, and that human beings, but only stared at the dragon. However, regardless of the human and Brontosaurus in the end to how kind they are the common enemy of this area Wicked! Those who are out of Wicked cold stare YE Feng and brontosaurus, and did not retreat, and did not intend to Weisha, because they are waiting for! A few Wicked, etc. This area is the most powerful king to come! YE Feng sword beheaded Yinlang, showing the great strength, and other evil dare not step closer. However, his face was no joy. Because, in the southeast, he felt a powerful breath is fast approaching. "Bang!" Bang! "Bang!" ... At this point, YE Feng hear the forest came a huge footsteps. Bad one more breath, close to the brontosaurus generally strong flavor is approaching. "YE Feng strongly feel this atmosphere, know his mind promise that bad feeling has finally arrived, holding Raytheon epee the hand, nor by more tightly. His forehead began to emerge fine sweat in front of the scene has exceeded his worst. Roar! A huge sound from distant mountain torrents to pass out. "Woo ..." This roar seem to have a strong coercion, even the air waves with energy ripples. Heard this roar, YE Feng feel that their minds are so loudly buzzing, such as the sledgehammer percussion. Left roar! "Forest Wicked hear the sound of yelling, have wild, to follow Qi roared. They finally come to their king! YE Feng looked at that roar coming from the direction of the hearts of unprecedented surprised. Good forceful yuan, tens of miles outside can cause changes in the air force here, it is too strong this true strength, even if it is generally the condensable gas refining Gang realm of evil can not do! "Ye Feng slowly west to the north a few steps back, away from the other end of the Wicked sound coming from the direction. Vague, Feng Ye see a huge shadow, spring up, falling in the forest. The shadow of a cross, is tens of meters. Mighty YE Feng, but she had a feel for a the face of a mighty force on the battlefield. "What is the big demon?" YE Feng looked at it at the Pentium, the heart was very nervous. "Crash!" Suddenly, a shrouded in the forest vines is a furry monster grabbed the open! Subsequently, Feng Ye see a giant white ape! Other end Ape even five meters high! Its upper and lower body a white, peach-shaped face, but the color is blue. The blue face, red eyes below thick nostrils, "snort snort" sound, spit white smoke water vapor. A huge mouth, exposing a row of sharp fangs! Large teeth, like devils! Looking at the appearance of King Kong Ape, YE Feng could not help scared: "This turned out to be the Tien cases Jangseogak, [Wicked articles] devoted to documenting the ancient dissimilar - Diamond white ape!" Tien Chung collection Court, records the many Wicked and legends dissimilar, YE Feng was careful to browse, but then, he only when the Wicked mythology legend. Since that time, he did know that in this world there is such thing as secret territory. In the territory of Dayan, he knew he was evil, types very few in number and rather, whether the Yanshan Mountains, known as the Land of the Dead Simao mountains, there is no evil in those legendary. At that time, YE Feng appears only when the book Wicked legends. Behold, today, he even saw the legendary Wicked! You know, Tien were in the vast collection of books, the Wicked articles but very brief, even the Dragon which only Ipomoea Huang Jinsheng to qualify selected one. "White ape King Kong, a rumor that the blood descendants of the Xeon animals Zhu tired, mighty, can lift 10,000 tons Juli boxing broken mountains, palm off the river ... Even more frightening is its body hair like a magic, sword does not hurt, only the day of the fire Violet Ray or kill! "terrorist, it's horrible! Attack power or defense, the head white ape turned YE Feng is no way! YE Feng looked at the front of the head and animals, though he knew that the first animals may only be a blood impure cultivation lower cubs. But, even so, he is far from being rivals. At this moment, YE Feng not only rise to the idea of ​​fleeing. YE Feng, however, has just raised the idea that King Kong Ape has a direct looked over! "Roar!" In Diamond White Ape eyes fell on the moment of his body, YE Feng suddenly have a strange feeling of a soul is locked, as if even if they escaped from thousands of miles away, and I am afraid can not escape this "King Kong Ape" explore . "This is the realm of God, and gas combined extreme to read financial world! Every move, as long as it per force control, can not escape the open concept of God lock! Head Ape strength is too strong, I am not an opponent ! do not know its repair in order to reach the state, may have broken through the condensable gas refining early Gang reached the the condensable gas refining Gang realm medium term can not say! "By this time, YE Feng almost Xiangyebuxiang to, and turned to to leave. This evil, and he was able to compete, his spirit cultivation rose, has reached the pinnacle of the realm of God, and gas combined, but his real element also needs enough time to practice. This time does not need to be too long, as long as a few months is enough. But now, how can there be a few months time? Moreover, even if reached the condensable gas refining Gang realm, not necessarily be able to overcome the powerful Wicked front two. "When you fight to the bitter end, I come back it wants to bargain." YE Feng has made up his mind, first hid in the forest not far, able to sense the side of the movement. In his view, a brontosaurus, a diamond white ape, are very difficult to deal with him against a not sure, if you want to deal with two absolutely certain death! However, he was just getting ready to leave, at this moment ... "hissing ~ hissing to" a seemingly ordinary the cyan snake leisurely climb out from the forest upon YE Feng retreat, completely blocked in his way. This snake, only half a meter long, two thumb thickness, body cyan. Its triangular head, the neck is fine, the shape of the soldering iron. The top of its head with small dense scales, kiss the side of a small pit. Its dorsal bright green, its small head slightly raised, YE Feng saw its yellow-white belly. Its flank, from the abdomen to the white lower lip, but there are still a black lines! At this time, it was faint Road amber eyes stare, YE Feng suddenly a kind of feeling of horror. YE Feng thought it's just an ordinary snake, do not want to ignore it. However, he found that all evil in the shivering around the snake, this moment, YE Feng strange find all the sounds in the forest seems to have disappeared, leaving only a piece of snake "hissing" sound of the tongue. Actually even more quiet than just King Kong Ape! YE Feng looked at the slightest confided snake that believeth on the Son, I perused the appearance of the blue, when it sees its white snake lips, the brain suddenly flashed a shadow, he could not help hopping, "Damn! how there will be strongest Yizu Wicked king one of the top ten loafers, white-lipped green bamboo snake? "Feng Ye want to bypass that Green Snake, away from the place, but no matter where he went, piece of green snake will stand in front of him, not let him leave. "Is this white-lipped green bamboo snake seen my intention?" Thought of this moment, Feng Ye just feel the cold sweat Cengceng came out from the back. Before King Kong Ape, after the white-lipped green bamboo snake, YE Feng said to myself unable to deal with, can be described as God blind alley and turn into the earth! Sheer piece of green bamboo, swimming slowly, leisurely comes toward Feng Ye, spitting red snake that believeth on the Son. YE Feng feel cold invisible murderous are close to their own. "How to do? What should I do?" YE Feng kept asking himself. Suddenly, his eyes toward that brontosaurus glance. "No matter gamble!" <

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