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18.05.2013 04:23
the tour's mind to remember antworten

The old man had thought of sun ---------------------- have suffered repeated defeats, defeats the situation, Chen Zongyi face smile even more, "this is a warrior's must have faith, although both sun old man, he said, would never let go, after the injury, I will have a look to Foshan, old man if he beat me, I would make the point strategy,Coach Madison Bags, always cannot let him stay in Foshan." The tour smiled and nodded, man from the sun when they are young master to defeat, has been in Foshan little herb for decades, master honing his heart x ì ng, has been successful, and beat it or not,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, this is not important. For other people,Coach Bags Sale, I'm afraid in the decades of failure, would lose the confidence to anything, but Sun old man looks, still is so happy, to overcome the difficulties, this is a necessary condition for a military success. Master this let him use the strategy out of Foshan, X ì ng lattice must take sun old man that psychotic, even if that is his own master deliberately drain, also will be the fart Dian fart laughed and said: "I run you didn't drain, anyway I beat you, this is not to deny the fact." Just don't know Wang Chongyang that boy went to sun old Kung Fu no success, but by Wang Chongyang extremely creepy x ì ng lattice, is expected to be very close neuropathy sun old man. Estimate the next is not the sun and his old master rush, but the old man sun encouraged Wang Chongyang and their rush, only their own strength now, even the sun old man cannot achieve, think of this, the smile tour on the surface of the sun, before the old man pushing yourself like a game, if let him know my strength, that kind of situation, must let a person very gas. Said the conversation with Chen Zongyi, party a few people left the hospital, to the East, now eastern basically stable down, have a lot of work to do, the work difficulty, even more than before the battle more difficult. But this difficult. But they will become an indelible East Second North, even more than the north more peaceful idea. In addition to rebuild East, more important is to recruit mercenaries thing, it is not only related to the East in the future peace, more related to his mining forest diamond mine grasp. Now, the tour's mind to remember at the time of the spectacular scenes. Around his body. Was full of all kinds of pigments and s è diamonds in the dark, empty land, like the stars in general, beautiful, people can not help but deep sigh. He was just roughly check about diamond mines in the area, the heart went into deep shock, so great a treasure, can let off, even if only a small diamond mine. Also must not miss. A huge diamond mine, on the eastern economy pulling effect, certainly will be very large, and here, some of his other industry, can also carry out development. Longyou auction house, beautiful jewelry, these companies, can bring huge popularity. Before Wu Feixiong in the East, will become the future development of the base where the tour, only with more powerful than the enemy forces, the base will be safe no >

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