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> Rain fluttering face forlornly. www. quANBen. COM sad, waiting for her fate, is self-evident. Has just Hou Xibai a bet with the Floor, Swift, the of the people of For YE Feng the victory that overcometh the, then the Since then, the she get quite a lot of rain fluttering will be is not Yanyu Lou. If YE Feng lost, although they did not say, all know Since then, Hou Xibai the no longer anything for Yanyulou to. And, most importantly, a gambling regulations, but also vaguely related to the character of the "ghost face". Has just YE Feng If yes lost, then the the The next thing, Houxi Bai would not have to help, the an outsider of the let the YE Feng this stranger to on the the South of Yangtze River incomparable upon in the here to round and round. If that is the case,Coach Crossbodys USA, Feng Ye can follow it to find the hiding place of the ghost face, F, Swift had admitted. Obviously, this is absolutely impossible! Floor Swift dare let the big fellow to go into action, they have a full grasp of these blind Han. This blind Han Dongming send one of the thirteen apologists messenger skill, high strength, fame has been for a long time, experienced and Swift in the building seems to deal with a fledgling YE Feng, it is obvious that this is a very easy thing. However, Feng Ye chosen to win! House, Swift stare, baffled, the mouth only muttered: "he should win? He should win? How could that be? How likely? YE Feng, in the end come from out of nowhere? Actually from the nether cyclone cut to get out out ......, "Hou Xibai see House Swift so shocked, hope the rain fluttering a smile face, smiled and said softly:" F, girl, moonlight tonight the United States, Young win your men Outrageous today this Yanyulou business Well, because Houmou sake, the loss of some, but money lendings, hou believe that the girl is not looking in the eyes. Moreover, fluttering figure it can be considered junior sister apprentice, today Although the lost to the I junior in the sector, can be this is not What is the a bad thing of. "" Is or a good thing is not a? "Floor, Swift ridiculed Road,. Floor Swift just unstable state of mind, but a moment, she resumed normal when she regret actually rain fluttering compared with others bet. Although she has never been fluttering rain as of no return point of view. Her father Floor, thousands of miles like to Shoutu, like rain to fluttering such of the disciples, at least there are dozens of-bit, and those who won the thinks highly of disciples also will not easily out of the Dong Ming, are in the the allocated full-time discrepancies in the actual practicing the Xuangong. Rain fluttering since he commanded to leave Dongming, assigned to the south, and apparently is not valued. Floor, Wanli there are are a total of the one child, and a daughter, Floor, Swift is the the Dong Ming to send the upper and lower Missy, can be described as is the son of of the the daughter of, this rain fluttering to listen to to is Floor, thousands of miles of disciples, can be in fact, a net worth of your lives, However is Floor, Swift sentence thing . The Hou Xibai was about to speak, can then, suddenly erupted from the outside into cheers. He smiled and looked in the past. At this time the top of the street, only YE Feng. He defeated the blind Tahan, positive hand-held epee at this time the, with a paddock follow-. He went to the a semi-of on the road, all on both sides of flower lined Floor,, but at this time, all of a sudden the of a stunning woman Tanchunaodai, her people single-handedly leaning on the railings, single-handedly but it is Jinzun Xiangyao, in the eyes of Meiyanrusi, ripening breast twilight, a delicate white. Facing YE Feng sweetly said: "son prestige Hehe, end Jolly Shaonian Lang the minds of Nujia really like, do not know son would like to do us a favor and come up with the Nujia drink from a cup?" In this regard, YE Feng is just a faint smile, but did not answer. But that woman saw YE Feng laugh, her mind already extremely satisfied with raised swan neck, the hands of the golden cup of wine and drink, smiles tenderly said: "even if the son to despise Nujia salicylic posture, Nujia but then son fascinated, which day the son leisure, Han Yan upstairs to find me. My name is fragrant, son of Mo forget. "she say to fragrant the name, they also cheered . Obviously, this very famous name here. Leighton time, there are the a lot of young spend their time hanging around on the son of one after another toward the side opinion. But for those slow to move, the girl already closed windows and doors, those who did not see her appearance is a burst sigh. Over moment, but suddenly a the flowers fragrant Since the windows thrown out, laid on the feet of Feng Ye. She pushed open the window, facing YE Feng said: "Son, the flower is the most beautiful one the Nujia room, today Nujia will give son just because the son Nujia seen the most impressive man, but lowly status Nujia is unworthy son looks to stay together ... "The woman comes to here seems very sad, sad face Yung, tragically incomparable, already weeping. Feng Ye do not know the the she tragically appearance is true or false, but is extremely realistic. His mind, although no impression, but met with other swingers heart could not bear to have mercy meaning. A little while, there will be a Hawker said in thousands of ounces of silver for her ransom. Usual this woman to ransom, but can be a few hundred two, then, but to do a drama, but it is worth double, people stunned. A must see other women, have to emulate each flowers thrown from his room, shop at the foot of Feng Ye. The YE Feng figure trails, on top of Long Street, overflowing with flowers, flowers on both sides of the building Yingge Swallows, cheering constantly. Him all the way, turned out to be marching flowers from! The others to Yanyulou body aroma to overflowing, mixed do not know how many kinds of flowers fragrance. All of this, was is only because to the he is sword defeated the blind man Tahan, demonstrating the the their own martial arts! Powerful warrior, not only can get the corresponding power and position, and more sought after and respected by people! This is Huang Huang Dayan! Long Street may be long, can be Road, there is always an end, YE Feng has finally once again set foot on the Yanyu Lou. Just a moment into the second floor of this flower, for all to see his expression is already very different. Has just no one to pay attention to Guo who he is, until the Hou Xibai say that this is his junior in the sector, the, it attracted people attention slightly Concerned about the much slower to catch, can be However a moment, but also by the of all men be cast into the in the the back of the head. Can be At this time he again to enter the Yanyu Lou. All people, regardless Ah servants, or the popular girl, this time in the eyes of even only one. YE Feng slowly onto the second floor, went to the table next to the opposite direction, slowly sit down. Just that war, in his eyes, and seems to do a little thing. Houxi Bai Seeing this,Outlet Coach Bags, the his face radiant with joy be thicker, could not help but patted his shoulder, boast of Road,: "junior in the sector, has just unto the sword, sharp incomparable! The brothers looked before the know that the the master why Chuan you Raytheon epee. Has just which sword, if your hands are not Raytheon epee, and replaced with other sword, fear can not play your war! "" But the brothers had originally thought that you defeated a powerful enemy, the streets of graceful woman was a boast to you this age, too proud contented, do not want to, you really boring, even the slightest expression of joy. saying that you really only 16 years old? how do I feel you're 60 years old? Ace Young vigor?, "Hou Xibai said, still laughing pushed. YE Feng face smile, said: "Brother joking if there is no master pass the Raytheon epee, I also realize not just that sword." "Just that sword?" Hou Xibai face, smile and intensity YE Feng, proud Wang F, Swift one, said: "Some people think you do not know how many sword thorn out of, only to win the match, you say that only the sword, I do not know, this sword can be any excuse?" think of for this to find the correspondence named "broken star" This is because the sword he saw Kai Ling Raytheon epee sword to destroy meteorites, save the common people, are simulated. Just compared to the real sword broken star, YE Feng own sword, far from achieving that effect. So he shook his head and said: "This sword, I have not really comprehend, until the day I truly successful practitioners, and then tell the brothers." The Hou Xibai it does not matter, smiled and said: "So much the better." But he Then turned around and see the rain fluttering still not far away quietly looking at here, they cough, said: "Young people are said Pink gift beauty, sword with a hero just in that war, the brothers It could be seen that, you game against the the blind man, although the win, but are non the easier to. Fortunately,, ah, you after all, is win. "So saying, He pointed to the rain fluttering, meet motioned her to, too. A The rain suddenly fluttering waving to, she already knew their own destiny, she was miserable, his face naturally not too much conflict. Houxi Bai, pointing to the rain to fluttering the YE Feng a look of to ambiguous Road,: "the Honourable rain fluttering girl, the the first courtesan of of the Jiangnan. Much longer Allure tilting the country, square years XVIII, although than the junior in the sector you is still long two-year-old, and However it anyway Tonight, Young you win, this woman is this luck than the bucket! "As for the Young Ghost're looking for, let the floor girl Young bother." Lou Swift looking bad, the Hou Xibai give yourself down the a glass of wine, after the the drank, sneer soon as Road,: "If the Floor, girl is not willing to to bother to it, I am the only this brothers and is coming. brothers I As a camp Fudu Tong of China Jiangnan Bank, has always been did not engaged in similar acts What serious things. just junior in the sector matters of the brothers of the things, besides this ghost face or master himself to the people. senior natural to try. Jiangnan foul too many places, the brothers confused, caught the wrong person, kill a few a foreign person should also normal. "Hou Xibai after the finish, glanced at the floor, Swift seems to be within the meaning of, said:" F, girl, you say? "the Hou Xibai these words mean, just being a warning Floor Swift thing you quit, he personally caught that time, Dongming send a few effective disciples to kill you, destroy several strongholds, are accidents, who did not dare to say in front of him. Floor Swift is a wise man, of course, understand the Hou Xibai mean. If she did not send the Ghost, the consequences will be serious. At the moment, the floor Swift teeth and said: "Hou adults worry, Ghost Town General wanted, of Dongming send help on the Great General Wang busy, surely my father will be happy." Lou Swift although the the hearts of is unhappy, and can be At this time she also is no other way. Her father Floor, thousands of miles This the past few years the the whereabouts of is misty, this Jiangnan. Fill you with all of the matters, has its he sent that the, the elders of to master. She Floor Swift F, daughter of Miles, can not hoodwink the public. She was not afraid of have sinned against the Hou Xibai, can be Hou Xibai in the Jiangnan, but it is the the balance of of the the several parties forces. His with the to the the relationship between of the the forces of several parties is are good. If this balance is broken the Dongming camp is bound to be the biggest impact. For a Ghost, to offend Hou Xibai really not worth. Moreover, the the ghost surface of the body what treasures, but a metal plate. The above text, Although the ancient difficult to understand, but the people you know is but also a lot of. While in the Map of the the metal licensing behind the, has also long been you make people to burn down. This metal card for Dongming sent, then no other use, return of human Wong, is a wise choice. "Ha ha ...... floor girl said so, then the general waiting for the good news of the girl." And Hou Xibai laughed, winked facing YE Feng, YE Feng did not think things would go so simple, at this time also shall not be believe that, their own the brothers I'm afraid is not a Dandyism the children of, the contrary, chest do not have gully, he have derived the, for fear is keeping a low profile on the in Jiangnan. "That being the case, the generals help yourself. The Swift to first by rotation the." The Floor, Swift a to go, and all came crashing be the miserable failure in, a moment kung fu after the, the the Yanyu Lou energy hustle and bustle of by Connaught large on the, as if leaving only under the YE Feng and Hou Xibai, there are Rain Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind the trio. At this time and Hou Xibai suddenly facing the outside of a whistle Suddenly, a horn vigorous lightning jump up out of the darkness like a scream up. Young, ** moment worth a thousand gold, ahead of brother, do not bother you. "The Hou Xibai front of Feng Ye ambiguous smile, a longitudinal body, then to the horned dragon immediately patted Ryoma head, Suddenly, Ryoma scream and cheer up, Tata to leave. Only two, YE Feng somewhat embarrassing. He thought on the front of this stunning woman what to say, but to see the rain fluttering dark eyes of thousands of meaning at their own, YE Feng suddenly dry throat feels some words to the mouth, and actually can not tell . "Ye Gongzai rain fluttering lowered his voice," getting late, please go fluttering rest. "She finished speaking these words, turned away, it seems liquidated Feng Ye will certainly keep up. However, YE Feng but did not move. Can not hear footsteps behind fluttering rain finally stopped in her tracks, turned his head, his face showing a trace of pathos expression, people can not help but pity Italian students. "Son of failing to appreciate the fluttering do? Son of we can see, In From then on, the fluttering can only be is of people of the son of. And if not, the world is, although large, has afraid of also in energy for does not have its I roof over our head the earth." At her voice. Faint, such as weep such as complaints, Feng Ye can not distinguish reality or a dream. After a long, YE Feng taking into account her fluttering rain seems since then is his own person. Because of the presence of so many people face, F, Swift does her lost myself. If they do not close the rain fluttering to the the Dongming pro-style, as well as the House, Swift states of mind, afraid of the rain Durian killed,Air Jordan Shoes, and then sent to the bodies of their own eyes to. See that the YE Feng did not answer, rain fluttering I do not know what time, already came to the the near to of of the YE Feng,, a little red lips All, went up to YE Feng. Instantaneous, Phi in the her shoulders, white Phi of Luo, also followed slipped out of down, to expose the the skin in general of that as snow, the introduction of crime. She face flushed, breathing, such as Lan, lying on the the YE Feng's ear low asked, "could there be, son of does it want to in the here ......" to hear these words, YE Feng do not know thought of something, and his face flushing up. He has been coughing up loudly and said: "That being the case, Please the girl lead the way bar." The rain - On fluttering Qingtai the Mock hand, gentle hanging on the's arm of the YE Feng, and softly Road,: "The son Please come with me Come on for the best price on the market." ---- -------------- Aspect talk to, and concerned about. Powder will return fines. <

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