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18.05.2013 04:17
accept is a dare to question antworten

What, how could this be, you are to eat thousands of rice, base so much, so much into the warehouse, Jing however can be don't bomb, want you to have what use, the enemy occupied the 1/3 place, just call, you are just a waste." The expression of his face was Wu Feixiong, bate says. The soldier seems to be cursed Wu Feixiong has anger, in the present circumstances, he no longer for Wu Feixiong to have confidence, "Wu boss, if you're not in order to catch an entry, and deployed forces most of the city, the enemy could enter." "That is to say, or I am not, ha ha, you are my Dutch act, or waiting for me back to torture you to death." Wu Feixiong anger reverse smile said, he can only accept, can not accept is a dare to question his decision, to dare to challenge his authority. In the East, soil emperor he is mean what one says, nobody can disobey his command, nobody can question his decision. "Dutch act, you come to torture me, could not, now clear to tell you, I say, Wu Feixiong, I just got a good news, but also a tell you, just the two femoral head Beret unknown forces in Gaza City, now the most power card towards the East, offensive, this are caused by your hand, you just wait, be Gaza card all city forces to kill." The soldier was finished, he hangs up the phone, suddenly feeling refreshed, it seems the Wu Feixiong lambaste emotions, entirely out. Wu Feixiong opponent down into the cruel, this is be obvious to people things before, because of the temptation of money, he is willing to compromise, but now, is just a matter of time before the destruction of Wu Feixiong, without money, how could he go by Wu Feixiong bird gas. "Mutiny, ha ha, I like the most is that, immediately notify the headquarters Lee vice commander, the soldiers killed immediately, what did you hear me say." See the soldiers next to being in a daze, Wu Feixiong said the bleak, handed the phone to him. The soldier trembling a little, received a telephone call, call the headquarters another phone number. Chen Zongyi see here, a smile to face, the wages of sin is death. O ah,UK Nike Air Jordan, let you add a fire for Wu Feixiong's downfall, taking advantage of this opportunity, he moves slowly to the bed in touch, and watching Wu Feixiong into action. "The old...... Boss, I get a message into the headquarters staff, said...... Said Lee deputy system tie a number of loyal men, with headquarters in money, and store of gold and silver jewelry, run away." The soldier put the phone down, looking panicked to Wu Feixiong. "This...... How was it possible,Jordan 10 Shoes, Li Xingsheng, that I trusted you, you did not expect was give me a a fundamental solution, good, very good, ha ha, have,Air Jordan 11 Sale, have, what that asshole, how dare to attack us." Wu Feixiong face a pale smile. He thought he created in the East, as secure regime generally firm, it seems, is not in the offensive, is about to crumble, ceased to exist. "Your horse.

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