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18.05.2013 04:08
you are next to laugh antworten

"Little teacher younger brother, don't say, it's not what you think." That said, Li Zhijun will just swim heard soldiers discussion after, at the party you repeat it again. Then Li Zhijun looked at Betamann, some headaches, "little brother, how do you say this black." "The two brother, he will worship you for the teacher, it's none of my business, received a foreign disciples, to carry forward Chinese Kung Fu, is also very good." You can't help laughing. Li Zhijun was watching the tour, "little younger brother Shi, you hard, we who are more ruthless, hey, a foreign boy, standing on this young man in front of you, more than us badly, you feel his murderous look on the body, he will know how much, he than the two of us with a more powerful, saw he was alone out of the woods, he can be a personal search in this dangerous forest, not afraid of any danger, you still worship the artificial division of more powerful,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, more good." See the tour one eye, put a parting shot, Li Zhijun turned to Betamann and said in English, opened 10 years of martial arts in the metals hard, what the English, didn't bother him. Hear Li Zhijun words,Satchels Coach Online, Betamann heart movement, looked at the tour, from the young man, he did feel the breath of out of the ordinary, but think of kung fu movies he had seen in the episodes, he turned to Li Zhijun again, and Wang Zijian ke a, "the two masters R, a teacher, father of a lifetime, I decided to worship you for the teacher, no matter how much other people have, I don't care, I worship you two artificial division." Well, Betamann, let to see the tour joke Li Zhijun some surprise, he became impatient, irritable temper suddenly broke out, he said: "kid, get us, I beat to beat you to death." "You are my teacher, is my father. Father to son, is normal, if you want to shoot me dead, I have no complaints." Think before Li Zhijun was easily shoot dead a soldier's situation, Betamann in the eyes of some confusion, really want to stand up and give up,Jordan After Game Sale, but he thought of his pursuit, expect to miss this opportunity. I'll stay here without dark days R ì africa. Muddleheaded over a lifetime, his eyes showing strong momentum in the Li Zhijun firm, oppression, again toward the two Ke a. My mother. Even though Li Zhijun is so unpopular, but also can not help but patted his head, some speechless. He force again strong, encounter this kind of soft and hard not to eat, but also wasted. "Two brother, you are next to laugh, he did but we two, this boy want to be beautiful. Also all of a sudden want to worship two individual teacher." See Wang Zijian beside her mouth and laughed. Li Zhijun stared, some said angrily. Wang Zijian smiled. "Big brother, if he really is the genuine masters, so we might as well give him a chance." "Two brother, you...... He is a black man." Li Zhijun said some shortness of breath. "Oh, big brother, black and how, as long as he is kind-hearted, no effort for evil, then teach him baguazhang and Taijiquan what >

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