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18.05.2013 04:02
feel the two into the emitting body antworten

Chu Lao heard the sound, Li Zhijun and Wang Zijian had answered a God to come, hands trembling took the pass tour Millennium incorporation, can not imagine, they compete to see the legendary Millennium incorporation. Even the Chu old must Millennium incorporation, it would be false, ginseng tablets in the hands of exudes a faint fragrance, this fragrance smell, then let them in practice baguazhang generated by internal kept surging. At Chu Lao's urging, they did not amazing, each will ginseng slice swallow entrance, and Qi Lao in the show, slowly absorbed the Millennium incorporation of internal energy. The Senate has always been Dabu vitality things, be of martial arts into the scramble to snatch, ordinary into eating into the ginseng, perhaps because the virtual free fill, and bleeding nose, but for years of martial arts, only benefits and no harm. Wu Long practicing martial arts, for the physical load is very large, Tai Chi self-cultivation x ì ng,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, even influence is small,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, especially as Li Zhijun and Wang Zijian learned in Bagua, but let the visceral has been under overload of the strained state. Add vitality and ginseng, loss can be added the five internal organs, and increase the function of internal organs, not only such, also can make the Onimusha absorption the vitality, internal J ī ng. But now with the decline of martial art, coupled with the incorporation of the artificial cultivation, the incorporation of no natural born Yao more vitality, general into the parameter is obtained, also only enough a prolong life. Millennium incorporation of its internal has adequate strength, is said to have the meat bones, live function to death, can be put into the pull back from the palace, the Millennium incorporation of magic. The two millennium incorporation, way is to treat these years Li Zhijun and Wang Zijian learn Bagua left Anji, secondly, removal of Anji, residual strength,Outlet Coach Bags, enough to make them the strength inside, rose some. Although there are tour followed, rescue Chen Zongyi is not a difficult thing, but after Jingfang tour may not keep at their side, in the face of gangsters in the siege, their the ability of some, can be more of a captive power. Qi Lao is next to carefully look at two into the state, feel the two into the emitting body heat, he not from of some amazing tour hand, the Millennium incorporation, he had seen in Foshan, and had the pleasure of taste, although sufficient strength, but also not to the point, radiate heat, so that the Millennium incorporation exudes vitality, how strong a. The smell of the tour on the aroma of not much, if any, all the old nodded, tour this go to Qinling Mountains, is to come back with the Millennium incorporation in Foshan, presumably, see that a few thousand years into the Senate, not Chen Zongyi, but he himself in Qinling Mountains found in deep, and it may it is a growing Millennium incorporation. Although he is very want to study the incorporation of growth for thousands of years, only now to rescue Chen Zongyi soon, this moment, he was not open, can only wait until the tour came back from Africa. There is China Association of traditional Chinese medicine Qi Lao in their law enforcement, nature does not have any accident, slowly, Li Zhijun and Wang Zijian on the body heat more and more light, to the end, suddenly suddenly and hair, two into the body.

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