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18.05.2013 03:57
the emergence of the literati antworten

The auctioneer's words, let all the people can not help some terrified, what, Fujiwara Sari, how could this be. The Chinese dynasties, the emergence of the literati, is beyond count, a St. Wang Xizhi, San Wu Daozi, Saint Du Fu, Saint Su Shi of words, by Zhang Xu, these people's reputation in the now, is already known to most people throughout the world. The calligraphy, the ancient literati, but be an easy job to write, can dial the ink, the famous calligrapher, is each country scholar Huaxia surrounding to copy, learning the secrets of their calligraphy. Chinese ancient culture, it is glorious and resplendent, people come forth in large numbers, contests, almost every dynasty has let future generations of people admire the existence. Chinese Calligraphers beyond count, and the island of calligraphy, while the 622nd chapter Island treasure Madness (a) is also able to come forth in large numbers, but these can only copy in Chinese famous calligraphy works, but not out of this range. While the island country calligraphy three trace is the only break this phenomenon, is also the island country can get out of the calligraphy, the three of them for the creation of small island states style of calligraphy, plays a very important role. Onokazu is founder of wind and like calligraphy, and Fujiwara Sari and Fujiwara Yukinari, is will and carry forward Chinese calligraphy calligraphy, set in the island. These three person of calligraphy, each different,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, exquisite and matchless, even the Chinese calligraphy, there are also many admires the people, three of them, is the representative of island countries, calligraphy, is they created and calligraphy, the island country calligraphy, took on a glorious era. Unfortunately, the legacy of three people in calligraphy, is less and less, handed down, everyone is not more than ten, which is an enormous endowed island national title,Jordan After Game Shoes, stored in a very safe place, not easily show, this is enough to prove that three people how important in the small island people. Now Longyou auction house took out one of the small island states and three trace, trace Fujiwara Sari's calligraphic relics auction, this can not let them feel very shock 622nd chapter Island treasure Madness (a) panic, heart first idea, is to dare not to believe, extremely suspicious of this so-called calligraphy artworks, perhaps only a a fake. Although such doubts, but their heart, but are eager, eager to this document is really written by Fujiwara Sari spread so far, then,Coach Classic Bags, the auction house, they would be more valuable, because of this, Fujiwara Sari's calligraphy, they will desperately to get. Three gold and jade, the Amaterasu angel said, but is artificially added, deceive common people also reluctantly, not by their industry bigwigs put in the eye, Aquilaria agallocha Roxb, but more than three gold black jade is more rare, that smell, most of them people have been odd incense smell, is intoxicated, extremely beautiful. But the Aquilaria agallocha Roxb rare only aroma, loving collection of people, the love is to seek for antique culture, calligraphy and painting, is most can manifest the cultural carrier, because every one of the things above, each font, all >

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