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18.05.2013 03:50
seen as property a kill stealer antworten

"This is the ordinary man is innocent. The wall, with its truth, Kujo Taro has a very striking is there, the knife, in the island country, the equivalent of ten famous sword of our Chinese, even Kujo Taro has big power, can not resist, Kojima Kunichikahan's Mafia offensive, crumble,Outlet Coach Bags, is inevitable potential." The tour said with a smile, if you want to do everything and all the forces of Kujo Taro, even he used in the island country can use, also can not do. Only fight poison, black black, let those who belong to the underworld forces and, in order to have effect, but Fang You could not think of, small island states underworld half are involved in, led directly to the destruction of chrysanthemum, and the death of Kujo Taro. Xu Mengyun nodded sympathetically, in her tomb career, seen as property a kill stealer, events, beyond count. Once she had had an old tomb robbers once, because in the tomb robber got a rare thing, the very next day will die an untimely on, that rare thing, also disappear. "Yun sister, do not sigh, this world has too many people get what they want, but do not have the strength to the protection, small art elder sister, you know my dream is what." Look at Xu Mengyun's complex face, you said with a smile. Xu Mengyun gently shook his head, looked at the side deep swim, she would like to know, what the party tour is the first dream. "I know, should be to Amoy countless priceless treasures." Crouching in the corner of the small six sons, ear moved to move, suddenly cut in. The tour with a faint smile, no notice of him, "Yun sister, my initial dream, is very simple, also can be said to be very difficult to achieve, that is what I want to rely on their own hands. I wanted to protect the people." Hearing this, Xu Mengyun's body is fierce one Zhan, think of the bullet sounded in the tomb of the moment, the tour did not hesitate to stand in front of her scene. "Fortunately. I am luckier than others, now of I, have already can do most of the circumstances, to rely on their own hands, to protect the people I want to protect." Said the tour exclamation, if not to escape Shu,Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, if not he got Chen Zongyi's careful guidance. Relying on the shady to escape Shu, simply can not do so easy to realize the dream. "The Dragon brother, I is it right? You want to protect people." Small six son suddenly and loudly shouted. The tour glared at him, ignore anger said: "the sixth son you, even you, pulled by the human as a freak, I won't save you, instead. Also loud applause." In all the laughter, watched for a while in the basement of the antique, then shut the door. Back on the ground. "Dragon brother, how to dispose of these antique basement." Xu Mengyun s è dignified asked, into the basement of the shock, still not fully receded. The tour laughed softly, "depending on the circumstances, Ru Jun porcelain two, and some other rare antiques, I will back to China in batches, some antique, is money can not buy. Some of the antique,Coach Handbags Sale, is representing our Chinese splendid culture." Xu Mengyun nodded, did not speak again, although doubts dragon brother how around >

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