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18.05.2013 03:45
that this magic Julang crazy antworten

> 732: [crazy wolf back to 732: [crazy wolf Oriental Yong thought of the fire cave to find things, do not want to. www! QUAnbeN! COM SongHe, waved and said: "Something must be hole, we went to find the place on the Mid-Levels, maybe just your little daughter-in-law said, we can start!" This three split up to find the hole. Three of them would have thought that other people can think, and just see the graceful silhouette of Oriental Yong, is that people began to find the hole. Looking for a while, suddenly heard a beast roar, there are the screams and screams, followed by the sound of fighting and trees cracking. Oriental Yong and Miao sword jīng God, pick up, quickly to sound away. In such an atmosphere the top of the hill, everyone wants to find the baby, the sound, everyone will naturally be attracted. Quickly saw the huge wolf is attacking several monks. Julang body hair black shiny, strong limbs, claws like a sickle as black, its eyes glowed green, Ziya Liezui, exposing the inside sharp teeth, dense white, sticky and thick oral fluid , pull into a line, like a spider web silk, even in the teeth of the Ju Lang. More saliva from his teeth sutural stream, to tick tick streaming down. At this time, wearing a yellow sè dread clothing, his head bald, head the nine eyed monk holding a string of prayer beads to the Ju Lang melee attack,Nike Jordan 10 Sale, he was the Ju Lang's body sway, a huge hit his body body. Monk attacks so that half the power did not come out on the fee out, has also been the Ju Lang Zhuangfei out. Ju Lang's body is very agile, hit a monk, front paws on the ground a grasp, twist, body and waist even a near ninety degrees bend over, mouth rushed monk, the terror blood bite to the monks! Thunk! - At this time, a golden rushed over, of a gold sè dread stick, surrounded by golden light, hit the Ju Lang's mouth, about to bite before the dread beads monk Spike to be missed , saved the life of the monk dread beads! The atmosphere was agitated Golden sè dread stick, but just missed the mouth of the Ju Lang did not bring much harm,Jordan 9 Shoes, and Julang have the energy to the the dread beads monks held out a wolf claw! Hiss! - Wolf claws across the chest in dread beads monk, a few, such as a knife and cut the traces and blood! Ah! - The dread beads monks screams a cry! Ju Lang seems to see the blood, more excitement, more quickly sprang to dread beads monk, and regardless of the next attack him! Cries - "Oriental Yong takes a puff of air conditioning," how so hard? "Miao small sword point a," You see the eyes of the wolf, very fanatical look has not changed a bit emotional changes, crazy ! "Chung Hok nodded, approval and said:" Yes, this wolf like crazy! "the three of them talking all the time, Julang total disregard of the next attack is to bite dread beads monk , who is the person next to shabu shabu to cut out a lot of bloodstains! To see the Ju Lang flow out of the blood, it was first exclaimed out: "The blood is green!!?" This all surprised! Someone attacks to the tail of the wolf issue scared Hey sound: "the blood of his tail is red?" Green blood from tail blood is red, it is the blood of him There are two systems, streaming with blood not? This is naturally impossible. "They do not discuss, first rescued Putian Master!" One monk shouted. Obviously for those who are now discussing these children are very unhappy! Others glared coldly monk to speak, you always a few, ah, you can not hack it, do not come to mess with this wolf out to mix also, we would like you to die a few people, to the last few less competitive who is it! The monk feel of the argument people around the eyes, the heart of a sudden! There are two boys snatched at Spike dread bead monk, called Putian Master, the Ju Lang has been chasing the Master Putian button. If not The monk first snatched Putian Master, or a few of them to a few dialogue Putian Master long Julang to eat only bones, that even the bones are not! Oriental Yong no shot, nature and the people around have the same idea, a few more fuel cannon fodder, and last at least a few competitors is the best! There are more than 100 monks, cultivation on about Fearless. Bauhinia City to see the last time a lot of people, including one or two every day cases, also seen here. But who can and who do not want to cotton, so they did not come looking for Yong Oriental and the Songhe Oriental Yong they did not find them. Monk went up first, it is believed that this magic Julang crazy, and Yi Bao, if they can win Molang, then they can find in the Molang body Yi Bao, other people want, it is naturally depends on the fist! Oriental Yong found that the presence of, and there are as many as six. Disdain for one moment that the monk to speak at the same time, the East Yong hear the person next to talk about the strictness of Yi Bao! "Do you know the The Yi Bao what baby?" A Jiuxuan product, in this case when the Hermit A person asked the next one. Brothers Which ah, do not know if this is confidential? "Asked Hermit B wide a Hermit armor. "Hey, we have first-hand information, or who come to the baby ah! But everyone says that out to share, you better find the direction, if the baby has arisen for time xìng of consumption, until the time , and that we are not pity you? "Hermit A a set of reasons,Nike Air Jordan, people nodded his head Daorang next few listen to their words. Know, do not know is not fake, if other people really data, information, or, it is not their very helpful? We are all jīng naturally not believe that others will be true, more comprehensive information say it to him. So we need to come up with an atmosphere, the atmosphere is this: we all say willing to put their own intelligence and information sharing, we all want to get the information of others, and are willing to tell their own information, show sincerity and other exchange, others are willing to speak out. Made to come up with a little information, to receive hundreds of messages, this is not earned? With a truly comprehensive information, in order to better find more accurate baby! "Well,'re right, we should say out of the situation, with analysis, so that it can help find the baby, the baby is found, we'll talk how assigned to this baby!" Ah, we say good, can not afford to waste this baby! "ah, it should be ..." There is someone to go along with! Read the latest and most complete novels ............ Baidu search <

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