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18.05.2013 03:40
small island country j its ng observation antworten

Look at the picture, the tour and looked at his place, but his smile, although Kujo Taro has died, the story will also cease to exist except in name, does not exist, but there is still have his hands, and managed to take advantage of the gang members, similarly, small island country j its ng observation also in the whole of Beijiao continue to patrol, to catch these left over. In the coming time, the tour has seen some of the chrysanthemum clubs in sneaking around, if you look at the painting scroll, carelessly stretched out his hand, the estimation can put these evil people heart scared out. The tour will cabinets shut, and then use a hand to pull, the deep into the land, looking at the ground on a motley crowd, he smiled, youyouran from the cupboard, took out the picture, on the leg, slowly. Expansion of the way, the tour gently shook his head, this pair of scrolls and not a picture, but a calligraphic work. See it as symbols like chaos of the font, the tour she frowned, his mood always tends to be flat and, at this point the calligraphy handwriting,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, a look, he had an uncomfortable feeling. The whole piece of calligraphy, like a random, as if there is no methodicalness, which mixed with some small island nations, presumably island a calligrapher wrote. But the chaos of the font and that crooked island country language, let the tour can not recognize a few words, the whole piece of calligraphy, the tour that slightly wrinkled brow, suddenly stretch, it seems from the chaos of the calligraphy, to feel something, calm the mind, he carefully watch the vice calligraphy, calligraphy has been unable to sense as. This calligraphy is somewhat "means, just random, than to more fundamental not to stick to one pattern, seems to want to how to write, how to write. The overall view. But Fang You from the handwriting felt a fresh and elegant, the one with X ì ng, and do not follow the routine atmosphere, the tour nodded with a smile. Although he did not study for painting and calligraphy, porcelain high, but from the handwriting, it can detect the calligraphy works of extraordinary. But with the X ì ng, want to write, write what I want, this is the highest realm of painting and calligraphy. Those in the painting before, also need to meditate to prepare, already will before painting inspiration, gradually forgotten. See this pair of calligraphy, the tour's mind emerges out of a lot of Chinese people are familiar with the singer, Jay Chou, his x ì ng lattice is some wild and intractable, do not follow the rules. The song, it is the strangest, controversial and criticism. But Jay Chou how to sing. Still how to sing,nike air jordan, as many critics as nothing, but he this not to stick to one pattern of songs, also won some crazy pursuit. For small island language, tour these days can barely dialogue,Classic Coach, and for these as symbols like the island of character, he is not a few, but this does not affect his watch, which reveal the breath from the handwriting. So random, but also by the Kujo Taro treasure. As Ru Jun two porcelain put together, the pair of calligraphy, there should be >

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