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willpower body force to stimulate antworten

> Electronic download function suspended! Estimated to be completed next week! 717 back: Lawrence of loess] 717: [Lawrence of loess] I heard a senior vice president and rang! All of a sudden sharp spread to the the Bauhinia city each ears! Scared sound, as if the whole world is still down in general! Oriental Yong quiet! He was shocked! Just now, he just subconsciously pick up a weapon see, then subconsciously target red loyalty, then subconsciously pull the trigger! When he hit red Zhong red Zhong came down like a shotgun hit pian; when hear their weapons issue this sound scared ring, Oriental Yong realized his weapon strange place! His hands were cold to the touch, bowed his head to look, turned out to be a hot Wu gun! But also a sniper rifle! It is the planet's most powerful sniper rifle - Remington spy! Oriental Yong stay here how to have a gun? Or Remington spy? This gun? - Oriental Yong looked back, just the corner of Oriental Yong five days ago to see the violet! Oriental Yong looked again at the hands of the gun,Nike Air Jordan 10, is it from a different space Purple Star transmitted over? "Jon, I'm coming!" Qin Wei sound up. www. qUanbEN. com along the sound looked back and, Qin Wei has gone to the front of the Oriental Yong, Oriental Yong asked: "You just stay here?" "No, I went to protection temperature Dutch sister!" Qin Wei shook his head. The division of labor before she is to stay here, and other the Purple Star treasures appear. At this time she looked there, exclaimed: "a corpse, weird clothes?" Oriental Yong looked, and sure enough, half of the bodies of the upper body on the ground, his clothes, distinct uniforms, clothing and special forces hand seems to have another gun! Although she has hundreds of thousands of points of curiosity, when the Oriental Yong know this is not a suitable time,Coach Online Bags, Qin Wei said: "you about the strange things around him and, gave it up!" Qin Wei point nod, eyes fall on the hands of the Oriental Yong gun, the eyes both asked. "This is the gun, holding in his hand, just that of a sharp sound, but also his issue, I'm afraid red Zhong fierce guitar can be said!" Oriental Yong said. "I went to look at the red loyalty, you hurry hands!" Oriental Yong said loudly, ran to just red Zhong falling place. Qin Wei worry about Oriental Yong, quickly put away the bodies of the special forces, and courage to recover to go to the East. At this time, the other monks woke up by This surprised a sound attracted, all ran over to the side. Strange, nothing here? "One monk exclaimed. "Just scared sound is issued ah!" Another monk said. "I just saw a line of fire fly out, do not know is the what rockets character surgery to break out!" Here a son gunpowder! "Look, there is blood?!!" All the monks rushed over to see to the blood of the earth, and exclamation. "There are broken intestines, been cut, drawn and quartered!" There is one small eyes, and saw, said. A lot of people called the Cold War! "But the corpse?" What is dead? "The face of many people's doubt, there is an old man grunted profound said:" Qin Tang Empire Palace tonight attacked the north and south forces hit, really heavy casualties ah! "Then the old man turned and walked away. The other one, underground passage: "It is jīng Wu elders of the city know ah!" ........................ Oriental Yong went to the just Chek Zhong fall, see one of the blood of the earth, but not people, quickly to chase. Along this trail, Oriental red Zhong Yong know in front. After a child, Qin Wei catch up to the East Yong Qin Wei, do not ask, you know Qin Wei must do a good job. Quickly, Oriental Yong to see bloodstains turned an alley, and Qin Wei caught inside. Red Zhong do not understand, he obviously just had Oriental Yong more pull farther, how Oriental Yong able to attack him? He was only feel the body startled, and then broke a big hole in the chest, his body suddenly got 90% of the force, suddenly fell to the ground! Red Zhong looked down and found his body actually had a hole in the blood like Quan erupted, physical strength and mysterious air like a gas dissipated, red Zhong know what they want done! He quickly caught a medicine, evacuated his body hole, and then bite quickly escape! Oriental Yong now have such a deadly weapon, he still refuses to run, it will certainly remove Oriental Yong life! Red Zhong armed self-defense, while Pinmingdixiang ago around. Beginning, Zhong red one willpower body force to stimulate out, ran out of a lot of distance. Soon, he found that the strength of the body is less and less, the footsteps getting weak, the eyes begin to spend! Red Zhong suddenly at a loss! Suddenly appeared in front of a red Zhong did not see what. But know he is curiously! Red Zhong see a monk ** practice, his cultivation of only five Xuan Ping, this time know the Millennium a rare case of Purple Star Astrology, also take a look at. His cultivation is too low, there is no access. Had around a turn. This is most of the people of this level to do so. I did not expect this time will see a serious injury figures ran. It does not matter, it is important that the hands of the injured person has a good treasure, and he seems about to die! His joy, rushed up, grab a sword in the hands of the red Zhong! The heart red Zhong angry a fist hit,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, but the body of a crooked, the body did not have the strength to support his making a fist. The low repair hi kicked red Zhong belly, red Zhong suddenly went down. The man was pleased to read a stolen sword, suddenly saw two people chase quickly ran away! Oriental Yong Qin Wei chase with blood afar saw a man kicked another person, and then fled. The Oriental see the hands of the runaway deficit has Zhong Yong sword, the first time that red loyalty, held up the hands of a sniper rifle! Eyes to see, is not red loyalty, had to buckle under the fingers froze! Shoop! - Qin Wei also raised his gun Oriental Yong, has been shot, a the wooden arrows shè to the man, the man banged down ten steps! Until the Oriental Yong see red Zhong kick with his foot, his death became the last straw, crushed him! The Chek loyalty chest a bloody holes, eyes wide, looking at the night sky, his face showed no emotion, eyes began to slowly astigmatism! Oriental Yong looked at him, Qin Wei to see that she kill people just looked at, with red-chung's sword back. Listen to Oriental Yong exclaimed: "hero ending, fierce and ambitious but also loess ...... C. . Baidu Search Read the latest and most complete novels <

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