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18.05.2013 03:36
it will directly give you security antworten

> 699: [Trades Zhu Yonghao out of the palace of Zhu Yonglin, mouth sneer. www QUanbEN, COM Zhu Yonglin do not know, Zhu Yonghao even tempted to her here a very important message. Prince is still alive and not a Prince, but three Prince, a four-Prince. And they are in the hands of Oriental Yong. Before Zhuyong Hao just from the prince Zhu Yong policy caught a little clue, but want deep investigation but there is no way. He knew Zhu policy must be alive, and may be the Pearl of the Orient and Oriental Yong. So have the temptation. But he was tempted, ask Prince Edward, fact Zhu policies, Zhu Yonglin do not know, the prince of her heart, and her brother, the Prince, in her mind like a clown host, so put her big brother condemnation the. So she said, but it is big brother called! This call may make Zhuyong Hao to got it wrong, so he was shocked. Then Lenovo, Zhu Yongle still alive, and that the other two brothers,? He further temptation in the final, said the big brother they call, but also to the Oriental Yong care. Zhu Yonglin should sound, even more so Zhuyong Hao surprise, all the temptations have been confirmed. Zhu Yonghao out of the courtyard of the Palace of Zhu Yonglin, the rise of forty-five degrees, feeling this day yīn the too cute, tis the clouds blow over posture too xìng to sense! He returned to his palace in mind matured, the government went to the Orient House, the Bulletin, into the palace to see the Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong know these two days he will come to their own early today, Oriental Yong also no accident. Two carrying tea, politely into the host and the guest should be, then chatted politely. Said a while · Zhuyong Hao complain about the things of the Prince of the dispute, said he was tired, so envious Zhu Yongle madding crowd's life. Oriental Yong does not know Zhuyong Hao and do not know much about this thing before, but Zhu Yonglin temptation to. He just Zhuyong Hao door to find his clues from Zhu Yong policy · pretty natural, but my heart is still uncomfortable threat! "Madding crowd Well, if he did not fight, and the world are the same!" Oriental Yong also laughed. Zhu Yonghao Hualiyouhua said: "brother-in-law of the thing in respect of some children not right, people are in favor of the contention things, if the body has been something of repression, constraint frame, then people would be honest and down, they like Prince, not with Oriental Yong constraints? "He made these remarks, from Oriental Yong called, brother-in-law into a full name, the meaning of words put it bluntly, it appears that further threats. Oriental Yong said: "in fact, is entrusted by the people, but I'd like to congratulate the five Prince is not in place, but also less to me, like how zìyóu life!" Oriental Yong anti-threat Past, more able to live off of four Prince, three of whom are Prince Edward bit down, do not you are not afraid of you? "Oh! - Oriental Yong you still did not understand your situation, I want to tell you how dangerous you are at any time the risk of beheaded, but also may scourge to the family," said Zhu Yonghao. Oriental Yong said innocently: "Five Prince serious, I just inserted by the people." "My sister? Oh, that time one she just a girl, know what, nothing would happen · How about you, to when a rebel crime down, the whole family · · · · · · Kacha! "Zhuyong Hao sound sè said. It seems that this guy did not expect that level to the emperor and empress. Oriental Yong did not go to care for him, and asked: "Five Prince, your brother you did not threaten, you exit the game · Why should you drive people out of it?" Zhuyong Hao and Oriental Yong on the TV for a while, and then exposed sincere expression, said: "Oriental Yong, me and you tell the truth, your statement is wrong, it is no threat to my six brothers, not me, I still can not say it is a threat, not to let others become my threat qualification acid words,Air Jordan 7, the thoughts of his heart, ** fully demonstrated. Then he added: Oriental Yong, you know I, Prince of the place will compete not, Zhu Yongqing the host, is very dissatisfied, I want to fight back, I hope that the Oriental Yong you can help me, help me obtain the Prince bit, bit of help I boarded the emperor, by that time, I will not lose your Oriental home! "he just finished seeking, and that the benefits, and then they talk about the threat to : "I now have direct control your lifeblood, as long as I have a few Prince thing in your hands," said Zhu Yongqing know, you say how he would do, it will directly give you security charges, the whole you to death! I take it to tell me Fu Huang, Fu Huang know you hid so many Prince Edward, this is not going to rebel, that do not have trumped up charges other ministers, see your Oriental home is not pleasing to the eye for a long time, you think they will not be adding insult to injury? "you and Yang E Young Princess thing, is not no one knows, just waiting to count only you do not want a belly woman is not final, and finally even the children beget Come on! "Oriental Yong listening to his threats, his eyes chill more and more concentrated, mouth sneer. Eyes, Zhuyong Hao are Oriental Yong's normal reaction. If threatened, a dull look, with confidence and look, that would be anti. Oriental Yong him in the eye for a moment, nodded and said: "Well, we talk about how to cooperate!" Zhuyong Hao hands, glad said: "Well, I knew Oriental Yong you are an individual Jie I got you support, the emperor will successfully get bit! "He waved his hand, seems to have as emperor. "Now I do not and Zhu Yongqing final battle, I also need to condensation on your home from now on, it has to show less support for the new Prince of Zhu Yongqing, and little opposition from time to time his behavior can, wait until the time is ripe, then you all stand out for me, that time is when I become an overnight success, not far from the throne! "is low,Nike Air Jordan 14 Sale, the strength of your family to help me first to win over to the other ministers · · · · · · Zhuyong Hao said a lot of high-spirited plan. Oriental Yong listening to, and then smiled and said: "That's us, my goodness!" Zhuyong Hao uh, a cry,Air Jordan SC 1, but then exposed serious sè said: "you say." "Pearl of the Orient will be my freehold land, south of Red Zhong occupied city, I take back a one is mine.? "Oriental Yong said dismissively. ...... Si <

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