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18.05.2013 03:33
Yong looked at the woods antworten

> 693: I called hackers] "My name is hackers," the man in black said the case. wWw. QUAnBEn. do not know the COM Oriental Yong stared, then: "ha ha · · · · · ·" The man in black eyes shocked, asked: "funny?" Miao small sword Oriental Yong asked: "What are you laughing?" the name of the man in black is not really, but this name is for Oriental Yong, but think of the mysterious and computer-related occupations, Oriental Yong she could not laugh. "Nothing ..." Oriental Yong grip on himself, said. Man in black for a purpose, to give his real name said, no one thought in exchange the meal laughing for no reason, this is not making fun of his name? Hackers suck down a deep breath, calm mood, and then overbearing said: "My Lord and want to recover the foot of the land! ..." He raised his hands of the Black Rose light, said: "If you do not want to be destruction, obey it! "the East Yong mouth drawn Guaishengguaiqi said:" how to listen, you are doing missionary? "Oriental Yong Miao small sword a shrug of the shoulders and said:" look at his right then rocks, In fact, he was very reluctant to speak to us as soon destroy us children, his early child happy, but he did not - because this is the light of his hands! "hacker mouth twitch, but no more words, the hands of the lights did not guilty to come back, still doing like his heart has been cried, you quickly children full capacity, I go to pack out the bastard! "Because your lights a limited time, playing a gun would have to wait a good long time to call a gun! Uh ... It's like a man's refractory period, playing a gun to rest again after hard!" Oriental Yong phrase to the point, said. The hacker was shocked, Oriental Yong even really look out! How to look out for? The hackers also do not understand how. "Because you deliberately speak, that is, you want to attract our attention drag!" Oriental Yong sneered. Oriental Yong said, hackers, and he accosted · To drag time, these words actually has Oriental Yong, the first to speak, he is also a purpose. Black Rose lamp is too dangerous, Oriental Yong know this lamp time xìng · but do not know at this time is not a regular, just two attacks idea about time, but not too remember third attack this light so I do not know at what time, we can not rush to take risks,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, Oriental Yong only keep their distance, etc. · · · · · · his third attack. Words excited he is to make his fretting, and then the third attack, will be released immediately. The cooling time after his third attack, Oriental Yong three hit! "Do you know how to, you still afraid of my black roses light!" Hacker sneered. Oriental Yong Hey smile, said: "Yes ah, I was afraid, but I am afraid · your lights do not move, can not ah, that a man · how? Said nothing to night seven Jiro , but also night Imperial hundred women, it is not a joke, soft hackers! "hacker eyes with anger stared at the Oriental Yong. "Look I · · · · · · Flying!" Oriental Yong suddenly raised his knife, chopping off to the hacker! The hacker quickly hop, Daoqi the flew from his side. Oriental Yong slightly strange how he is not the soul and shake. Miao small sword and said: "his hand scissors looking hard function!" Why? "Oriental Yong looked scissors in his hand, asked. Its material so I am curious vegetation magnet! "Miao small sword may mean material reasons. The Oriental Yong soul and shake not hurt him, it would continue to attack Daoqi! Constantly Daoqi from Oriental Yong hands fly out · that hackers occasional counterattack, but Miao small sword and the Oriental arms to block down. Oriental Yong concentrate on long-range attack hackers! The other side of the Golden Wolf soldiers got separated collection of loess City to attack, but this forces some children lack threatening xìng. Hacker task to the energy of the Black Rose lights shown in full, he will not be able to run, so with remote Oriental Yong has been jumping around. Wait until the energy of the Black Rose lights a full hacker eyes hi, raised his lamp, Mang Yong shè, suddenly a bone whip in his feet a move around his feet, a pull, hackers slamming body fell down, black rose lamp overturned on shè! Miao small sword already controls bone whip in the next blow succeeded, Oriental Yong and Miao small sword quickly hurry to rush past! The three four Daoqi fell to hackers who. Hackers who do not know what the baby, even layer-by-layer magic character recorded flash, blocking the Oriental the Yong Daoqi and other attacks. "Strange ..." earn a hacker feet, broke away bone whip, quickly rolled away to the side, although it does not look good, but saved the xìng life. Him magic symbol is not an unlimited number of recorded! He quickly stood up from the ground, hands a sword and shield, like a Western medieval warrior, the Oriental Yong Daoqi blocked. Oriental Yong near his body, Dragon Horn sword strokes his own strength, coupled with the power of Dragon Horn hacker Sword cut shock, the body backwards a few steps! "The good sword!" Oriental Yong Chan heard, and the second knife cut down. Tinkle constantly hackers constantly Back! Hackers quickly Sword closing shield attack - Shield Bash! But not as obvious shield material Sword of the good, H slamming, the shield is a little longer cut into halves. The Dragon Horn sword of Oriental Yong fell to a hacker who not only hit fly towering also give him magic character recorded storm hit dozens of layers! "What is this baby, yet there are so many layers fold magic character recorded?" The Oriental Yong strange. Hackers fly out, and then went on to Miao small sword, a bone whip almost want to play where to hit, hacker protection less than the local Miao small sword to be able to get the magic character recorded like firecrackers ringing non-stop. Hackers quickly find out from the body with a pair of scissors on bone whip shear, even stuck bone whip Oriental Yong, kicked in the body of the hacker, no one thought the magic character recorded to rebound out! But the hackers busy to cope with the Miao sword and did not jīng kill Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong stood up, no longer kick the hacker, far continue to attack him. Two couples playing very lively, Oriental Warrior in the back shouting the sentence: "The hour!" Oriental Yong quickly jump step, always pay attention to the hacker lights to lift the Black Rose. But when hackers 有苦说不出 but the, ah, Black Rose is not a time limit, but need to charge the energy, magic charge into, can be condensed into a hit. Now the couple besiege him he did not have jīng force,Coach Bags Store, no extra magic to charge the Black Rose lights, Oriental Warrior to calculate the time, his Black Rose lights failed to play them! But look at the two seem to fear, and appear to be more careful, hackers of course, can not take it to show to them, so pretend to lift the light of the Black Rose! Oriental Yong see a radical, and henpecked an accident! Miao small sword several times to grab lights, but they could not break the protective circle of the hackers! Hackers seen Miao Miao small sword · Dong Bang Yong care the small sword maximum strength, Oriental Yong just powerful weapons only, and own. So hackers lifted lamp · go facing the Miao small sword point. The East Yong anxious with a knife and chopping off to the hacker, while to the Miao Small sword rushed Miao Sword of the adventure, but the fear of the East Yong over a dangerous thing, anxious for a refund, Yong met with Oriental! Hacker no entanglement of the two, the rapid retreat of the body, ran not far from the small woods, the San Liangxia into the woods. Oriental Yong spent looked Miao small sword, was about to speak, behind the Oriental Wu shouted: "hoax soldiers meter! The" Oriental Yong breath, Miao small sword, smiled and said: "It seems that Black Rose lights time is not the law! "Oriental Yong point nod," odd "Miao small sword and said:" I have seen the same thing, that is the sea, an animal and a long tongue, every time roll it up, and then the pop-up to go, self-defense attack the enemy can attack their prey. "Oriental Yong looked at the the Miao sword, then smiled and said:" You mean, light limitation is not the time, but need to replenish their energy, in order to concentrate strike? "Miao small sword point head. Oriental Yong looked at the woods, said: "can not enter into the woods, or even more dangerous, he this go, but also to charge the energy!" Oriental Yong look to the the Huben soldiers fight in the Golden Wolf soldiers, shouted: " the soldiers gave me leave, to see who would be willing to come back I am guilty! "With Oriental Wu three the Golden Wolf soldiers lost, ran quickly part of the soldiers, the war is over. The Oriental Yong and Miao small sword has been attention to suspicious people around, afraid that hackers suddenly ran out attack. But that hackers ran and then did not come. Oriental Yong to hand down to sweep the battlefield, see for yourself turned back after Eastern Wu,Air Jordan 2 Sale, his body is injured, most of them a few days ago that a mutation. Di-tert-how that is? "Oriental Yong asked. Oriental force to come up with a the black sè Broken Sword, and a black beads and said: "That was about the rest of the loess city, no one thought just like the same thing that Chuansong Zhen, and more powerful, too for a moment appeared another I had the sight of a figure, and a few shadows of the huge monster, and then they had a fight, we all of a sudden the quilt in the inside, you want to come out will not, and had all scattered open palms on the ground, before the sacrifice of the brothers was reduced to at least "those shadows to play more than an hour, that figure seems to defeat all the shadows, but he also fell, and finally disappear from the black hole, leave the cutting knife and black beads, I see a baby - go, then these the Golden Wolf soldiers and black people attacked! "Golden Wolf Empire may have heard over anything changed? Why gold wolf soldiers listen to black people? obviously not a gold wolf Empire of the black people, nor is it here? "Oriental Yong asked strange. ...... Si <

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