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18.05.2013 03:32
door of Chiba Ling snow covered her antworten

"Oh, brother, you is the tour, the jewelry exhibition, on display three pieces of beautiful jade, the wool hall, each bet will rise the swim. / "door of Chiba Ling snow covered her mouth shouted, face a very surprised, around some familiar with these things, have rounded to come over, one face is shocked and excited, constantly narrates in the exhibition of things travel. Hear these people talk,Nike Air Jordan 14, Yoshikawa Nochi became even more shocked, very confused mind, why didn't anyone tell us you will have so much ability, why would start with yourself. The tour nodded slightly, and then the light looked at Yoshikawa Nochi, "misunderstanding, Yoshikawa Nochi, this is not a misunderstanding, the significance of existence in the jewelry shop, as I've said, and here......" Then, the tour shook his head, "here is a pure natural jewelry jewelry, resort to deceit, beautiful you are such a dirty behavior, stained,Air Jordan 13 UK, so, ha ha, the stranger is you." "Mr. Fang, Mr. Fang, I have nothing to do with it, this is a former president of the Fen set the operating rules, I can not control." Yoshikawa wild hurriedly shook his head, said some eager. The tour with a faint smile, "has nothing to do with you, one will only sell fake goods, not for the boss give advice and suggestions of the manager, what should you use." "Ha ha, I followed the Fen, 10 years, you are a child, dare to drive me away, unless the company command, perhaps, you this tour is fake, security, bring them to me immediately." Yoshikawa Nochi seeing things not cyclotron, rolled her eyes, and then said. How can now go, sales amount of three jewelry stores and are stored in the above, but also some expensive real jade, even out, also want to a walk, or else, follow the entrance of so many years of hard work. Not a bit of good don't get it. Several in the security next, some hesitation, looked at each other, they do not know is to listen to the Yoshikawa manager, or listen to this is said to have the whole group. The tour discourse so young. "Ha ha, the Yoshikawa manager, don't jump, you can not succeed, now go, maybe I can let you go." Said the tour with a thin smile, the expression is extremely sensitive to him. We do not see the face of Yoshikawa Nochi. "What are you doing here, do not want to do, the fake tour people give me out immediately." Yoshikawa Nochi saw the security next, still hesitated, suddenly shouted, Party tour this cool and self-composed appearance, let him feel a mounting pressure. Several security glanced at each other,Coach Online Store, then one toward Yoshikawa Nochi made the eye s è. Suddenly the man suddenly rushed up, "Ji Chuan manager, sorry." The speech. The guards, he took Yoshikawa Nochi control up, don't move, "what are you doing, to catch him, not me, you this group of traitors, wait until a real party is coming, you will get more than one bargained for." Yoshikawa wild side s è upheaval, and crazy struggle. While angry make a hullabaloo about a. The tour light glanced at him, expressionless.

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