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18.05.2013 03:26
he carefully watched for a while antworten

The great elders and two elders said, Takebe Shihito nodded, did not hesitate from this more than ten pieces of woolen materials, pick up a piece of woolen material, and then to the solution of stone, although it is free, but he deliberately avoided several high prices of wool,Air Jordan 9, he'll be tomorrow will these wool unravel, look at the party you face will be how wonderful. This underground warehouse covers an area of large,Coach Sunglasses Clearance, in order to understand the convenient stone, placed on the outside of a solution stone, although this is the basement, but the soft light on the ceiling, the entire warehouse irradiation of lights. Takebe Shihito took out a smaller on the wool, and gave it to him to find the bet stone master, though he contacted the bet stone, but calcite experience but not very strong, after all his strength lies in jewelry design. "Beichuan master, please take this wool unravel, thank you." Takebe Shihito will be handed to the bet stone wool master hand, to its respectful bowed. Their big day jewelry through various channels to the jadeite woolen material, one is largely the bet stone master unlock, almost every solution stone can solve the emerald perfect, without damage to the slightest, very powerful for this ability, he is naturally very respect. The master named Kitagawa Taro, was born the bet stone family, started from the childhood to contact the bet stone, now has Siwushiduo years, he was easily accepted Takebe Shihito's wool, the wool performance is not too good, also not too bad, it is very likely that the jade. He himself for the Takebe Ji kernel mouth that vision strong kid, didn't put in the mind, not more than 10 years of experience in the bet stone, simply be utterly ignorant of, a hair is not long, powerful, dare to claim. He now for Takebe Shihito says that every piece of wool up things, expressed serious doubts, even his old master that bet stone, can not guarantee that every piece of woolen material rises, then how could a boy to do, he does not believe that this world there will be a genius. Holding a piece of woolen material, he carefully watched for a while, and then in the close to the edge position drew a line, directly make it rigidly uniform down. This knife down, unexpectedly appear directly in green, let hi Takebe Shihito face fierce, although he doesn't worry about the stock will rise, but a bit early to see the green, is to let him at ease. Kitagawa Taro is also a smile, to make it rigidly uniform out of jade, which in his surprise, "looks green is good, head have quite enough, at least in the estimation of high-grade jade." "Thanks for the Beichuan masters, please continue to solution." Takebe Ji Ren face smile thanks. Kitagawa Taro nodded, looked confident, continue to rub wool, the more wiping more green, let Wu division, his face smile, is more and more concentrated. "From the current situation, if we rub a little green, this woolen material inside an estimated half will be firenze...... Hey, a white mist." Look at the green and growing, said Kitagawa Taro face arrogant, but words have not yet finished,Air Jordan Outlet, looking at the green suddenly disappear, appear white appearance, his whole person was stupefied a big >

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