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on the battlefield antworten

> Back to 684: the diaper] Oriental Yong bared his mouth, fingertips pinching a diaper! The Diaper very earth, very modern! Diaper with a yellow thing, let's look at the face of the Oriental Yong - guess what? Yes, princess defecation. Www. qUanBen. Com Oriental Yong as a new father, to go to the little princess wash poo pants! At this time, the Binger is to go from the outside in, Oriental Yong quickly put the diaper to hide behind. Binger greeted with a smile, and then looked at the Oriental Yuzo in the back of the hand, surprised and asked: "Master, you ......" you, what you think, quickly go inside! "Oriental Yong Hui the wave, sent away Binger. Binger out of sight, he took out from behind feces pants, Oriental Yong water call is put feces pants into the water, suddenly ran out and a man entered. "Master, Master · · · · · · uh, sir you do?" Ran in what little gold, see Oriental Yong hands of the things asked. Oriental Yong forehead suddenly covered with black line, really want to go this bastard's face and threw it! Yong Oriental feces pants into the water, Xiaojin asked: "What, you do not know the yard can not speak loudly, if you wake my little princess, I give you skin picking down!" Xiaojin skin playing a shiver, and then quickly said: "Master, just got intelligence, coastal areas, huge waves flooded a lot of places, but there is also a lot of sea monster encounter people attack!" Oriental Yong eat scared, sea monster, he suddenly thought of the family of the sea, and asked: "Intelligence did not say what time?" small boat day evening! "small sword where?" Mrs. "Six in the barracks!" "sea monster appears red Zhong reaction?" they can only retreat, because too many sea monster, than soldiers, the soldiers wanted to rebel, can not top and the sea monster into the sea will be red up, instead of being killed or drowned! "Oriental Yong breath. At this time the Binger ran, Oriental Yong told her: "That Binger, these pants you wash there to tell Satsuki, etc. while I come back!" The Binger see feces pants, Puchi smile, but look east Yong and nervous look Xiaojin, must be out what was going on, so she did not ask nodded. Oriental Yong and Binger little gold ran out in the back shouted: "Master, you have to wash your hands!" Oriental Yong raised his hand to look not obviously yellow sè things, but a little taste, he play the wave, which means that the know. Binger smiled squat wash from the feces pants, and then drying to the diaper area of ​​a little princess white cloth fluttering piece, even more than in front of the United Nations flag. Binger wash hand into the room Satsuki Satsuki Pearl teasing little princess playing little princess giggled constantly, Satsuki Binger smiled and said: "Binger you are coming ...... beads, call to Auntie! "Binger smiles:" good sister, beads good clever ah! "Yang says to him:" The husband is not to make you wash beads pants.? "Binger points head. Yang month nose wrinkled, croon: "even shamelessly, hum · · · · · · Binger looked at Yang, Yang explained:" I just he and I made a small wager he lost, give beads for pants hee · · · · · · beads then give a shit, you said she was naughty,Coach Online Outlet, and then he went out your nose ...... "Yang month when it comes punched a little flutter, blush, did not say she lost and do not know how to do what ambiguous flutter. The Binger acute said: "Sister In fact, you have misunderstood young master, the Master just · · · · · ·" Binger just hit the door Oriental Yong, Oriental Yong awkward and handle hid behind like to say it, and two women laughed, beads little princess is also no loyalty to laugh, then Binger turning point when it comes to Xiaojin, Oriental then Yong Miao sword things that seems to go to the out. The words, End, give Oriental Yong wash innocence, Oriental Yong is not acting in bad faith, not a rogue. "The front row the red ...... squadron, shè ...... the barracks of the Pearl of the Orient north of Miao sword sound ringing highlighted. Oriental Yong into the city, to see a row of soldiers middle of the cāo field shuffled around a bamboo ball, then the cāo field an array of soldiers, very brave front row to the front rushed the middle of the soldiers piggy back off his bow and arrow, and then go to the the bamboo balls in the sky shè. The Xiu Xiu shoop, bamboo ball of the space of days, there is no a arrow shè, the. Then, Miao small sword was feeding sound, an array of a hundred people constantly changing lineup, the soldiers almost 18 weapons with enough ax Killer,Nike Air Jordan 4 Sale, shields hand, in the formation of transformation, reflect their role! Such a group, on the battlefield, is almost an all-powerful, all-round, ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, all special forces, in general exist as a meat machine. Oriental Yong soldiers, has one million the number of out of here, the quality is even stronger than was pretty proud! Oriental Yong inside play hands, Miao small sword to a lieutenant under the command left the station, Yong ran down to the East. "What is it?" Asked Miao small sword of Eastern Yong, hand naturally Oriental Yong, Lile hair! Orient Yong Xiao Jin said earlier saying to the Miao small sword listen, the Miao sword listened, frowned: "Why, what's wrong Is the family of the sea, before the invasion of mainland Oriental?" She looked up. decisively said: "We went to the coast to see!" Oriental Yong nodded, then said: you back the park to protect the little gold! "and then fly to the sky and Miao small sword, to the coastal areas. away. Oriental Yong Xiao Jin is not too assured that home can be put to him to do to protect the main, because there Yuen Weng three days were against them from the little gold to be able to wait until the the Miao sword back. Oriental Yong Xiao Jin Another powerful control method! Less than two hour Oriental Yong estuary City, here is the place from the Pearl of the Orient, Oriental Yong also been here once, and that once with a mission to three Watertown through here on time, there is also very prosperous, now come, but it is a vast expanse of water, the body of someone in the water, sea monster's body, and another group of people are swimming behind a sea monster is chasing. Swordfish Queen Miao small Sword brow some children restless, jumped overboard and took those sea monster shouted: "Stop me ... · · ·" She is the use of coercion issued, although the sea monster is not swordfish,Air Jordan Flight The Power, but equally shaken intake! ...... Si <

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