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18.05.2013 03:19
Oriental Yong because of AIDS and antworten

> (Two in the afternoon, the Queen on the fantasy book recommendation, the effect is very good, just the collection of Queen reached 300, blood, ah,Nike Jordan After Game, excited ah, update now! Ran classmates, helped Favorites! ) bit 31 days the second floor! I did not expect, "former" in the 13-year-old practice to put the mysterious gas so high realm! Yang Chen Ling heard purple purple fox, which is obviously the meaning of the Oriental Yong praise, this time her eyes shining with the stars looked Oriental Yong! Oriental Yong vanity suddenly a small meet, like the woman looked so always feels terrific. www QUANben com but then he was a bit disappointed. Fox purple purple mean obviously, only Oriental Yong former kind of small day-bit 32-storey repair before her discernment, Yang Chen Ling days at 19 storeys is good, but compared to thirty-two layer, there is still a part of it, being impossible into her senior class! Originally Oriental Yong is the idea of ​​holding a first come, first served, Oriental Yu and Binger contract canon even Yang Chen Ling contract, and yesterday she has become the woman of his mind, to be natural for her to gain access to the advanced class! It seems that the idea is not achieved, wait a minute out, but also to comfort Young chick! Oriental Yong and Yang Chen Ling some of the lost time, fox purple purple lips floating say a word: "she had no way to enter the senior class, but I suddenly felt, Yang Chen Ling foundation is not bad, but she has you around, there you admission days 30 bit the second floor and wanted to practice there must be a very profound experience after you teach her to teach her level, maybe a month or two liters up, and that time and then transferred to the senior classes much trouble, so I decided from now on, she is my senior class students! "Oriental Yong and Yang Chen Ling stay for, then stared peering to see the fox purple purple. The nice purple fox purple eyes flashed proud of sè, but the tone was a bit cold to say: "However, if you did not teach her in two or three months, her level of teaching to the extent of my satisfaction, I will She transferred to the lower classes. "Then, she then went straight back to the station platform. Oriental Yong watching fox purple purple background, heart of a happy, I did not think of Yang Chen Ling really into the advanced class, followed by a bitter, own how can what practice experience to teach Yang Chen Ling ah, but if in a few months not to Yang Chen Ling's The mysterious gas increase, I am afraid that when fox purple purple really would Yang Chen Ling transferred back to the lower classes, may be necessary to hurt his woman's heart! Seems to find a way to Yang Chen Ling after some practice experience to her! Although Oriental brave heart is still fearing, but Yang Chen Ling is happy bad! Originally thought impossible, but because they like the man, and this time she is happy to jump up suddenly hugged Oriental Yong, Baji heard kissed his cheek look, and said: "Great, great! I entered the senior class book! "Oriental Yong did not expect Yang Chen Ling could be so bold, even pro himself in front of so many people, wake up soon after froze for a moment, his eyes swept away, really was noted Some people say that girls waiting to test them, which team good romantic ah, some people say shameless, and took note of their Master, gently shook his head. "Hey, girl, pay attention, in others Behold!" Oriental Yong patted her on the back, reminds us. "Oh?!" Yang Chen Ling exclamation, looked up, there really is a lot of people looking at them, her face red, light stamped his foot, then quickly said: "Oriental Yong Yong brother, I go first, I will find you, ah, I'm off! "Then, clutching his cop ran. Uh, really thin skinned little girl ...... "Oriental Yong smiled and shook his head, attention turned to those who are watching his lively, cheeky, he not only will not be embarrassed, but they warm smile. A team of girls to see their test when his eyes to see them holding her chest, his face full of longing, Oriental Yong frowned, loudly: "little girls, then you do not hurry test,Nike Air Jordan 1, it is necessary to late! "Oriental Yong early today to go out, after getting up almost Oriental Yu pull to the College after originally Registration can leave, he was purple purple fox pull to the new test, Although Oriental Yong begins, I feel very satisfied vanity, great face, and returned to the Oriental Yu the Binger and Yang Chen Ling three and his relationship girl newborn testing, make them happy and pleased! But School of jīng Wu is famous universities in the country, the world monks want to enter here to learn, so let the the Oriental Yong testing newborn reached 500 people! Many people a long time, almost noon when we come to the end of the test. Start of the test is somewhat fresh, but more often, you will feel tired, and very boring and simple. But the middle there are still a few little things to be said. An Oriental Yu and Binger so long, there is not even Oriental Yong say in hand does not know where to run and wanted to teach college; Another thing is that before the Oriental Yong because of AIDS and the Princess break off an engagement event,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, made notorious, but no TV or something like that in this world, so many people know the name of the Oriental Yong, but do not know what others look like, so he gave the newborn testing, these new and not recognize that he is the infamy of the people, the test has been normal, but not all people do not know him, followed by a few girls recognized Oriental Yong, fear of the spread of AIDS, scared to go to another team go. But Oriental Yong will not care about the emotions of these people continue to conscientiously complete the work of the new test. By noon, he returned to the test ball fox purple violet, for fear of also in the afternoon she took as coolies, hastened to say good-bye! Found Oriental Yu and Binger, laugh and they went to college gates. This time but do not want to hear a nasty sound! "Yo, this is not the home of the East waste, but there are still face to College! Tell you jīng Wu College is for us jīng British and you waste or far away!" The man shouted sneered. Oriental Yong frowned, he has to listen to the sound of Chu Yuan guy! Oriental Yu and the Binger heard condemning Oriental Yong, face sè livid with anger, quickly turned to look and saw a white man with his face bare sarcastic sneer, step by step toward them, Oriental Yu thundered: "You are what people dare verbally abusive to my brother ...?" the Oriental Yong Chu see dressed in white Shuashuai the original anger against laugh, his hand on Oriental Yu and Binger two, smile said: "Yu, Binger unto you is born this gas ah? ...... brush slamming in the East Yong edge look back and two girls talking all the time, a rocket shabu slamming from Oriental Yong hands fly out, moment, to the front of Chu Yuan, bang burst, one thick smoke, such as ink sprayed into the body of Chu Yuan! ========== BookId = 1,953,434, bookname, in a = "world drum"] Description: The world of the side drums drums of war Ming, the world is messy. <

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