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> 646: [] Section 646 of the old man's backyard back: the old man's backyard "I have a few questions to ask you," Qin Wei said with a smile. The the wwW! qUANbeN! coMWwW.CaiHongWenXue. old man reached out to do, please potential, said "the old man think my husband, how do we? Qin Wei laughed. "Master xìng Berthelot, but with a calm heart, little things like chipping away, but feel justice is a common development partners," the old man did not think to say out. "who have their own strengths,Jordan Take Flight Shoes, it is the best candidate auxiliary Master," said the old man, Qin Wei is most useful for he is not the kind of hypocrisy, Oriental Yong is a good master. joke a day case will go to So find a master? into common development partner, more convincing, more realistic. behind said they have their own strengths, is the best candidate, which is almost Qin Wei ass in the film, after listening to her comfortable Qin Wei asked with a smile that you are with us the determination of-kin? "Please be assured, Yang Ming is not ungrateful Moreover followed the young master is also very interesting, I will not leave now, what happened afterwards now say, it would later say, "the old man said really. "Well, your words, I can be able to say to you you told Zhou Ling, Oriental save lives in her no Oriental Yong, that she still did not wake up, you say can not be ungrateful, you can not leave the East Yong, if she could not accept, you can ask her to leave on your own, "said Qin Wei. The old man is very concerned about Zhou Ling, Qin Wei heard the phrase, but scared, so he really afraid to run Qin Wei, the old man thought, said the old man, you will do well, I guarantee that nothing would happen, she will not run, and even if she really ran, that my husband is not said yet, you are zìyóu body, you can catch, huh, huh ...... "the old man smiled sheepishly. Qin Wei, gently turned away, the old man stay in place, and thought about it for a while, he turned back to the room after a while children, the door there was a knock or two, and then Zhou Ling go in, and two days before the night,Coach Bags Outlet, to convince the old man out of here, and has been threatened if he did not leave, she left the old man fondly looked at her, in the face of a beloved, he really did not want to make her counsel, and do not want to force her, Finally, he heaved a sigh of relief, then just Qin Wei teach set that out. Zhou Ling after listening to the bodice, the old man distinguished from his head, After a child, he heard a slight sound of sobbing, the old man sigh cry, heartbreaking cuts like a knife, which makes life for the love of the wound days were master, how to stand it seems tired old man, heavily lying in bed, my mind went blank after a while children,Coach Totes Sale, a gently footsteps sound, Then the man sat down beside the bed, nudging the old man look old man in a daze, and did not move next to natural Zhou Ling, she then Wadiyisheng, crying up, and then threw himself on the old man's body, hand and the pounding the body of the old man's old man was shocked, Zhou Ling cried for 1/4 back 646: [the old man's backyard] back 646: [the old man's backyard] <

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