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> The Binger face a hi! She looked at the front of the small white rabbit, asked: "Really??" At this time, she also remember to discuss things and her sister Qin Wei, put down her weak pitifully thin line of defense! Oriental Yong heart of a happy, laughing: "That is of course you, your husband I do not believe it?, I was hurt, but you can ask a small rabbit, ah, come to a small rabbit, you is not so ah, then you Zhiyi Sheng ah! "three small White Rabbit, even really squeak in unison out. wWw, quaNBen, COm Binger laugh Poof! Eastern Yong successfully defrauding the the Binger heart, gently over her plate, and then a little white rabbit into Binger's hand and asked her: "how to face sè of her husband ah?" Binger pout pout, looked a little rabbit hand, soft down. She said: "The sister said you did last night for us, we have to unite, to give you a little face sè look, or you will become too much!" Oriental Yong heard this angry face redness, ear discharge heat, Qin Wei is getting worse and worse, even so to abetting obediently Binger! "You heard her words?" Oriental Yong, earnestly Tut Road, "you think about last night who tied red damask, Wei children how tied itself, it is not in harm you can not enjoy Happy xìng Fu? you now have to listen to her? really ... "Binger think of things last night, blushed, listening to the Oriental Yong Qin Wei ill, she naive xì the ng child will not think too much, is that bad, and said: "Master, Wei child sister later is not tied to it? sister did wrong, you last night is really hard to let people ...... "behind the words, she did not have the nerve to say anymore. Oriental Yong looked at her lower body, care and asked: "really hurt you?" The Binger Qiaolian is a red, a slight nod, and then said: "afraid to come out as early as noon it is much better now! "afraid to come out, because of the weird walking! Oriental Yong around her and comforted for a moment, asked: "That they both do?" Natural is the Qin Wei and the temperature charge. Binger said: "Wei sister injured, rose early, and she and I walk, unlock red damask, I have seen the swelling below it ......" Oriental Yong film forehead last night too excited, it appears that a series of hurt two women! Lian Qin Wei swelling, not to mention that Binger. No wonder, come back later today, Qin Wei abetting Binger to cold treatment Oriental Yong, it is no wonder Binger will listen to Qin Wei. Wounded Woman and always considerate injured woman ah! "Temperature and the Netherlands, she seems to have hurt ..." Binger said. Oriental Yong listen to this tone, it seems that some children Guaishengguaiqi, asked: "how?" Early to see her, she was walking normal, but after a while children, she also followed the two of us lame of a street, Wei sister looked angry, and she had a falling out! "Binger said with a trace of anger. Oriental Yong heard this, laughed, and he could think of temperature psychological mischief charge is to see not Binger and Qin Wei sports victories, she also learned that she victories last night! Of course, back to grace temperature charge, this is the real existence! But it was all Oriental the Yong cāo labor night, the body and jīng force almost to the Qin Wei and Binger drained, to natural temperature charge less. In addition, the temperature-Dutch Qin Wei Binger tying Oriental Yong are stimulated not be so great! Oriental Yong believes that early does not cause harm to warm Dutch Binger just say, first time I saw the temperature Dutch, her walk is normal. That it is the first time the two face to face, the Binger observed temperature load, temperature load was also observed Binger, temperature Dutch afraid behind, cheek to learn limped. Oriental Yong heard temperature charge and Qin Wei noisy, it touches on some children nervous, two women are heavyweight fight, the consequences really be disastrous, but the from Binger tone, only noisy, did not say fight, the other to see which other homes is quiet and peaceful, and that they do not fight. "Now how they like it, but also noisy?" Oriental Yong asked. Or the first in Binger understanding of the situation inside, into the good! "No, Yu child woke up, only to persuade one, they all stopped." Binger reached out a finger, brave dazzling light blue fingers in the East. "Say what?" She said, the brother saw will not be happy! Then they stopped, but did not speak. "Binger said. Oriental Yong beat his forehead, said: "bad!" "What is it, sir?" Binger asked with concern. "You see, only three?" Oriental Yong said with chagrin. Oriental Yong said only three women, but forgot Oriental Yu If you go in this, it is not that, his sister to forget? Binger also stay for, and then on the East Yong wrinkled his nose, then said: "Wait a minute I put the little white rabbit to Yu child good!" Oriental Yong clinging Binger, Binger Boo gave a kiss and smiles: "or I Binger!" Binger blushed, then said: "Wait a minute, you can coax them both, they temper it!" "Well, Binger best! "Oriental Yong to Binger holding hands, walking into. Into the inner court, temperature charge and Qin Wei sitting on either side of Yu on both sides of the child, and then I sentence you speak and Yu child! But they are nothing but wait to see on the other side, two powerful gas field, collided. Oriental Yu see Oriental Yong,Coach Online Outlet, smiled and said: "My brother, you come back!" Oriental Yong laughing and said: "Well, you eat!" "No, we are waiting for his brother to come back!" Oriental Yu said. . Qin Wei saw the East Yong, the mouth slightly write, carried away to temperature load on the East Yong is like chūn wind gentle smile, welcome to. Qin Wei met with dissatisfaction, snorted, just go stand in front of the Oriental Yong charge close to let temperature. Oriental Yuichi see, and my heart Road, they really had the foresight ah, has long been thought of such situations, so Oriental Yong laugh went to the middle of the two, said: "You do not fight, look, I have given you with what "Then, he put two small white rabbit held to the middle of the two. Qin Wei and temperature Dutch met shines! "One person, one, not allowed to fight again!" Oriental Yong said. Temperature load Hei said: "Where did you get your little rabbit, ah, so cute!" Hey, borrowed find rabbit mother! "Qin Wei originally born Oriental gas Yong, but seeing small white rabbit, if the regeneration of his gas,Coach Bags Sale, is not no little rabbit, so she was thought, determined to first say of a small rabbit. So in the temperature and the Netherlands took over the White Rabbit, she quickly grabbed one. Oriental Yong met with this scene, hehe smile. He clapped his hands and said: "I will give you meat with Complement, we quickly go out to eat!" Binger small rabbit to the front of the Oriental Yu said: "Yu child, young master to you, oh! "Yu child, gladly accepting. "My brother, they are not sisters?" Oriental Yu touched rabbits asked. "Well!" Oriental Yong replied. "Really, huh, huh!" Oriental Yu happy. Temperature, charge and Qin Wei looked at, and then together, temperature and charge a small white rabbit on the front of the Oriental Yu said: Yu-child sister, their sisters to band together. "Qin Wei said:" Yu child like good! "Oriental Yu pleased to touch the left and right touch. Oriental Yong asked: "how do you know they are female, gave security and sisters of the title!" "Of course a woman, I like a rabbit sister!" Oriental Yu said, of course. Temperature, charge and Qin Wei, Binger raised his head and said: "That is of course!" Oriental Yong few women defeated. After a child, a small profit came in and said rabbit meat somehow. A person out of the hall for dinner. In course, Oriental Yong did not dare and women said they are so cool to eat rabbit meat, after all they have to do and little rabbit sisters, let them know that eating rabbit meat, it is not and eat the same kind of ah! ........................ Zhu Yongqing when the Prince, this is the happiest thing in his life, from the sensible, thought to tear down the big brother, when the Prince, and now finally realize their dreams, and he came out from the palace , people ready to celebrate! The Chu Taishitun single-handedly Zhu Yongqing push Prince bit mentor, Zhu Yongqing to go and Chu House welcome over. Chu Grand Preceptor in my heart glad, Zhu Yongqing When the emperor that he is the greatest hero, then, the Chu family will become a wholly Bauhinia City's largest family! Chu Taishi then thought to live together, want and Zhu Yongqing relations further in clearly implies Zhu Yongqing said: "Prince's body three ladies do not know which one virtuous, it can become a bit of a Crown Princess? ...... old lady feel, when Crown Princess to correct, moral, lilies and roses, which is this to be, and more importantly, auxiliary Prince successfully when the new emperor. "Zhu Yongqing now, when the first day of the Prince, cried the Prince, and my heart that comfortable, this time to listen to the words of the Taishi Chu, and sometimes do not understand it, and asked: "Then I three Lady how to assisted me, Taishi?" Chu Taishitun, sigh a sigh, lamented: "My family has little granddaughter, Chu Ling, the Prince's first-choice, to my the Chu family home potential, will be able to help the Prince bit further, but the Prince has three ladies, so the old lady can only sigh "Chu Taishi To put it bluntly. Zhu Yongqing hesitated and asked: "What my three lady can not do?" Their family, do I Chu home, family, it is naturally to help small! "Chu said Taishi, Zhu Yongqing one, some suddenly realized, to marry the Taishi granddaughter, but to get the help of the Chu family! Zhu Yongqing quickly said:" That Taishi, I'll give you a pro- you put your granddaughter to marry me! "Chu the Taishi satisfaction, smiled and said:" Prince is not urgent, your marriage, but also Emperor promised the job, not as good as we choose rì, along with the palace said to the Emperor listen Wong grant marriage! "And, the old granddaughter, is still the North to send in practice, need to go and tell her to come back! Zhu Yongqing nodded and smiled and said: "Well, I listen to Taishi Chu Taishitun laughed! "This is a" listen Taishi Taishi happy Chu beard should tilt to invited Chu Taishi, Please Oriental Yong Zhu Yongqing want to go, but the return back to the East Yong Nanshan,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, on the abolition of his mind he certainly has to please other people of the Orient home, Yang Chengxiang, but they had before "do anything" to discuss strategy, it is natural not to participate in Zhu Yongqing, informal dinner, please do not to these two important family, but the two families have a very reasonable explanation and excuse, Zhu Yongqing there is no way But when he thought of Prince of Chanyu. when Prince is Chu Taishitun push to but no opportunity to Chanyu Prince 1:00 chūn to find Oriental Yong duel, and then back Lu Yu highway thief, he also did not seize the opportunity of highway thieves, do not have this opportunity, there is no table power, impossible when Prince Zhu Yongqing think, Chanyu Prince is his lucky star, later today to celebrate dinner must Please Chanyu Prince. Chanyu Prince the gold wolf Empire Prince, that with him, is not soiled his body Prince of gas only when this Prince! Chanyu prince one, it touches readily come, so a lively dinner began, two Prince to stand together, the more they talk the more cooked dinner after, Chanyu Prince to stay in the palace of Zhu Yongqing, two like brothers when Chanyu to to Prince complained: "You Bauhinia city is bustling, ah, than the the gold wolf Empire of the Golden Wolf capital of much better, but is not good! "Oh, what is wrong? Zhu Yongqing strangely asked. "Your Bauhinia the city did jì female ah! "Bitter the Chanyu prince with a straight face said, perhaps he is drinking too much, so just say such a thing to this drink alcohol and he and Zhu Yongqing feelings, drink out of friendship! Zhu Yongqing strange, not how could it not? would not be the chicken looking for foreign Prince, can not find the place? "from gold wolf Empire out, not with a woman on the road'd find a few back, as well as your road officials gave I, once I heard the woman beneath me turned out to be the wife of local officials, that one was great But to Bauhinia city, but I how can not find a woman! "Is not found, but not for the woman I slept! The first day I arrived, went to the Red House, I heard there is the most prosperous of the entire Bauhinia City Temptress Moon, you saw, where the woman actually said that he is a girl, courage to finger will not allow that gas ah! This Zhu Yongqing seen on the spot, That is the whole of Red House reform re-opened rì of son, Zhu Yongqing also seen Chanyu Prince joke! "Originally, I was thinking about not caught in the street a woman came in, but the first two days, I saw a naked man dragged to his death in the ground, that is indecent assault on a woman's consequences, so I gave up the idea, the price is simply too big! "<

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