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547 pen: [the Zhu Taigong main stay] 547 document (s): 【the Zhu Taigong main stay two princes, are you okay? "Asked the White Tiger. The www qUAnBEn com "you Oriental brave men?" Zhu Yongqing looked at the white tiger, and asked for his identity Road. Before in the Oriental Yong outside the hospital, to see the white tiger, now ask, just calm frightened, subconsciously asked White Tiger: "Yes,Coach Online Outlet, we see here in the mountains suddenly a lot of fire, sir guessed You've just come here, let me down with brothers look Prince Chanyu grateful said: "I would like to thank the Oriental brother, we are only slightly skin trauma, all right, thank you brother" White Tiger for the East Yong should be down. Said: "This group of people is the recent Bauhinia around the city of rampant evil farmer, do not know if they still have no accomplices, or let us send the two princes go back together," Zhu Yongqing should be down, said: "Good." Zhu Yongqing biting teeth, looked at hundreds of farmers, very angry, and said: "You can also put these people to me to take home, his mother, even Ganqiang to my head to rebel" Zhu Yongqing, and Chanyu Mo, Benny men, in addition to the wolf army, division, accidental injury, a broken arm, Batu pierce the stomach, others are more or less a little skin trauma, not be a problem. Their hundreds of highway robbery farmer tied up with rope strung bunch, so that they line up and walked to the city. White Tiger sent two soldiers to go back to the Oriental Yong messenger, he took forty-eight brothers, guarding Chanyu the Prince and Zhu Yongqing, and marched hundreds farmer, went to the city. ............ "What, you say two princes to highway robbery? Really?" Oriental Yong some children asked in surprise opposite soldiers ", when we went, and the scene is confusing, but almost almost two a prince of the people under control, "said the soldier. "This is what happens, you give me that" Oriental Yong slight frown said. So the soldier then said it. Was rolling stone chaos, but the two princes of the people have been rushed to the mountain, the face of ordinary farmers, let alone the natural, if not Huben squad in time for the halfway, the white tiger shouted first, or they to are not their thing Oriental Yong heard, understand how it was, nodded his head. "It will not be two fat to use them, right?" Oriental Yong himself whisper, "What?" Next to a crisp voice. Sound to master, Zhu Yonglin. She listened What is unclear Oriental Yong said, he asked, puzzled. "Oh," Oriental Yong looked at her and said: "That you could not walk tonight, stay here to sleep one night," Zhu Yonglin naturally could not tell East Fangyong Dong Fang Yonggang only to himself, and this is not, then mean the same thing, but after listening to the back of the Oriental Yong, Zhu Yonglin face one red to stay? More sorry thing "...... if not ..." said Zhu Yonglin weak voice. The Dong Bang Yong bad laughed: "These half-way do not know but also safe, now black, it may be dangerous if you are half way encountered robbers," Zhu Yonglin hesitate to answer Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong lowered his voice and said: "But I heard, and those who just want to rob your brother, your brother looks greasy, indecent assault your brother you do not believe it, I heard a few days ago there is an overgrown mother, and son of the brother of the thin skin greasy meat was robbed of money, and also robbed the body ...... "Oriental Yong facing the ass one finger, said:" daisy "," not to mention you grow so pretty as a flower, right, if you are arrested, it may be dangerous, you are willing I can not bear to Zhu Yonglin listening Oriental Yong to be so frightened, I could not help students some yīn shadow, heard a few days before the son of Columbia chrysanthemum burst things seem to have heard the ladies said, could not help a little letter, and then look east Yong his ass, the image and some children spoof, almost pop sprayed laugh. Then heard behind his boast her Ruhuasiyu to, said if it was taken away to how to how to help the body shaking a bit, "Do not say it so scary good" Zhu Yonglin Chen Dao "Well, you stay do not go the "Oriental Yong said. "I ... this is inappropriate, right?" Zhu Yonglin weak weak to ask. "Hey, you want to go, you do not think I left you down, is to make you and I slept a room?" Oriental Yong pretend looked at her in surprise and said. Zhu Yonglin one, his face red, that they feel this way some children inappropriate, will be shy, but no thought of sleep and Eastern Yong ah, how out from the Oriental Yong mouth, it becomes so ashamed "You ... ... I fight with you, "cried Zhu Yonglin. The place where they are in the yard, just left after the soldiers had finished speaking these words to outsiders, or Oriental Yong heard, I'm afraid Zhu Yonglin first time to the severing of the East Yong, kill the witness "Master, Yu child woke up "the Binger voice out Oriental Yong Zhu Yonglin had to escape the murder of her husband nine yīn bones of the dead claw hear Binger, meal, when Zhu Yonglin flutter over, Oriental Yong body is down and whispered shouted: "I was a woman to murder her husband, ah" Zhu Yonglin also heard Binger, you know, can not Zainao go on, but the Oriental Yong sank back in her, she was afraid to see Binger, quickly push the East Yong look, a small channel: "Yu child woke up, you do not hurry to go and see" "I have been a woman to kill, and see what to see," said Oriental Yong spoof. Zhu Yonglin angry cry, afraid to see Binger Binger shouted: "Binger, your young master to hear" and then whispered to the Oriental Yong said: "Get up, or I fight and you" " agreed conditions "" What? "" stay and live here, "Zhu Yonglin hesitated for a moment, should be down, said:" good "Oriental Yong hand a beat, straightened up, ha ha ran in to the yard. Zhu Yonglin, blushing, front of Oriental Yong background Baileyiyan, and then with the inside. Into the inside, just happy Oriental Yong, happier, but Zhu Yonglin discovered the joy of his heart, a bit less. When she saw Yu children face more pale know her body and poor, could not help heart pain, but also understand the Oriental brave face sè of changes. His face smile Huan Yu child is very happy, to cajole the Yuk children Zhu Yonglin see God sè to Oriental Yong, also a little soft. After a child, Zhu Yonglin and Oriental Yong sit with them, eat dinner. This evening, Zhu Yonglin was some disturbed children, and some children ashamed, but in Binger, their view is the usual, and in fact is the usual. Binger Oriental Yong arranged for a new room, they later separated from sleep, did not occur nothing special, such as Zhu beautiful princess to take a bath stolen awakened the middle of the night surname Oriental sè wolf to climb into bed, or middle of the night in a corner came the ghost sounds like sound, but the other is the sound of a wolf called. The next day, Zhu Yonglin naturally will not know Oriental Yong drug production process. Wait until Zhu Yonglin wake up, Yu child has tasted the drug. "Yu child, your gas sè today a good many of the Oriental Yu Zhu Yonglin said, laughing. "Well, my brother just the same way I say" Oriental Yu Road. "Really, Oh ......" Zhu Yonglin accompany Oriental Yu laugh, eat breakfast and then accompany her, but after a while the children sleep in the past for Oriental Yu, Zhu Yonglin but do not want to leave to go back to the city. Last night had lived here for a night, that should go back to, or Queen and the Emperor will see how? Zhu Yonglin Oriental Yong said: "I still stay here with a paternity Yu child" Oriental Yong nodded. Yu child's body is getting worse, Zhu Yonglin can see it, and care for her, Oriental Yong felt very good about. Yu child asleep, Zhu Yonglin here Hangin ', the Binger and Qin Wei and she has been chatting will be bored, so Zhu Yonglin said: "I look to the mountains to the mountains, the natural look a few days ago to see to the litter of rabbits Oriental Yong smiles: "I'm afraid that nest rabbit, their mother rabbit you already know their nest, the mother rabbit move it"? Why should we move? "Zhu Yonglin strange asked. "Because she was afraid that you are a bad person, to steal their rabbit" Oriental Yong laughed. "I'm not a thief, how the rabbit mother would think?" Zhu Yonglin Duzui the said. Oriental Yong said: "how do you know you are not bad, if not you, but other people, the little rabbit was stolen, the good results is being led away and kept the bad is baked food because the mother rabbit, rabbit My mother may not find a place to cry, ah, so they have the experience usually move Zhu Yonglin some children believe Oriental Yong then. But she still want to go to the mountains to look at. ............ "Huh?" Zhu Yonglin to the mountain, the original rabbit cave, found that there is also a small rabbit shadow glad to help. "Guy Oriental Yong, speak not the whole thing," Zhu Yonglin pleased to thought. But Oriental Yong a statement, made Zhu Yonglin trust, it seems that they can not stay here too long, ah, or Mother Rabbit misunderstanding, that Mother Rabbit maybe move it "Zhu Yonglin looked for a moment, the findings are not willing to leave, looked not far from a tree, climb the tree, to hide ............ Zhu Yongqing very angry, he did not think someone would want to rob him, and two of them also want to storm his chrysanthemums, Zhu Yongqing these robbers to jail until his your home at night these robber execution, everyone played again, while playing side of the curse, and see if you still dare to rob me, see you've got I dare say counterfeit Prince hit the middle of the night, he waved his hand and said: "Give me to play, do not stop, hit after dawn,Purses Coach Cheap, I threw into the river" and Zhu Yongqing halfway robbery scared soul is gone , and their execution, the physical activity of the middle of the night, the moment mental and physical exhaustion, it simply took a shower, sleep into a dead pig-like, go lie on the bed. Eastern Yong to see Zhu Yongqing like this, certain will shake its head, this guy, the political mind is really not really a waste, he just Zhu Yonglin said to himself, and then Zhu Yonglin almost to the murder of her husband ............ other side, Chanyu Prince For these farmers robbery commit an interest back to their home, did not want to report to the emperor know, but let Li Fengnian diplomats to know so diplomacy is no small matter, the Li Fengnian to be reported to the emperor there. Chanyu Prince I do not want to tell the emperor know, it is because he lost a duel back in the Oriental Yong, he may not want to lose a face, then this disgrace opportunity to expand to the Emperor, and then expanded to the whole world know, but the emperor already know, natural that he should want to use it as its own foreign chips emperor a matter, his brow wrinkled up immediately if it not handled properly, that impact may be bad, so the emperor on him Shouyi Zhao Chu Taishitun, said: "Taishi, it you go to find out, and then come back and tell me" veteran orders "Chu Taishi should be heard, back down. said from the Chu Taishi, but fell out of favor, the recent momentum of the war is getting heavier and heavier, the emperor to rely heavily on Oriental home too. and Oriental Yong back,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, but also increased the Oriental family of chips, so the emperor to make Oriental home his grace, natural snub Chu Taishi out of the Palace of Chu Taishi the thinking Chanyu this Prince people go the Li Fengnian there asked to ask, said Chanyu Prince said only halfway rob, and other things but it does not say, just to see someone injured, pay attention to it to listen to report to the emperor, but too tired and frightened due to Chanyu prince, so do not ask. Chu Taishitun this listen, decided to go the Huns there to see Prince. met Chanyu the Prince, the first to apologize, then comfort, was asked about things. Speaking of the Chanyu prince robbers Zhu Yongqing second son taken away, to realize that, robbery , the second son Zhu Then Chu Taishi no inquired Chanyu the Prince about the details of things to Zhu Yongqing your home because Chu Taishi overtly or covertly supported the prince, Chu Taishi easily into Zhu Yongqing government. to a Zhu Yongqing even in sleep, Chu asked Taishitun: "Well, today the prince is not being robbed? Informed the servant said, Chu the Taishi Q: So, the servant to find "that the prince around, who, to go first to those people, I do not disturb the sleeping prince" following the Zhu Yongqing around, listening to the servant to the narrative of the site, Chu Taishitun eyes lit up, things turn for the better Chu Taishitun not help cursed loudly, this fat is really a pig head, so special circumstances, does not even know how to to all accidental things into those things to their advantage "farmer? Where? "Chu Taishitun asked." The prince said to throw them into the river, which are loaded bag, fill the sand. "That servant said." What? You should do so "Chu Taishi Puhou, cry," Give me them to put, to take care of "servant shocked, do not know Chu Taishitun how fly into a rage." Do not go "Chu The Taishi Youhou soon as you go to the second son to me cried the old lady have something important to let him do this time riots Chu old man, incoherent, do not ignore your own words is not some child red, will not offend the prince. the maid look look Chu Taishitun crazy, quickly, then ran into the inner court to Chu Taishi thought, do not feel at ease, quickly asked: "the next one off robber place where, with fast I went to the "most important thing now is that these people, these people, Chu Taishitun the next thing to do, only the heavier chips servant quickly with Chu Taishitun to off robber where there was "Come on, you did not have fed Chu Taishi scolded him herself:" You can not all be dead, ah ......... if you really die off, then find several people to act as a place, Chu Taishi seen before the arrival of the servant command the Prince House servant unlock bag, to sand down to the outside, inside it is a total of more than fifty have been installed good bag. "you give me a little faster, and not let the people inside are dead" Chu Taishitun, roared he said was to not let the people inside were dead, that is dead and several will not affect. his concern for human life, but the meaning of the things these people as long as the dead one, is a credit to bag sand poured forth, has been dead more than twenty, nearly thirty are seriously injured. " Taishi, you so late I went your home is to do something? "Running fat Zhu Yongqing, asked Chu Taishitun Road." Veteran seen Prince Chu Taishi called Zhu Yongqing Road, Yizheng Zhu Yongqing, how this is going, do not wake up, got it wrong ah? " you just call me? Zhu Yongqing asked "I do not think I need to repeat again, His Royal Highness Prince" Chu said Taishi. "Ah? Zhu Yongqing Wei Zheng Chu Taishi, but a cautious person, before none to call him tonight how??? - Is it crazy? Unlike "Why? "Zhu Yongqing Xiaoshengdewen the Road." Because these people, they send you the Prince of the place to "Chu Taishi laughed." Them? Zhu Yongqing togethers, this is not a robber Well, is it that people around the emperor in disguise? ... Chu the Taishi interrupted Zhu Yongqing cranky, said: "Are you in a timely manner to protect the Chanyu the assassination of Prince, himself wounded, you are a big hero, they are your hands grasping the greater your credit, you will be the next Prince "Zhang Zhu Yongqing mouth wide open, some children can not believe that, before the brothers fight to the bitter, Prince Edward of the bits are not, how came? credible? "Taishi, why is this? Zhu Yongqing afraid it will not allowed to asked. Chu Taishitun, confident smile, said: "did not ask when you put these people can keep xìng life, there is more than one you credit. More to the address <

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