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I have than the above red antworten

> 533 pen: [overheard corner] 533 document (s): last night, was overheard in the corner] Oriental Yong, Xiao children listened to the temperature Dutch nickname temperature charge, his face is a happy last night to listen to Oriental Yong temperature Hetuo the rosy chin, thought, and then asked: "Jon, I want to hear your opinion you will not feel I have to stay at the Red House, and you will be others gossip? temperature charge in an oriental woman Yong, natural from the point of view of the Oriental Yong problem Oriental Yong smiled and said: "You worry about more, I trust you, and I have always been to go its own way, let others said to them then they can not live for us the WWW QuAnBeN. com and Road intelligence, I do not know, so the gossip of others, will not slander our "With the guarantee of Oriental Yong, temperature Dutch smiled and seemed to have decided, said: "I also want to talk to the husband's side, but you said, I work here, if I resign, that the intelligence, who control ah, who like me, dedicated post, I am only here to play my worth, let me be more valuable, more status, so I do not want to be a vase, as sooner or later make husband hate, So I want to leave a temperature-Dutch snicker or two, and then said: "If the husband is afraid I am here to deteriorate, then you have to often look at me, oh, or worse husband may regret it" " Oh, well, in order not to regret, I must often look at you "Oriental Yong around her smiled and said," I have an idea, just down the implementation of temperature-Dutch look to the eyes of the Oriental Yong, asked: "What idea? "Oriental Yong organized language, said:" Red Road following sisters enchant intelligence body, my idea is to let the following sisters are from the good, the Red House in transition "temperature-Dutch could not resist asking said: "Red House Road as intelligence how to do?" Oriental Yong took her ass, and said: "first hear me out, see you the rapidly xìng sub" "I see this Red House business , ** transaction, watery liquor, more high-end, but "Oriental Yong said," as the first card, put the the Bauhinia city most of son attracted over ** trading, because they want to install aloof, almost not touched, then we put all the sisters turn good, is offering several talented women to come, which can attract popularity, but also to the Red House to upgrade to a high-end places, people know to come to the Red House, to exchange knowledge, to experience the art, the business of the Red House is only getting better and better, getting more popular, "temperature-Dutch listened eyes lit up, staring at Oriental Yong, want to speak , but bit his lip endured Oriental Yong good chuckle: "Xiangshuijiushuo" Well ...... that intelligence? "warm-Dutch asked. Regardless of the Red House in transition, from the good, its ultimate purpose is to intelligence, as long as they can get information, how the line can not get, is a failure, everything will not work Oriental Yong also wanted to come, how to strengthen at the party, drinking in intelligence to make up the intelligence ** transaction, and transformation of the Red House, the atmosphere of high-end, you can attract more high identity, much stronger than now is some dude. And Red House MingMian upon the name of Oriental Yong the Oriental Yong can not be specified in a brothel, so the transition is also conducive to Oriental Yong. In addition, Eastern Yong Red House to win over the the Bauhinia city forces temperature Dutch finally convinced Oriental Yong nodded solemnly should be a last Oriental Yong said: "Today you ask how the idea of ​​the sisters, there may be some may not feel comfortable, then you tell them, after the transformation of the Red House, they can according to their own wishes, and guests relationship, even if there is money, and unto their own, the Red House is no longer close them a penny "you have to pre-transition, you have to to do is to strengthen the training of their poetry and painting, dance, so that they have the skills in the body, when they know talent earn money as even more faster than ever before, there will be other ideas "warm-Dutch eyes shiny nodded and said: husband, a woman willing they like that, they have plenty Road adoption specifically to do this, they also reported a return on the psychological, we with black sè means lying to , and now husband pointed out the road sub, do not like that, the sisters will thank you for the "Oriental Yong Then get down to business, this time not serious, a film temperature charge ass, bad laughed:" even if they , and you to thank me after "both" husband and wife ", temperature and charge is Sisuizhiwei the, shoot Oriental Yong, the eyes immediately Mei drawn water, Ni Sheng said:" Well, temperature and charge will be reported up to God. " She paused, revealing a pathetic face, Tutu said: "Jon, I was there in pain, Can the next and reported up to you, ah?" Oriental Yong laughing, said: "You know pain, dare to seduce me "when outside sounded very light knock on the door, then green butterfly very careful voice came:" Miss, you wake up ah ...... "Oriental Yong meal, temperature and charge then bowed his head, in Oriental Yong ear whispered: "her three times" Oriental Yong Xiaoshengdewen said: "How late?" temperature the Netherlands shook his head, the dough lips rub the ears of the Oriental Yong itch "I do not know, but should be around noon, it said temperature-Dutch. Oriental Yong embarrassed, I did not expect to sleep so late, Qin Wei, the Binger they know will think? However, Oriental Yong think it is not without telling them. , Let them have faced, hiding, injury temperature charge, which side benefits in vilification of Oriental Yong Qin Wei Binger feelings, which side is the harm, which is a understand feeling the outside green butterfly and walked away, warm Dutch push Oriental Yong, said: "Get up, I must have been green butterfly to joke dead" Oriental Yong smiled, sat up, temperature load should arise, but the feet just move, but gave a cry and saw a clip of her legs, hands gently cover to go to the following Eastern Yong concern: "still hurt?" temperature charge poor Enliaoyisheng. "Come on, I hold you" Oriental Yong her from the bed to hold the temperature Dutch happily hold up, kind, and for a while, and then Chen Dao: "Jon, I how can I hold you one day, in fact, not too painful, you let me walk down, maybe like "Oriental Yong also know that she is spoiled objective was achieved, chuckled and put her down to see her for a walk, starting with some discomfort, but not for a while natural, Oriental Yong know that she did not cause illness, can rest assured. The woman rì know how to take care of men, Oriental Yong is now a better understanding of this sentence. Because women have tasted the sweetness of a man, put the man when the baby, like temperature charge so Oriental Yong Wen-Dutch gently serve dressed and washed my face, he sat to one side, drinking water, watching the temperature Dutch dress. Oriental Yong put down the cup, walked over, warm for temperature and charge thrush, temperature charge happiness to toes on the root, look to the East Yong is full of love for a long time, temperature and charge only opened the door, saw the green butterfly in the next, quickly came to see what it takes to serve, see both dressed, stood on one side. Temperature and charge a bride to see the green butterfly first "outsiders", a red face. Green Butterfly smiled and said: "Miss really nice temperature and charge after man of moisture, the entire radiant, charming, people looked shines temperature charge face more red, green butterfly angry cry:" You speak out of turn " Orient Yong stay here all night, and sleep so late, natural to look back to the other yard, afraid of Oriental Yu have anything. Temperature Dutch finished green butterfly, sent Oriental Yong down. The two men walked up to the stairs on the second floor, above the green butterfly inlet temperature charge boudoir clean up, then exclaimed: "Oh, how there are so many wet clothes and wet quilt, but also a bit salty ..." Oriental Yong and temperature Netherlands almost slipped from the stairs roll down, they naturally know what green butterfly Oriental Yong embarrassment to the temperature and the Netherlands, said: "You go back fast green butterfly sealing it,Madison Coach Online, or you put her to kill the witness, If you spread out, that you and I are ashamed to see people "warm-Dutch Oriental Yong shame and anger angry cry:" You are doing bad things ...... "and then she reflexive upstairs, it seems that the true to kill the witness. Oriental Yong aftertaste temperature charge, tut tut, this is rì woman is bold, what dare say, the stem word made it so obvious, I did not do, Is there who do? Oriental Yong with a the yin laugh, down the stairs, mother to see Oriental Yong chūn of wind proud quickly in the past to say hello: "seen the boss" Oscar now forget the danger last night, when he and the old man saw Oriental Yong, and gossip from him: "Boss, I see the addition of a Lady" the old man place of deep head. Oriental Yong eyes wide in the past, they immediately shut up. A Red House, looked the day sè, almost noon, sin a sin. Walk a few steps, Oriental Yong and three of the old man stopped in her tracks, looked in front of people. Tsing Yi Hou and red demon red demon looked Guixiao Oriental Yong, yīn sound yīn-gas said: "Boy, you really happy, ah,Purses Coach Online, really your woman water, wet three quilt the" Oriental Yong face sè of a change, dead red demon seems last night overheard corner of temperature charge and he may even red demon spy ...... Oriental Yong want to have a look of the old man and Xiaojin jǐng of Ti and her heart die, Oriental Yong thinking back to reality, The Tsing Yi Hou and red demon stay here, that what they have to do, no matter what, Oriental Yong cover them in danger. Even the Qin Wei,Satchels Coach Sale, it is impossible to beat back intact However, if the two of them to the adverse Oriental Yong, not so patiently waiting for him. The Oriental brave heart picoamps down. Watching them, do not speak, waiting for them to open the conditions of five of the two sides on the TV for a while, Tsing Yi Hou speak: "Boy, I really think you Oh" Oriental Yong body shuddered, Ah want to engage in group "come in, and have something to say to you," the Tsing Yi Hou refers to the Red House, said. Oriental Yong the micro blind eye, it seems Tsing Yi Hou is really what conditions looking for Oriental courage to talk about, but also Oriental Yong sense of security, that talk directly at the Red House. Oriental Yong held out his hand and said: "You are a guest, you first call Tsing Yi Hou point head, went in to the Red House. Red demon After Oriental Yong side, grunted. Oriental Yong with in the back, to go in. See Oriental mother Wu Yong go undone Conversely, some children strange Oriental Yong directly to her and said: "Preparing for a quiet room." Mama Wu Oh cry, and hastened away to a private room with Oriental Yong. Into the rooms, the Tsing Yi Hou and the red demon generous to sit down. Oriental Yong Wu told her mother: "Do not people come to disturb, temperature and Dutch do not come." Mother Oriental Yong is what matters, nodded. Oriental Yong Jin inside, sit down and pour yourself a cup of tea, drink up. Anyway, Tsing Yi Hou that they have good intentions, not good intentions, are not as a courtesy and a cup of tea overweight, east Yong naturally not to do useful work. Tsing Yi Hou did not care to sit for a while, spoke and said: "Oriental Yong, I selected you from now on, my agent Oriental Yong almost to drink tea into spray, speak directly, what an agent, which is what meaning? The Tsing Yi Hou ignore cough stop Oriental Yong, said: "You know red Zhong, and I want you to be the same person and his" Oriental Yong vigorously patted his chest, and then asked, frowning: " red Zhong, your agent, you want me to give you disturb the calm of the Oriental continent? "Tsing Yi Hou nodded," Yes "Oriental Yong embarrassed, If you do not agree they may not get the door, but promised to them they feed themselves what drugs, what control spell, it will suffer, become someone else's Muppets, this is not the East Yong like "You are not with red loyalty!, want me to do? "Oriental Yong asked. "Do you know red Zhong the Tsing Yi Hou asked. Oriental Yong nodded, "He was my brothers, my city directly stand in the way his attack Qin Tang Empire." Tsing Yi Hou said: "The role of the red loyalty is indeed in order to disturb the peace of the continent, Qin Tang Empire 500 years of history, we can not look at it again Lok down, there will be a red Zhong movement, but the red loyalty does not let us satisfaction, you see the red Zhong strength bad now this continent a lot of people make red Zhong disappear, and red-chung's too slow, had been almost two decades, he was little effect "and red loyalty is not me listening to these insider, Oriental Yong was shocked, he felt Tsing Yi Hou speak the Oriental continent as a pawn in his hand, he wants no matter how hard the next, you want to control how the control of Oriental Yong is in his hand pawn, this feeling is very uncomfortable listening to red-chung's role and incompetence in front of him said, Eastern Yong guessed, but the last one, made Oriental Yong once again shocked the red Zhong is not Tsing Yi Hou? What do you mean? The front said the red Zhong is a pawn in their hands, but also dissatisfaction with the red Zhong said later not his people - these words can not be understood as red Zhong their people, but not him. They refer to their organization, and Tsing Yi Hou organization if it is a high-level, and that is that there is high-level and Tsing Yi Hou others, Tsing Yi Hou is a small head, it is not red loyalty is another Tsing Yi Hou same level find an agent seems almost like this, Tsing Yi Hou looking for Oriental Yong, the role is? Performance loyalty than red, and red Zhong grab credit, so the Tsing Yi Hou on-line and red Zhong grab credit "I want you to be my agent, and red Zhong do the same thing, but the goal is the Empire of the Golden Wolf, you Golden Wolf crippled empire to me, I have than the above red Zhong the Chi Yi Hou greater credit, so that my master. "the Tsing Yi Hou said. Oriental Yong eyes stare what turned out to be the the goldsmith wolf Empire was originally thought to disrupt the Qin Tang Empire, if to xìng life promised to come, I'm afraid so unassailable know, the old guy will be killed , now hear is the gold wolf Empire, Oriental Yong was a lot of light, and my heart is also easier promised Tsing Yi Hou. "Considering how?" Tsing Yi Hou asked. The Oriental looking at the Tsing Yi Hou Yong, a stifled heart, the momentum of his body pressing Oriental Yong to the Oriental Yong kind of breathing can not feel. Oriental Yong thought, asked: "I would like to understand a few things ..." "I want to know your strength" Oriental Yong asked. "Long as product Yaesu days." The Tsing Yi Hou said dismissively. But that not proud look, let anyone see that. Oriental Yong was relieved, your own home, but a wife Regulus goods double days, as long as the wife to, it would have saved. But his face was put on a trace of nervous look, as if he were afraid of the Tsing Yi Hou strength, and filled with calm. The Tsing Yi Hou is very satisfied with the Oriental Yong expression. Oriental Yong asked: "Why do you want to disturb the calm, You are not another space?" Tsing Yi Hou looked Oriental Yong a contemptuous smiles: "I tell you, because here you land too Well, if it is too calm for a long time, hundreds of years will be one or two not genius, and when such a genius, and practice to the higher-order force, it is not appropriate here where they have lived, they will comes here, where people from here in the past, than our practice fast, fast upgrade, there is very dangerous, so we had to start their genius, but can not go We turned out to be the reason? I do not know Tsing Yi Hou did not lie to him, but to see the look of Tsing Yi Hou, did not seem to need to lie to him, "Your question is over, I can now tell you consider how well the Tsing Yi Hou asked. The look east Yong or hesitant, Tsing Yi Hou said: "If you do not agree, you will not be completely out of here, your family, your woman ...". . More to address <

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