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this is not the emperor antworten

> One thousand seven hundred and eighteen K literature provides the latest chapter 526 of the pen: [low-key two kings of pen 526: [low-key two kings of the Red House, Bauhinia City most red fire fireworks tonight, the Red House is a lively extraordinary three-tier, the Red House, the outside of each floor are hung with bright red lanterns illuminate the foot of the road to the Red House guests also shone around within 30 meters of space a bright Bauhinia City Qin Tang Empire Kyoto, rich Husband and is the country's largest city, the Red House as Bauhinia most prosperous city fireworks, natural positioning in the customer base of these people, there is not enough money, not enough status, really can not enter here. www, QuANBEn com. So come in here are dignitaries as well as under the son, but the Red House Red head card - temperature under load, as long as there is a real skill, learned with free entry and allows the temperature Dutch worship service learned man, temperature and charge also its bombs on a those scrubby consider themselves learned delighted not have, the rush while those rich, but also feel that they came to the place is not an ordinary fireworks, is a genius gathered in the elegant rooms Thus, the Red House in the eyes of these customers, we can see a rich and elegant, temperature and load the name of the first extent, even if she came out a month to show up two or three times, still attracts those dignitaries son who used to come to these two days, the the Bauhinia city son of man are very excited,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, because a lot of the identity of a learned man have received the invitation sent by the temperature charge invited tonight to the Red House, a friends through literature activities, they expect the usual side temperature Dutch girl tonight, they will come out and face-to-face, heart pounded jump on that excited so night night not difficult to see, there are a lot of The luxury clothing young son a constant stream into the Red House. Rich people naturally want to go pack a bag, and then the temperature the Dutch invited to their rooms, but they see the middle of the first floor, get a grandstand, asked to know tonight temperature charge in here with Keguan friends through literature, they understanding on the temperature charge xìng grid, know the rules laid down by the temperature Dutch, then you want the temperature of the charge into the rooms of desire, there is no way to achieve and they are to find a seat in the hall. . However, they still hold a glimmer of hope, the package also given together down. With the black days sè increasingly, the son of Columbia is also increasing. Chu Yuan Chu Taishi Sun, Bauhinia city famous dandy,Nike Jordan New School Sale, not much scholarship, but the identity and financial resources, tonight he is also a Red House welcome. He took two retainers away to the Red House. He walked character line, swaggering, hit passers-by from time to time, the Chu Yuan hit others, but Chu Yuan overbearing eyes and a cross, two retainers'll be right over, a slap in the face to passers swept past, then shouted blind that passers-by just a people, where dare say, hastened to bow to escape, other passers-by saw him, to avoid too far, let out a smooth way to rampage to Chu Master entrance to the Red House, Chu Yuan saw a fat man, in front of Sven walked the road, hands shaking fans packed like refined, but the fat body of the flow of oil to let him look like a nouveau riche, hypocrite most Chu Yuan exasperating is, other people have let him, the dead man dare lay upon him, really damn "in front of fat fast, my young master the way you block a retainers shouted. But fat like they did not hear the general seems to be slow, quiet to walk. Anger two Gouzhangrenshi retainers, retainers rushed to fat shoulder grab a plate, the fat man turned to a slap in the face rejection, pop, crisp sound sound up retainers watch their pumping hand him over the ears, even playing in the fat on the back of the hand stretched over gear, did not expect particularly large number of particularly thick, the flesh of the fat back of the hand, shot up even more than just shoot someone's face but also feel, but also loud been seen positive fat, face and the fat of the world, too much meat into round, but fat face was pale, retainers remembered him on Chu backyard to see the door peach face, not his face whiter than the peach, but also good-looking fat man looked at the the retainers to smoke his face, his eyes flashed anger and jīng light, but then I thought he was, Hell, I once rare low-key, can not this humble character to break the low-key, in order to let the dog seeing low bully, then storm out of the identity, scared silly each other, and then loaded to force anti-trampled each other However, the identity of fat, is not what people can let him rare low-key once so that the identity of the storm out. . How the have the son of the sister of a nobility of character because retainers, fat appearance fees are not worth when so the anger of fat and jīng light, immediately closing up, and then camouflage on anger, lips paste fake beard, shake, and I asked: "Why do you hit me?" retainers wake up from the fantasy of the peach, violent stare fat, then shouted: "dead fat man, hit you dare to fight back, want to live it? "fat other hand gently waving, do action, few people would have the hub over the next crowd, but seeing this action, are stopped. The fat is very satisfied with the fat man looked retainers hand hit the back of his hand and asked: "the foot of the emperor, own no justice, how can you hit me, why I can not fight back?" "Why, alone, you block the way of my son "retainers shouted. Fat a blind eye, son? Appears to be a personal matter, it is worth they step on a step. Fat man said: "Your son? Where?" The retainers just say, fat him a push, see Chu Yuan Yi Zheng,Sunglasses Coach Outlet, Ah this is not Chu Taishitun, the grandson of Chu Taishi is in need of help, step his two Naoqi contradiction, that Chu the Taishi does not help him, it would be more harm than good ah Chu Yuan also hesitated, but he seems to think that the people that you saw them in general, is very familiar ah, my mind searched laps so fat, really few, but black beard, looked at the fat lips really did not figure retainers fat away, which makes the arrogance of retainers Where can stand, and quickly rushed over and slapped pumping in the past. Popping sound, crisp sound. Is fat fat hand mysteriously blocked angry fat, fat people, what is the most expensive, is the face of the most precious, even twice almost hateful retainers to hit, if the endure down fat or fat when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backhand fat retainers pumping fly out. The dog was hit, Chu Yuan angry, fat Chen Sheng shouted: "Chu Yuan, even I did not know it?" Chu Yuan togethers, to see the fat false beard, a tear, exposing the already fat were oil, face white without face Chu Yuan, surprised, this is not recently won the entropy of the limelight most fresh of two prince you own even from the conflict and the "second son, the original is you ah" Chu Yuan quickly say hello Road, "Chu Yuan did not think tonight to see the prince, really happy "the fat retainers angrily pointing to the ground, demanded:" This is your home? "Of course, people know the scene, this time can say it is not, ask Zhu Yongqing, natural to condemn Chu Yuan quickly said: "yes, This is Chu dog, just did not know Prince, have offended forgive me, prince," Zhu Yongqing fat will say, angrily: "forgive Hair I finally installed a return to low-key, even your dog to play two hands, you say forgive, and forgive ah "Chu Yuan eyes lit up, caught the focus quickly said:" This dog I did not know the prince, the prince Incognito Travel, low-key low-key, Bauhinia City people do not recognize the prince to prince, this low-key power is too high, the ability to make-up is too high, this dog how blind I his eyes, bully on the two princes to come to this dog I hand I broke, then break his legs, and threw it feed the dog "Zhu Yongqing this pass ass looks comfortable, especially incognito private visit two words together, but also to make him happy. Television plays, this is not the emperor to do, Chu Yuan is a matter within the first emperor of the parts to the safety to the head of the Zhu Yongqing, where would not let him Chu Yuan next retainers hear their own son abandoned the vehicle and baoshuai behavior, stay, but he is also harden the only things commanded by the young master, where it would go about brotherhood, the side of the road to pick up a piece of brick, slapped that, the unawakened given retainers hands shoot gravity down Shen popping sound, retainers hand flat, the retainers screams loudly, wake up over Chu Yuan please see Zhu Yongqing, and then the bucket to the implementation of punishment retainers, said: "legs interrupted, and then threw it to feed the dog Zhu Yongqing hand in one fell swoop, said: "slow" Chu Yuan quickly turned around, lowered posture, waiting for the next Zhu Yongqing: "the foot of the emperor," Chu Yuan did not understand how you can mess things up, "that Prince want to ... "" feed the dog thing, on a free. "Zhu Yongqing said. "Yes, the prince is really good heart, Qin Tang Empire in the hands of the prince, will become increasingly wealthy and strong Chu Yuan quickly they shoot on locations enjoy ass Zhu Yongqing nodded," Tonight is the temperature-Dutch girl the friends rì child, do not let such people "a clear understanding of Chu Yuan, Jia Ding shouted:" This dog I bring me down "Chu Jia Ding quickly broken hand retainers towed. Chu Yuan quickly went behind Zhu Yongqing, the start of a valet, "I never thought the prince is an elegant, This temperature Dutch girl if you know the prince, Incognito Travel to attend her friends through literature, she will be very touched, maybe tonight ...... hey ...... "fat Zhu Yongqing listened, knowing laughter:" Hey ... "the other side, the Chu family retainers to no one alley, the injured retainers that hit him Jia Ding said: "Thank you, brother saved my life ah" If not brothers shot, but the fat Zhu Yongqing shot, Chu Yuan, that life may not be the the Baidu search read the latest and most complete novel <

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