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> 511 [the palace to see the emperor] 511 [the palace to see the emperor] white Explorer, long time no see, boy I ever see you old, really happy "Oriental Yong open courtyard, facing the outside Bai Zongguan said enthusiastically. wWw. QUAnBEn. In COM (URL) White Ting multi saw this kid one more than six months ago, but human sophistication more. He replied Oriental Santo Naturally, I am also pleased to see you ah, the past six months, the emperor and the old lady has been concerned about the East Santo, Oriental Santo, but everyone is happy "white Ting paused, asked with concern Oriental Santo, body chigger? many words "Thank you, Bai Zongguan care, I'm fine" Oriental Yong nodded thanks. "I heard your sister live recuperate here, little girl-like?" The white Ting asked again. Oriental Yong hear his concern Oriental Yu and greatly feel better, and my heart, smiled and said thank you the Bai Zongguan, she is now in stable condition, is optimistic about the recovery of "white Ting feel Oriental Yong mood changes, and my heart is clear, some children like to thank Zhu Yonglin him out before, specifically to pull he commanded this one, be sure to care and greeting Oriental Yu, it seems, Zhu Yonglin about his "Oriental Santo, you really are a genius, this disease can cure" white Ting exclaim Oriental Yong waving Road Bai Zongguan of, do not always call me lord, call me Oriental Yong, Ridiculous it, so I am more accustomed "but he turned away from medical treatment regarding" Oh, we usually On friendship, and today I Bong the orders of the emperor, Oriental Santo palace trip, naturally want to be known as the Oriental Santo. Oriental Santo with convenient, together with the palace "White said Ting. White Ting, then, obviously is the release of the good intentions of the emperor, white Ting called Oriental Yong Santo, is the release of kindness, who sought to recognize the presence of the Pearl of the Orient Oriental Yong, Oriental Yong quickly understand. "Ah, the emperor let me palace, a bodyguard to call me like the Well, even grand let the Bai Zongguan to call me, really think highly of kid Oriental Yong flattered. "Oh, I have come to the Oriental Santo will not let me change the guards come" white Ting humor. "Oh that we went to the palace," the Oriental Yong makes a gesture, please to Bai Zongguan there are not with a person, Oriental Yong followed behind the old man and the little gold, a pedestrian down the hill away. Bai Zongguan more for the old man and the little gold glances from his old man who felt the same kind of atmosphere, in the little gold body, you feel like the sea just two bodyguards, Oriental Yong will be able to rampant Bauhinia City, White Ting could not help in the heart of Eastern Yong liters of a tree and two down from the mountain, the foot of the hill, stood eight horses standing next to two palace guards White Ting three to eight horses, Oriental Yong trio to sit empty two, it seems to use eight Malay Ying the Oriental Yong palace emperor, Oriental Yong treatment, it really is high Oriental Yong was a bit too se, but it also the increased jǐng Ti heart, Emperor with such courtesy, although you can see that the emperor and he would like to pay a good, but befriend Oriental is also beneficial because Oriental Yong can give him, the Emperor he better, the emperor wanted to get here from Oriental Yong benefits more Oriental Yong first wary of the emperor eat too much loss Oriental Yong on the horse, followed by two guards riding a pull one away, Bauhinia City. Into the the Bauhinia city, through the basaltic Street, Palace door does not appear to meet the scene, but this is normal, Oriental Yong even a little affected, but the emperor can not be too obvious and Oriental Yong stand together. But In Bai Zongguan with Oriental Yong, behind the old man, Xiaojin three go in together, there is no searches had been regarded as a particularly grand treatment. (..) Imagine what emperors make dangerous people near to him. Into the house, and naturally want to dismount, then Bai Zongguan with Oriental Yong Zuozhuanyouzhuan the, do not go much Palace Road, through the palace gates, and finally to a front of the palace guards around the palace gates than do place much less, but in the periphery, but Ming secretly full of guards, we can see this quiet little palace the important xìng Oriental Yong said the old man and the little gold you wait for me outside on the line. "Yes," they should. Said Bai Zongguan. Oriental Santo need not be so, the emperor for two strong, but also very welcome, side visibility is very pleased "Oriental Yong of Bai Zongguan point nod, said Well, wait a minute emperor if you want to see them the previous two that come to call them bang on it "a nod the Bai Zongguan micro, Oriental Yong Rain or shine, Jiao Shi Chong, to the cardinal principles, the Bai Zongguan touches he was the appreciation Bai Zongguan lead the way in front of Oriental Yong followed, followed by a maid with a old man and little gold went to one side of the room to rest old man and Xiaojin with the go, after all, this is the palace, the old man and the little gold we can not put on a pair of bodyguards look Oriental Yong must stand at the door into the palace through the two doors, only to see inside the room opposite Zhang Luohan bed, sat a wearing a yellow sè-robes middle-aged man in the next seat, half ass is sitting on a chair unassailable Oriental Yong looked unassailable one,air jordan outlet, and then to the emperor a gift line, three cheers Emperor smiled and looked at the Oriental Yong, reaching virtual help him up Atta boy, get up, multi-'ve been expecting you, You're finally here, "Oriental Yong stood up," The East is Red nodded, serious Road in front of the emperor the unassailable Road grandfather, you should call me the generalissimo "Emperor shook his hand Road Oriental old, do not have to be so serious, young people do, where to stand it so serious atmosphere, but this kid is my future, we have to be regarded as a person, there are no outsiders would not courtesy, common "emperor laugh, but he was born with an anger from the prestige of the face, unassailable visual the only unassailable first-line only. Oriental Yong could feel the emperor want to next create an atmosphere of relaxed Environmental Oriental Yong Xiaohe unassailable smiles grandfather, the emperor here, we listen to the emperor, and so my time to the barracks, where you, I listen to your "emperor with Oh laughed. Oriental Yong At this time the Emperor surprised and asked the emperor, I'm your future, I heard yesterday, Bauhinia City the gold wolf Empire Prince will come a few days, this is going on? Oriental Yong word went out, next to the white Ting Yi Zheng, The East is Red face sè hesitated, the emperor was surprised, this kid is too not in accordance with the common sense out of it just the emperor or out to the East Yong shown or closer relationship between the two, or for a reason, so say the Oriental Yong his future,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, did not expect Oriental Yong came in the first sentence after the greeting is to ask this not real, this is too emperor ugly but the emperor heart surprised, the surface did not show it, He took a cup of tea, a light suck, and then a slight frown, it seems that this tea cold or sub-port, The next White said Ting Ting white, this tea seems to have astringent, not suitable for dry weather today, go to my for a cup chūn of tea "white Ting should sound, and then took the emperor's tea and went out. The Oriental natural Yong emperor tea to cover his embarrassment sè delay, so that he would like to answer the Oriental Yong. At this time, the hands of the emperor does not have the cup, he reached on a handkerchief and wiped his leisurely Oriental Yong said to the angel of the Empire of the Golden Wolf Bauhinia City arrive in a few days, and the Golden Wolf Empire alliance, we Qin Tang Empire line potential, the necessary diplomatic policy, or our southern fall of the Golden Wolf Empire in the north of us to put pressure on us, we will be more difficult the Golden Wolf Prince of the Empire, one on behalf of the Golden Wolf Empire Garnett to see I, first, because he heard rumors pass on the Wing Lam beautiful, regarded her as a fairy, therefore, does such a statement "Oriental Yong brow micro screw, asked that he is to marry ..." The Emperor Wave, said he wanted to come the sister the "Oriental Yong marry after the word, we are Zhu Yonglin name, and the emperor interrupted him, defined as propose marriage, that is, two different meanings and different positions. married, that a woman agreed to propose marriage, is a prince on the one hand the meaning of the Golden Wolf. Oriental Yong Oh, a cry, and then asked that the emperor's old mean? "The Emperor laughed, the Road my daughter, but my baby, the husband candidates had better out of a dragon and phoenix, kid your competitors, if not restrain, that is, you're too useless "Oriental Yong did not expect the emperor will give such an ambiguous promise, in spite of his shout the East Yong, but if you really gold wolf prince married, it is Oriental Yong can not hack hold In other words, the consort of the Oriental Yong seat is not yet stable, ready to fall which also revealed a the emperor's a mean, Oriental Yong you do not let my satisfaction, I do not daughter will be to your satisfaction, naturally, is to Oriental Yong benefits brought him to a large gold wolf Empire to give him a really the old fox cursed Oriental Yong, Road, but his mouth was still filled with Erleng child asked you always let Kim and I wolf Imperial prince fighting a fight? "Emperor laughed, nodded to fight a fight," he tilted on The East is Red Road is like fighting a war we had together, there is no hard, will get the trophy "The East is Red nodded. "Hurt so foreign to make, will not damage the country we etiquette? Lot of words," Oriental Yong said. The emperor laughed, Road I special approval a matter between you and the Golden Wolf Prince, other kind of thing, as long as it does not hurt the Golden Wolf the Prince xìng life, nothing happened, even if you want to be grab all stay home, of Nazan Qin Tang Empire Marshal future generations, too useless, but make we Empire shameful "Oriental Yong children seem to have some meaning, the emperor a few words put this to defend his wife's private affairs to upgrade to the affairs of state, and also on the face of the whole empire, this whole empire which includes the emperor, it may be more to upgrade to the BOSS level emperor waving, some tea white Ting brought a piece of paper and write down a few lines clean, neat, and taking the word of the king domineering, is the emperor just said, the Oriental ability Golden Wolf Prince things become legalized, the emperor in the above write his signature, covered with red marks, then smiled and unassailable sign your name, witnesses Oriental Yong micro stay, the Emperor, ... ... really have the special sè Emperor of Oriental Yong waving Road holding, but I specifically written for you, others do not want to get "Oriental Yong looked at this in black and white, and red marks, my mind immediately thought of the number of entire Golden Wolf Prince thoughts, and my heart yin smiled. The Emperor smiled and Oriental Yong said the boy, I heard you in the Nanshan do not yard accompanied Oriental Yu girl recuperate, I always loved this little girl, you can give me to take good care of her. I have prepared a lot of drugs and supplement ingredients,Jordan 13 Sale, wait a minute you when I send people with you "Oriental Yong moved slightly, the emperor so concerned about Oriental Yu, he was greatly feel better, thanks to thank the emperor emperor will do This is something safe, naturally taken by Zhu Yonglin. But Zhu Yonglin to say Oriental Yong features, but do not want to touch the people around her Oriental Yong minefield, and did not expect people to use so. "Oriental Yu this girl is about to chéngrén, I five sons, Zhuyong Hao has not yet married, Oriental old, you see, we Zhu Oriental home is not a pro plus pro?" Emperor this when said. The East is Red calm, face sè and in no hurry to answer. Touches surprised Oriental Yong emperor even give Oriental Yu engagement from now the face of it, the Oriental Yu got the kind of disease, the emperor still dare to her when Zhu's daughter-in-law, then at least the emperor did not underestimate the importance of the East Yu. Which is the emperor a home to the East shows a good move. Said here many times, the Wong dìdū in the Eastern and Oriental Yong shown, have to say under the status of the Orient home, unassailable generalissimo, most of the military forces of the Empire by his master, a very balanced way, but not to the emperor facts at hand, are the legacy of history, can not say here. Most of the Empire's military strength is unassailable holds the emperor because the unassailable Sanchaoyuanlao veteran, as well as status and can not snatch away the power from the hands of the unassailable power of unassailable hands only so unassailable dead, in order to grab his sons, So now, the emperor natural respect, so that for unassailable. Even usually Chu Taishitun to pin down what unassailable, coupled with unassailable know how to identify the overall situation, did not make Gonggaogaizhu to the main arrogance, so it looks, the emperor or the emperor and ministers or courtiers, but to a critical moment, or the emperor to give unassailable say anything good about now is to give the emperor The unassailable said good things Oriental Yong, he became the owner of the Pearl of the Orient, he began to resist the attack of the Black Wolf Army Therefore, the city was built, but also do not rely on the Orient home built, but also a super strong charge the emperor not Take the Pearl of the Orient. Oriental Yong Oriental home, the Pearl of the Orient became Oriental home another major forces has always been the monster Oriental home, but also grow a lot. Fear of the emperor Oriental home, there is more. Talk about the environment, the emperor even the Golden Wolf Empire forces want through alliances and borrow some Oriental home of the Empire, he is naturally more to seize the better for his use. So he should unassailable to coax another, the Golden Wolf Empire is not a sheep, alliances will be very friendly, and your colleagues, maybe he will be behind to trust his knife, so the emperor need the Orient house sits, so not only can prevent the golden wolf Empire, also allows the the gold wolf Empire fear the, not just behind the knife Oriental home so much important xìng of Emperor naturally want to curry favor in this Oriental home. The instructions, touch on a long, and now back to the line of sight, Oriental Yong to see the emperor, he then said he did not underestimate the importance of the East Yu, but the Oriental Yong did not want her palace when this Crown Princess emperor seven each in scrambling Prince seat, this storm, those who roll into, will be a number of endless trouble, if married Zhuyong Hao, that is the center of the storm, does not want to not even think there a good day rì child over Eastern Yong Been this kind of life, but the emperor to grant marriage, who dare to say a word? Oriental Yong turn one, said the emperor, I think, ah, if you want these words seriously, the five Prince is the brother of the princess, I Yu child's brother, to the time princess for Mrs. Yu child, or The princess called Yu-child sister-in-law? And five prince who is the brother-in-law, who is the brother-in-law, can not tell ah, so I think this marriage can not really into "the emperor thought for a moment that the tangled relationship, immediately throw off, do not want to waste their brains, but turned his head, looking at the East is Red Road Oriental old, do you think it? "The East is Red said quietly Oriental Yu illness is not good, it is not appropriate to talk about marriage, but also to please the emperor understand the emperor nodded and said is this truth, "the emperor let the pro plus pro-topic, asked Oriental Oriental Yong Yong, you swept away by the waves to six months ago, we are very worried about you, send a lot of manpower to the south coast to find you, in order to this bucket and red Zhong strong frame, he came to them to eat a lot of loss, we did not get cheap or red Zhong seen just looking for you, just swing frame, we are looking for you for a few months , can not find, you can now safely for you, I'm very curious, "<

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