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take care of Oriental antworten

> 493 document (s): [Oriental home disappointed] 493 document (s): [Oriental home disappointed ugly wife, see her in-laws to Qin Wei with a shy, head down. www. QUanbeN. Com a "seen the mother-in-law" power the Yueya and Huang Shaoqiu, their eyesight from the Binger body to body Qin Wei. That one seen the mother-in-law, made clear Qin Wei Yue Ya-law relationship, and then she and Oriental Yong is the relationship between husband and wife Yue Ya did not expect to go back 17-year-old son, a daughter-in-law even brought her This is a dignified and noble, with a charming pretty woman, the Yueya and Huang Shaoqiu must be met heart is attracted to a beautiful woman, but they recovered from the eyes appreciate the beauty, daughter-in-law's eyes looked, noble woman to see how young girls are not for Love, than most of the Oriental Yong, how an oriental Yong's wife? Oriental Yong to feel the Yueya and Huang Shaoqiu's eyes could not help some children cramped, Sharp mind, how Yue Ya accepted Qin Wei. And it was the thing that made his mind absorbed flew here, and only then just see the Yueya, and Huang Shaoqiu the absence to forget. Oriental Yong smiled, stood up, flattering to Yue Ya said: "Mother, Qin Wei, I took her back to the mother to see the two of us ... Hey mother, though she looks very engaging, but special care of people but if your mother you too she was not engaging, that let her out looking for a restaurant to live Well tonight "looks very good-looking? All hesitated, Qin Wei face overshadowed the glory of all men and women, each will see Qin Wei absence for her to attract Oriental Yong even said she was not looking, elderly Oriental Fu dark heart scolded young master was a spendthrift, did not look ah let Oriental Yong, Qin Wei, how-arranging her, she showed no emotion fluctuation, white smile with micro shame Yue Ya the casually talking nonsense Oriental Yong a look to Qin Wei , such a pretty girl, his son does not even remember her beauty, but remember her special care of him, think of his son outside half, lost for so long, their own mother did not take care of, and my heart could not help an acid, while some children appreciate Qin Wei, was even thought of, if not the care of the Qin Wei son can stand in front of her, do not know maybe miles a son trouble has been caring for the son of the woman to call her mother-in-law, it should be her pleasure this time, Yue Ya Qin Wei and feel has occurred a change, and then think of Oriental Yong said too that she was not looking, you want to let her into the government not only live in the outside restaurant, Yue Ya heart an acid, and see this by the aggrieved girl this time,Crossbodys Coach Online, or even gentle smile, her mind immediately for such a gentle and virtuous, and beautiful daughter-in-law against injustice, turned to the East Yong Baileyiyan of anger said: "You bastard kid, back did not give me a talking, before you go out and live the restaurant" Oriental Yong smiled and accepted Yueya Chenma, the Yueya reluctantly rolled his eyelids, hand on Qin Wei's hand, and even said to her three times Oriental Yong installed cheeky finally have accepted Yue Ya Qin Wei Qin Wei secretly gave a grateful eyes of the Oriental Yong. Huang Shaoqiu walked over, holding the hand of Yue Ya Qin Wei, smiled and said: "Congratulations to the sister-in-law has such a beautiful daughter-in-law" Yue Ya smile more brilliant, Qin Wei smiled to Huang Shaoqiu, cried: "Qin Wei seen aunt "Look, try to" the Huang Shaoqiu quickly yelled. Three women warm get together, then pull on the Binger, said: "peacetime the Binger sister than I care much thoughtful husband, I have not and Binger sister extremely Qin Wei turned one of it "the Yueya and Huang Shaoqiu God sè slightly hesitated, then become complex, eyes sweep the sweep Qin Wei face swept the Binger and Oriental Yong, Yue Ya stupidly for a while, see Oriental Yong that help the eyes, Yue Ya laugh, holding Qin Wei and Binger's hand and said: "are my good daughter-in-law" Yue Ya sentence, the identity of the Binger given off ice children simply did not expect just saw Yue Ya, there is such a big surprise, looked gratefully Qin Wei a, when looking at the Yue Ya kindly smile, Binger lowered his head with shame. Yue Ya took Qin Wei Binger hand, Dream Car, and then back to stare at a Oriental Yong, said: "If you are not fast to keep up with their Dream Car gone, Oriental Yong was on a four-horse carriage, followed by Xiangche into the city back to the Orient House, the house servant knows that young master back, happily, his face with festivity. Each to see the people of the Eastern Yong, are pleased to call out: "The young master back, nice" visible the Oriental House servant Oriental Yong impression is very high. Oriental Yong but found the Oriental home direct all males are not in the, The East is Red is not Oriental Mu is not, the Oriental martial is not, and home rival Oriental Ming is not in the East Yong frown thought, then open brow, frankly laughed into the door of the house, to the hall, to see the the loving nǎinǎi Shuiji and Cui mother-in-law standing in the hall, is watching with a smile Oriental Yong Oriental Yong, walked walked up and shouted: "nǎinǎi Cui nǎinǎi, I'm back "two nǎinǎi hold the hand of the Oriental Yong, Shui Ji was pleased when he said:" well, my grandson back like Cui mother-in-law his mouth saying, hand touch on the East the body of Yong touch for a while, relieved Shuiji nod, unharmed watching the face red two nǎinǎi,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, Oriental Yong grin straight smile. His eyes sweep the sweep, the reigning strange and asked: "Hey, Yu child girl go, Does she and those few do not know that I come back?" Shuiji and Cui mother-in-law's face flashed a complex the the sè, Oriental Yong thought it was their guilt to drive out the Binger things. Yue Ya then pulled Qin Wei and Binger went to Shuiji front, said: "mother-in-law, this is your grandchildren-in-law, Qin Wei, this is our family out of Binger," Qin Wei and Binger well-behaved to call twice nǎinǎi, Qin Wei just some strange child, the Binger their own 'how Yue Ya but the the Binger pull more close of this time Shuiji and Cui mother-in-law's eyes fell on Binger body, shift opened the eyes surprised sè Oriental Yong found the time to come back today, the family is always some children in a strange place, is it because a long time away from home strangeness? waved him aside, pull with Yue Ya asked: "Mother, sister, where have you been? The the Yueya face rising hesitation sè of, the Oriental Yong more doubt, eyes firmly staring at Yue Ya Yue Ya eyes look Shuiji more certain Oriental Yong Yu child must out of what Shuiji the then feel Yue Ya's help, she looked away from the body of the Binger Oriental Yong asked: "My child, your body's getting better? "Oriental Yong Yi Zheng, not the things asked Yu child, and how in turn asked his disease. However, Oriental Yong replied:" Well, my illness, "" Binger and you have the same disease ? "Shuiji eyes fell on the Binger him. Binger feel a pressure cautious Location head." The Binger sick? "Huang Shaoqiu this time could not help but ask the out." Ah "Oriental Yong their questioning confused, asked:" Mother, nǎinǎi you this is how, what is the thing you honest? . "Shuiji waved his hand and said:" Everyone out. Oriental Fu with following people walked away Cui mother-in-law look to a corner of the hall, said: "Yong child, you two go out. The elderly fox in the Orient House, although it has also hidden in the shadows to protect the East Yong, but they are translucent, strength do not know his presence, unassailable and know his presence, but indifference to his presence but this time into the House, the elderly fox feel the strength great progress, but little gold dragon-like product experts around, kind Full House guards eyelids into the Orient House, but no one thought, Cui mother-in-law to find the old man fox and little gold honestly emerged body, Oriental Yong them play hands, let them go. Sou fox out, usually a man of few words, he could not help but ask Oscar Road: "Her strength is higher than you Or do you the technology Meihuahao? Xiaojin depressed, he came from heaven, the vision is natural, but the old man fox skills admire, I did not expect one to be seen through, the reigning depressed and said: "I do not know, mother-in-law who repairs to the only Fearless level, but her eyes made me afraid, like Garnett .... "They did not understand left the Oriental Yong her Shuiji into the hall, was worried, but not anxious Shuiji and said, thinking about their own affairs. wait for a moment, almost Oriental Yong sit still, before opening Shuiji, but asked: "Yong child, how well your disease is, say it can save Yu a child's life "Oriental Yong, heart, What is the to save Yu child's life, so to speak Yu child's life is in danger?" this is how, Yu child how you say, our disease complex, not what medicine is not medicine, you soon to talk about how Yu child, where she was, or would like to sudden death "Oriental Yong shouted. sit still see this time of the Oriental Yong, jumped up and loudly ground propaganda, Yue Ya, who hesitated, they had in mind, that the disease is not unusual cure, may not be the presence of drugs to cure could be extremely complex, Oriental Yong not understand things, let him tell the governance disease of the party, is to a large waste of breath, but Oriental Yong anxious, obviously not for now turned around and said Yue Ya, with eyes and Shuiji discuss up. but not stupid Oriental Yong, from emaciated Huang Shaoqiu, Yu children missing, there Yue Ya, Shuiji who asked Oriental Yong and Binger disease is not good, eat what medicine, Oriental Yong thought it possible, Yu child ...... how is this possible ? the Oriental Yong face sè a white on several female xìng the elders asked loudly: "Yu child is not suffering from that disease? "Yue Ya the face sè a stiff Oriental Yongxian guessed. Qin Wei, and Binger face sè become pale, did not expect, did not expect to come back on the first day learned the sad news Oriental Yong eyes swept the crowd, knew he guessed, his mind suddenly become are complicated, a variety of thoughts turn the idea in his mind: Why Yu child will get sick, is harmful? now how are still alive, she, now where are you? "Mother, Yu child now where? "Oriental Yong Yue Ya shouted. Yue Ya shouted her lips" mother "Oriental Yong Yue Ya breath, said:" in the Nanshan other homes. Nanshan other homes, there are Oriental Yong had recuperate, I did not expect Yu child go. Oriental Yong, this time for some of these elders child disappointed, they do not want to let the Yuk children in Bauhinia city lost their face, so just let her to go the Nanshan betsuin a people sick, and know that it was terminally ill, but no one around loved ones, kind of lonely suffering, abandoned sad, they are not aware of Oriental Yong mercilessly stare at them and ran outside. Qin Wei's role is to protect the East, Eastern Yong where to go, she naturally go. Binger is to get rid of the house, she is now all rely on in the East Yong body, she naturally followed the Oriental Yong out. Yue Ya see the son of disappointment and resentment eyes, the tears came down. togethers Shui Ji, and Huang Shaoqiu,, Cui mother-in-law, Shui Ji said to himself: "Am I wrong? . "............ Oriental Yong rushed out of the Orient House, the door of the carriage has not pulled into the stables, the East Yong step jumped into the carriage, whip Yang, carriages away to the gate of the city. Qin Wei out to see the East Yong carriage to move her a pull on the back of Binger, they leap into the carriage. Qin Wei old man and the old man fox, Xiaojin manpower waved, said: "launched. "Oriental Yong To see the sister, would definitely put four super horses speed to the fastest, she naturally can not let the old man Fox rear-end, and their real role is to protect the Oriental Yong trio on the horse, with the carriage away the gates to see the carriage Oriental home immediately release, half an hour, Oriental Yong carriage to the foot of Nanshan,Air Jordan Spizike UK, carriage inconvenience mountains, Oriental Yong familiar abandoned carriage, and ran up the hill to the Mid-Levels, saw other homes Oriental Yong crossing over the deserted yard or so familiar, the courtyard closed, did not hear the voice of the people, did not see the shadow of the person, should make people think that there is no human habitation Oriental Yong looked at the old man old man stood out in the courtyard looked at this yard, then suddenly reached out breaks in the wall a few black characters, courtyard several flash light. old man but it was and Nanshan do not yard hospital the old housekeeper, and later followed the Oriental Yong go Yang chūn City which the Nanshan do yard, even if it is rebuilt, it still has the old man's character Liaoning guard, Oriental Yong They want to go naturally to the old man to unlock the matrix method Oriental Yuichi more, over the walls, walked to the inside of the inner court to the inner court, to only hear the sound of two girls, Oriental Yong heard two directly palm pushed open the door, the door crashed pour a small surplus and Mary is the name of two maid their Oriental home maid, are close to the identity Oriental home, this should be named Oriental, but their lack of qualifications, not be the highest on the East surname, so They Oriental home, but can not be called Oriental surplus, Oriental Korea, they are only a small profit, Mary's name. them three months ago, the Oriental family sent to care for sick Little Miss and Oriental Yu came to the mountain to do hospital, has not been out of here. they know Little Miss got a strange disease, slowly, they discovered The the Little Miss abnormal or change the world to talk about the sè "Love HEREBY disease", which the next they are scared silly, but they know that this disease will be borne their Oriental why Yu will be sent here to know they both want to get out of here, do not wanna take care of Little Miss, but to inspections butler coldly told them: "If you dare not listen, it was immediately kill you, if you take good care of the little lady came after you in the Orient House will be endless benefits, you will to bring the East last name, do an Easterner "disobedient Must Die, obedient, and may or may not be infected, they can do for Asians honest, take care of Oriental Yu degree rì such as years, but my heart is not willing to let their hearts with the grievances Mary hum: "little old woman how early children, O death, is that I was so ugly, cachexia have been such a squalling, have to be born when the Oriental family of small princess, really kill us! "Oriental Yu met a few times after the small surplus in the hands of the East Yu get several benefits, Oriental Yu gratitude, heard Mary say Oriental Yu could not bear said:" Mary , how can you say Little Miss, in fact, she is also poor, yesterday I saw her crying wet pillow "a small profit, you do not pity her up, I wished her premature death ...." Mary hum, suddenly when the door slammed, Mary, and a small surplus was scared to scream. Oriental Yong came in, looked at the two sitting twiddling their thumbs maid chat room, coffee table arrayed with tea, wine, pastries, fruit, middle of the room is a pot of fire here, it seems that the maid had a good from two woman screaming, Oriental Yong know the sound you just heard who Oriental Yong Deng Xiang Mary, cold voice asked: "you can not wait for her premature death? . "If people break this time holding a sword toward them, then small earnings Mary now would be a ladder, lamps, Oriental Yong ask them, so that their brain receives information, and think about running up, additional effect so that they woke up from the shock, a small profit on the east Yong shouted: "Who are you, you dare of unauthorized entry to the other homes of the Orient home Mary to touch a stick out, small surplus this case blink a wink, this fierce some familiar children, then her mind to think of what people could not help test and asked: "You, you are a young master? "A small profit, you scared silly, ah, the young master has long been washed away ..." Mary shouted a small surplus, but cried half, her voice suddenly strangled the hands of the National People's Congress general Ga live Oriental Yong hand naturally did not go to pinch her, but the Oriental Yong behind a <

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