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twenties man is wearing a antworten

> 039 pen to celebrate the feast of the coming emperor's edicts, and raised him to celebrate Yang E! Yang E, Yang Chengxiang daughter, the fellow younger brother sixteen or seventeen years ago to marry the emperor now, the King of Qin Zhu Hanjing, but do not want a sudden violent death before the King of Qin bridal chamber. face of the WWW, qUAnBEn com Royal Heroine naturally can not remarried, and so has been widowed. Late emperor in order to compensate fora appease Yang Chengxiang, Wong supplier to the Heroine. The tube tube for 16 years, and now some royalty jealous Yang E, want to snatch Wong supplier, has begun to put pressure on Heroine. No one thought, Oriental Yong red Cher gave Yang E, Yang E 16 years of business, the mind will naturally not bad, Bauhinia City last night to show she is not only the gift of the late emperor , father of a country phase, and now the a demon jīng daughter! The effect is very good, the night strong red Cher dislodge. Perhaps a few is not the strongest of the strong, but red Cher the strength of demon jīng, Fearless, made off to know. So the next day, the family and officials had to please the Qin palace. Yang E tolerant gas, do not want the emperor to get the handle, does not receive them. The emperor's edicts to some non-recognition of her a lot, and also added a few rank up,Nike Air Jordan 10, and tour a city for her, the the tall city called Yang chūn City. The money treasure natural reward, no less. Yang E as long as the emperor's identity, have the strength to red Cher and red Cher considered legitimate, if there is no recognition of the emperor, red Cher and she will be considered illegal, as could be open to "legitimate" strong attack. Also thanks to a city, but it is a pleasant surprise! The emperor can be considered a clear head, make the right choice. As long as his own seat, the following people do not betray him on it. Appease Yang E, Bauhinia City of a demon jīng the protection of God, the prime minister of the government is still loyal to him, and to maintain the balance of power toward the several forces! Heroine naturally understand the truth, she not only in order not to offend the other family or government officials, but also to pull out their forces, so in the imperial edict had left, and opened the door of the house to welcome those who came in at the door, reason to celebrate She became the lord! Oriental Yong mother pulled into the Heroine's room, looking for some Heroine he was ready to put on clothes. Yue Ya seems Heroine talked very rope, she naturally into Heroine room. Oriental clothes Yong Yang E room is naturally to her door before the Oriental Yong Qin palace, very calm always confused deserted them, he wore the clothes will be the symbol of his body to be destroyed, so he prepared the clothes in your home. After changing clothes to his mother Qin palace lobby, spacious lobby was placed under a nearly 200 banquet tables full of people sitting, there are at least a thousand people. Thousands feast for the the Qin palace is usually deserted, a time to do it is not possible, the emperor gave Heroine considered, not only had presented more than one hundred servant maid to her, also sent hundreds of eunuch, maid, chef came to the Qin palace, behind with few carts foodstuffs. These are on the road Yue Ya told the Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong into the lobby banquet, I saw more than a thousand in the palace Explorer arrangement, sit very rules as low sitting outside, the higher the identity more inside the ride. Many people noted that the Oriental Yong three, the Yueya holding red Cher walked teasing her. They do not know the red Cher, see Oriental Yong some habits supercilious, but curious red Cher this cute super Meng LORI identity. Is Orient the house drag on a granddaughter? (Drag on in my mind, means the child outside the family planning, spoof about here.) Yue Ya ignored them and walked directly to the feast of the front row. Heroine also saw them, smiled and went up to let other people have a bit of a surprise, some people think of Oriental home than their state-of-the-art secretly want the Qin palace and Oriental home Contact. "Sister, you can keep her get back here too?" Heroine voice was soft and crisp, natural kind and Yue Ya say hello, and then some blame stared Oriental of Yong and red Cher a. Oriental Yong scratched the back of the head,Jordan 14 Sale, a little embarrassed laugh, the poor red Cher installed toot mouth, "Mom, I know that was wrong!" Giggle ...... back like you can not blame Cher certain Yong child led astray her! "Yue Ya smooth things out, but did not forget to betray his own son. This Oriental Yong micro surprised he felt before the mother Yang E seem to just want to get close to a lot of the middle of what had happened? Heroine took the red Cher, affectionately patted her head, smiled and Yue Ya said: "Sister, please our side, the feast is about to begin!" In the eyes of the crowd surprised, Oriental Yong Yue Ya The two together with the Yang E sat down in front of a table, and Yue Ya sat on the side of Yang E, Oriental Yong sitting next to Yue Ya. Oriental Yong looked a the Heroine the other side sat twenties man is wearing a yellow silk embroidered Longhua service, Oriental Yong quickly guess this is not met Prince, Chu Wing-lok. However Heroine with his middle put a slightly higher chair, let Chek Cher sat down. He sat there, looked straight ahead, very calm, physique straight, he seems to nine on the Richter earthquake earthquake does not fall. Down his seat to look at the past, several neither of the East Yong know, but there is a somewhat similar with Yang Chen Ling, younger than Chen Guang Yang to a large number, and that is the big brother of Yang Chen Ling. Regardless of knowledge do not know, their momentum was high above, deep down there is an arrogance! This Oriental Yong understand that this table is not ordinary people can sit. Other family have only one representative sitting here, Oriental Yong mother and child together to sit on, or the most front seat, these high-ranking person could not help more than glanced at him! Yang E Yue Ya was very affectionate, Yue Ya please sit down, Yang E picked up the red Cher, sitting attend the banquet, said: "I want to thank the gift of His Majesty before the start of the feast, so that I became Santo of Yang chūn city, big people, I hope to entertain you and to congratulate you adults in the future, Yang E Yang chūn of the city, a lot of support, a lot of help! "said Yang E opening remarks, then clasped his red snow children, smiled and said: "I would like to tell you about, this is my daughter, Yang Chek snow!" Everyone listened forget to breathe, for a time, this cute girl,Coach Classic USA, even that demon jīng is? ! "At the same time, I would also like to announce one thing, I am in charge of the imperial suppliers, the arrival of the new year, and Oriental Master Yong co-founder of a new business!" Boom! ! ! Audience uproar! (In the flat, Oriental Yong has defused a crisis, assimilation Yang Chengxiang enemy, but also slowly floating to the surface of the water of the Bauhinia City. Perhaps Wu pen writing is not good, I did not write **, but behind the plot I will try! thank Zi?? Xiangxi a reward!) <

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