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came the brave sea Fenger antworten

> 451: [unlock the seal] 451: [unlock the seal] "Heart of Ocean" Oriental Yong hesitated and looked to the and Miao sword eyes wide open, and she saw nine black at the chest seems to be a bright crystal, it seems that is the Heart of Ocean. Www. qUanBen. The name of the COM Heart of Ocean in the east Yong come into contact with the White Dragon soon heard, it seems that the White Dragon particularly interested in this thing, seems to be able to raise her cultivation. The White Dragon reason for this the desperately and dark mermaid Sike, also to the Heart of Ocean. White Dragon then see Heart of Ocean, immediately rushed up, no longer ignore the butcher and bloody. Sea Ao then stopped down, but also deliberately stepped so far away, which means that attitude, or too close, too ambiguous attitude will be a big problem. Bailong removed from the chest of the nine black a diamond the size of a fist of things to come, and then his face agitated sea Ao and Ryan White Iraq they surprise looked at this Diamond White Dragon looked diamonds glances and calm their feelings, then put away the diamonds, and then calmly walked away, the sea Ao continue to cut the bodies of nine black. Less Heart of Ocean, nine black, are relatively common, so is no longer being nothing special, Oriental Yong successfully connected the two Aconitum other points. ............ So after dark mermaid, Lai Bai Iraq ordered rest, and then they began to discuss a number of heads of this the dark wells Palace processing problem. "This place we do not, I see stepping forget the sea Ao said. Lai White nodded in Iraq, was about to speak, Oriental Yong raised his hand, said: "several predecessors, I see this place is very good, when a nest to me, anyway, I also did not nest" since you did not want that to my mother-in-law Li River leaders look to the East Yong, and then saw an expression Miao small sword, to know it in a couple of them, have a good discussion of the. White Dragon, the Li River mother-in-law and sea Ao down not feel anything, but depends white Iraq suddenly jǐng the Ti-up, laugh vacantly narrowed eyes east Fangyong Dong Fang Yong, a tight body, then smiled and Lai white-Iraq Depending on. White Dragon and mother-in-law Li River they soon noticed the exception of Oriental Yong Lai white Iraq, Hai Ao looked at them, they turned away, ignore their thing, it touches on some of the White Dragon and mother-in-law Li River children concerned. Lai white-Iraq face laugh drifted slowly calm down, and then suddenly laughed again,Coach Handbags Sale, and then gently shook his head, and then said: "Well, to give you this little guy" White Dragon and mother-in-law Li River breathed a sigh of relief , and although they did not speak, but it also means that they also agreed. Oriental Yong did not expect so easy to get a dark wells Palace, Lai white Iraqi reaction, in his reaction, Oriental Yong originally thought to spend some thought in order to get. Him for Lai Bai Iraq, the reaction is understandable, Miao sword disgusted with them the Aegean Sea royal, before Miao small sword to get rid of the shark family, they Mermaid thugs family of the sea, in a way, but more toward the the elders of the house of a party depends white Iraq this time will help them to take away the street Tian Wu, Miao small sword shark captured the city but which is also seen Miao small sword is the resentment of the Aegean Sea royal If this winze Palace Miao small sword, it is not given them a culture forces in Oriental Yong's help came in the next time depends white Iraq they should not even think to come into the. A place for them, the behind big problem Yanghuweihuan of now depends white Iraq is not afraid "Yanghuweihuan readily agreed Oriental Yong, collision Oriental Yong accident. Accept the dark wells Palace, the heart also some children jǐng Ti. ............ White Dragon looked Oriental Yong, and then a faint smile, they are jīng to the presence of the general will know Oriental courageous and open the dark wells Palace authorities and the door to the secret, so he will be the dark wells Palace . But they see Oriental Yong eat cheap, but did not propose to resist a few words, because their volume is not so small. "Aunt, you then what are your plans?" Oriental Yong asked the White Dragon. White Dragon said, one of the things that is necessary Oriental Yong took her to find the fire dragon revenge, do not know that she is not going to. White Dragon thought for a moment, and then said: "I would also like to refining the Heart of Ocean, to enhance the strength, look for you." She said, meaning strength improved, and then went to the fire dragon revenge Oriental Yong look Li River mother-in-law, to curry favor with a smile and said: "mother-in-law, that you can temporarily disable the seal solution, even if used once a day, I am willing ah" body seal Oriental Yong Li River mother-in-law said before, the need to sea to re-opened. Seep mother-in-law is very readily agreed. The next day, the White Dragon and Oriental Yong dark wells Palace, and then looking over the sea, the mouth seems what sound, mouth to put in there, but the Oriental Yong did not hear the sound is strange, the sky suddenly dark, and then he again saw the Blue Whale Marine Mammals White Dragon waved his hand, and then seep mother-in-law and Oriental Yong followed her tour on the back of the Blue Whale Marine Mammals, and then the Blue Whale Marine Mammals swim. Two hours later, the Oriental Yong felt more and more bright above, more and more light, which is getting closer from the sea. Oriental Yong finally out of the sea, sea water streaming down from his body, he again inhaled the fresh air of familiarity, my heart kind of excitement, can not use language described Miao small sword out of the sea, not suited to slightly see Oriental Yong expression of joy, her slightly dim. Wait until fully surfaced, Oriental Yong carefully looked at the conditions of the sea, Everywhere you looked, all the sea, no land he soon put away these thoughts, and then look to the Li River mother-in-law, he knows what he is now needed is . White Dragon this time his eyes fell on body of Oriental Yong, a slight movement brow, chuckled and said: "I now see it out, your body basaltic liquid out." Miao small sword looked over, startled a moment, seems to seep through her mother said yes, seawater pressure basaltic fluid to the Oriental Yong, played a role in protecting his sea together, it is easy to see out. Li River mother-in-law walked over, and then paste it into a hand on the chest of the Oriental Yong Yong felt a chill flow out from her hand and then let the East, then swim around to the body. After a child, he saw the skin shed some transparent glue Thriller until time to leave the hands of the Li River mother-in-law, Oriental Yong, who has a thick layer of glue, not help some children. Oriental Yong want to wipe the body suddenly a move he felt made contact with Qin Father and the Dragon heaven, he can contact me Wong tower mysterious air of the body seems to have come back, he felt she no power soon feel, the inside Qin Father and the dragon heaven is alarmed, and the East Yong hurry to speak, and have expressed strong out. Oriental Yong can not put them out, because he did not want to know the White Dragon and mother-in-law Li River. So they let them noisy noisy. Oriental Yong face with joy on the Li River mother-in-law said: "Thank you mother-in-law mother-in-law Li River face calmly Enliaoyisheng of. ............ Oriental Yong With cultivation and strength, not to mention the other requirements and things back to the bottom of the sea, in the eyes of Miao tight small sword, Oriental Yong said all nothing happened. This time depends white Iraq and sea Ao has already begun to go back to sea empire. White Dragon to stay in the vicinity of the practice, so we left. But the real situation, White Dragon is not really stay in this place, only she knew. After all, in practice, people do not want someone to interfere with, or even to attack the Li River mother-in-law to go back and look at the sea Fenger, and then back to the east coast with sea Fenger, pick up the two should belong to her stuff so she and Oriental Yong go back together. ............ Fort shark, Bao Fu very excited to meet the Miao sword back, For Oriental brave attitude although not as good as Miao small sword is so warm, but it seems because the the Oriental the Miao sword Yong stay around for a long time, and has been a change in attitude changed for the better Miao small sword came back on their own to shut himself up the Lien Bao Fu do not know what she was doing the usual things, continue to deal with her. Three days later, Miao small sword out, and then a white crystal sè of shells to the East Yong. "What?" Oriental Yong asked. "Open it and see." Miao small sword Short said with a smile. Look at this way, a bit like a boyfriend to marry him ring to his girlfriend, but now the angle sè change, boyfriend girlfriend to do, and the ring box is also a lot of, ah, can be installed bracelet Oriental Yong with excitement, open the shell ... What is it? - "Why?" Oriental Yong was taken aback stood box is a black round thing, coarse look like a black pearl, but the middle of the transparent vitreous of the Black Pearl, there is also a ring more clear pupil, this is not an eyes? Oriental Yong first time it gives closed, then Paizhexiongkou, daggers are lucky Miao sword this woman is getting worse, is not that cold, cold woman, from the last in dark wells palace, the two in the dark, Oriental Yong touched her hand, asked her hand, but she pretended not Oriental Yong scared half to death, you think, ah, palpable darkness is not his wife's hand, that is, it was not scary talent strange she took a do not know what the eyes of the monster to scare the East Yong, Oriental Yong heart almost can not afford this woman change is too big it, how become so mischievous? see her laughing, Oriental Yong daggers at her, then Yangnu shouted: "This is what the eyes of the monster, how did you go for this disgusting things? "Nine black. "Miao small sword simmering laugh and said." Nine Ukraine? "Oriental Yong hesitated and then come to understand" Are you saying that ............ "Oriental Yong think Hai Ao once said, saying the nine black eyes baby, Miao small sword these days, refining this baby is her good refining the first to own this woman is getting cute, more and more people moved Miao small sword also noted that the Oriental Yong moved, laughing anger glared at him, fascinating and charming, Oriental Yong soul fly thought for several days did not find her mischief, Oriental Yong toward her immediately, but Miao small sword has changed to rì style flash to side, then bit his lip, said: "I would also like to deal with other things, before they can lingua franca" Then, go sideways. Oriental Yong had no choice but. "Oriental Yong. "At this time, a crisp sound audio up do not look back, you know the sound of the sea Fenger, but do not look back, it would be impolite, turned Oriental Yong, politely greeted with a smile, said:" Fenger, how do you come to me? The "sea Fenger Jiaoyan of a red, then head down shyly said:" You two days before is not that a few sea animal skins to me,Coach Bags Store, I now have the way you want, that sea animal skins to clothes made of you optimistic about the bad? "Really? That's good, we'll go "Oriental Yong smiled and said two days before, see Oriental Yong Miao small sword shake out of nine black skin on the neck, think of a useful - make clothes for his cloth clothes, Lai Yau group to tear, and later has been around the seaweed, but this is like a return to the primitive society in general, Oriental Yong uncomfortable, now see the nine black skin, he thought of this layer things go, so nine black skin, and then wanted to made their own clothes., sea Fenger and seep through her mother steps a day later, no longer adhesive seep mother-in-law, see Oriental Yong things, let her do a woman than a man better at this, but usually do the seaweed sea Fenger wear skirts, are compiled very pretty generous, so Oriental Yong glorious job successor to the sea Fenger did not expect this for two days, she'll do a good job sea Fenger and Oriental Yong together, very close, walking a shake, the two red skin on the outside of the encounter with the sea Fenger body fibrillation, and things just did not meet Miao sword, crisp body, head and looking the sea Fenger, see her shy look, but also can not stand, suddenly hugged her, and then bluntly mouth twitter bar, more severe sea Fenger body trembling, eyes wide boss, stare at the Oriental Yong Oriental Yong is no longer her summary execution, and kissed release her laugh, and let put down the heart of the sea the Fenger suddenly blushed Tong "Oriental Yong ...... you bad ......" sea Fenger Chen Dao. Oriental Yong as she scolded, picked up her hand, then the residence of the sea Fenger The walked sea Fenger did not struggling Eastern Yong hand, but in the later, gently anti-Hold. into the sea Fenger residence, The Fenger sea then a vest leather clothes wear to the East Yong really fit, I did not expect the submarine can once again wear such clothes, Oriental Yong felt extremely the Wenxin Hai Fenger looked also feel very satisfied. eyes then to another, but forbearance not live face sè red a bit, but she still took up Oriental Yong said: "There is also an" Oriental Yong to see a hot pants, he smiled and said: "I came" "No, I gave you wear the sea the Fenger suddenly stubborn up. Oriental Yong looked at her blushing face, know that she is under a great deal of courage, nod sea Fenger crouched down, and then said softly: " heels. "Oriental Yong confused Yi Zheng, a trace of a distant memory to make him feel in front of this scene, is how people dig pit of the stomach, he subconsciously obediently lifted his left foot, I remember there was a woman numerous times he cursed:" right foot, fast lift "and then his childish laugh a laugh, then lift your right foot sea Fenger not play his memory is so, but soon pant sets into East Yong not Knowing she was not originally intended to wear the right foot, to see his left foot and it is only temporary for the right foot pants hole, but his heart is getting touched his right foot. "Here came the brave sea Fenger shy voice. Oriental Yong left foot down, raised his right foot, and then the sea the Fenger slowly stand up, set into the foot pants to pull up to the sea grass skirt , sea Fenger to pull off the sea grass skirt, but the wrong hands, arrested and facing the middle, all of a sudden catch of a bad thing "-" sea Fenger shame No, she has got the wrong, but also caught the both embarrassing things The Oriental Yong hissing out, the thing can not grab ah, but fortunately she only caught it lifted its sea Fenger let go, turned, Oriental Yong had to, sea ​​grass skirt to be knocked off, then put on pants, dumbfounding the sea Fenger said: "Fenger, I have a good - just, it really ... it was just a misunderstanding, and do not worry about ... ah ..." sea Fenger bow to him, should not he is. Oriental Yong advised for a moment, to no avail. living in the bushes Oriental Yong will know the sea Fenger own feelings, not angry, just shy and awkward., girls one reserved let her poor face their own. now only give her time, the two meet again tomorrow, nothing, so Oriental Yong smiled and said good things for a while left. leave Oriental Yong took another set of leather clothes, that is to the Miao sword,Air Jordan 2, the sea the Fenger accommodation inside, there are other leather clothes, is the Oriental Yong causing the sea to Fenger do to her own, as well as the mother-in-law Li River ............ Oriental Yong would have been necessary to go to the sea the next day Fenger, so yesterday's embarrassment in the past, so that the progress of the two feelings, no one thought Bao Fu suddenly ran up, and then she was going to burst into the Miao small sword inside, but seeing Oriental Yong, could not help but stopped, then hesitated, and he said: "out to a mermaid" surprised Orient Yong, hastened to ask things, before we know outside a mermaid family of soldiers, to see Miao small sword the Baofu not ask, naturally not agree, mermaid did not mean hiding Bao Fu, said Mermaid Prince Miao small sword with them back to the mermaid City to go back to doing? "Oriental Yong himself <

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