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&gt; 440: [White Fort shark] 440: [Fort White Shark] under the command of the street Magic Magic Sword Legion was repulsed and those poisoning is not a light, not speak the king Department of sharks have gotten some stable condition. the WWW, QUanbEN, COM stable but were not able to do things together, so unfamiliar Magic Magic became Shark Fort temporary command of the Oriental Yong after the hearing that the plan was perfect to implement, is pleased to pro-Miao small sword, and then two of them in the city of swordfish or continue waiting. However, in the Sentinel direction, he has pointed out the other way, so that the sentinels keep an eye on the movement of the octopus family in the near Yoriyoshi long after two days, we get the following intelligence, they have depends Hill clues to the group, so Lai Yi-chang personally go out into the million snake around the hole, Lai Yi-long heart felt a surge of dangerous atmosphere hesitated for a moment, he still went in, when you see Lai mound group tattered corpse, Lai Yi-chang shocked he has seen Lai Yau group is not Miao small sword to kill, but to die here Lai Qiu group can be seen here a million snake hole, Yoriyoshi long not do not know, and soon he Lai Venturi group died facts million snake hole. He was shocked, let men dispersed to see hold this million snake hole,<A title="Air Jordan Shoes" href="">Air Jordan Shoes</A>, and then he took the of Lai mound group corpse back. Go back, he had the body of Lai Yau group to protect them, and sent to Iraq to contact Lai white. When the elders and others know it, are very shocked, as well as the wrath of their elders Yoriyoshi long to find clues Lai Yau group, the results you brought back a corpse, but went into hiding, afraid to and the elders said, this is not to deceive them, protecting Miao small sword this daughter? So the elders and the elders of the assignment of the great elders, to get Yoriyoshi long to find a statement, no one thought they went to Lai Yi-chang not only wrong, but very confidently, Zhanli calm that, want to see the body of Lai Yau group can, but the elders to be all over, can not take out. The two elders and the four elders are angry not light, but take Yoriyoshi long can not do anything, so go back and find the elders. Large elder one, face sank sè, other elders also very angry, but the elders thought, that since Yoriyoshi long to let them go, and that if he really do what's going on, that went allows him borrow. So elders waved his hand, a group of elders appeared and started to Yoriyoshi long away to Prince rear, Yoriyoshi long already there waiting for them. His face solemn and calm, take them in, and then take them to see the of Lai mound group corpses Well, after ten days time, Lai Yau group of bodies have been horrendous. Oriental Yong looked at him dead at that time, he has people miserable can not bear to bet, now swollen to a rotten, we will have the elders So a group of elderly people, and most of the age when the elders , fainting a lot of the other spit spit, nausea nausea large elders turned to go, afraid to look at, face pale sè the ugly, with a giant angry the Yoriyoshi long shouted: "You say, how is this going? This is the reason why you want to hide, Well, you do not want to rebel? "At this time, Lai Yi-chang, and not because of the large Presbyterian crown hat rebel movement expression, pointing to the body, he said: "the elders Look ............" ............ "Well, Lai Yi-chang is a retaliation, the elderly have to see their bodies halo halo, spit spit, fierce pointing to the body so they can see, this is not want their symptoms get worse layer? Elders one his words, wow spit worse, those who have vomited powerful elders, directly fainted. Twice eliminated, leaving to the elders, are mermaid the elderly jīng Great Britain and elders trembling finger, pointing Lai Yi-chang and angrily do not know how to say his Yoriyoshi long as did not see the custom to said: "Since the elders do not want to see the truth, then I'll tell you." Lai Yi-chang do not know is not disgusting, or the psychological is really strong, he walked over, fingers point in Lai Yau group of bodies his mouth, said: "originally wanted to ask you know What are these wounds elders seen, But now I tell you, if you do not believe, you take another look. Snakebite, all snake bites out, and this snake is not the snake. "elders would not want to hear this clue, he did not dare turn around, humming:" long Yoriyoshi, your words too lost the sense of proportion it you are bitten by a snake, which is not what we want to know, even if it is bitten by a snake, the snake will hurt a Regulus the goods double day xìng life, Well, you'd better tell who is the murderer " "The murderer is of these wounds snake Lai Yi-chang said quietly. Absurd snakes can harm his life xìng? "Several jīng British elders and exasperation, asked. Million snake hole Black Rock Snake "Lai Yi-chang said. Several jīng British elders heard Yi Zheng, the face sè hear a million snake hole the name becomes pale, but then they face sè a slow, then angry, He Wen long Road, Yoriyoshi,: "in order to give Fish shirk its responsibility, even got such a ridiculous excuse, I do not want to see you Prince when the "Lai Yi long face sè to a strict, asked the elders who speak:" My prince's position by the former imperial passed down, my piano sea mermaid family tradition, I ask the 16 elders, I do not do this Prince, who will do? "Mermaid traditional value, and these old mermaid, it is more important than life., one of this , then 16 elders knew something wrong, uh uh, looking at Yoriyoshi long, do not know how to answer him "Will the 16 elders may have to scrap the traditional meaning, is not a prince of the place since anyone can to do? "Lai Yi-chang asked. Ugly the elders face sè very, see Lai Yi-chang clutching tightly, he knew a bad thing, he looked at the 16 elders, had cruel ordered: "16 elders even say this outrageous the words read to him in advance for the mermaid family made extraordinary contributions to drive him out to the elders of the house of the future are not allowed into the elders of the house of "the 16 elders face sè pale, it seems that all of a sudden had Alzheimer blankly dont know what to say ............ to Lai the justice long face and not Xingzailehuo the like, is still a serious expression and said: "This is the land of the confidential, are now talking about things can not let outsiders know, to people, he shut me up, until I ordered the release to say. "Soon, mermaid guards come in the slow-witted 16 elders to take away. Elders and others quit, want to stop, but Lai Yi-chang, a few big hat cap down, they shut up. Although it can not be won in the 16 elders do Yoriyoshi long, but they took the things Lai Yau group launched an attack up. Lai Yi-chang said only one sentence: "Do you think that the dead can keep the body in any place? Elsewhere, I'm afraid Lai Yau group's body has long been the fish to eat, and I am not in the other the hands of the people to return to his body, where the only kind of fish do not dare, in order to keep body and I find his million snake hole. grateful elders do not believe, I can take you to Where to look? "where these elderly dare million snake hole, immediately got a variety of excuses, anyway, a word, do not. And elders'd see clearly, immediately asked: "You say you're a million snake hole?" "Yes." Lai Yi-chang Road. "That still?" In "" great, immediately take it to inform the Queen, it is best to get her back, as long as they can get the benefits of Wan snake hole, the piano sea mermaid can go beyond other Empire Empire of mermaid. "" great elders said happily. "I have to please. Lai Yi-chang replied. Large elders Wave, and then they left the place of a corpse. They did not want to stay any longer out a large elders and Yoriyoshi of long talk a million snake hole thing, and then left. they all know that things can you not bring Lai Yau group to get rid of the Miao sword, but this depressed mood million snake hole things become excited again. their elders temple belongs to their site after the elders of large enemies as comparison meter elders said: "Brother, I did not expect 16 brother even so long Yoriyoshi to harm, I can say that this is Lai Yi-chang in retaliation for us, we can not This let go of that trash "the elders was silent for a child, and then nod, said:" Lai Yi-chang is not to say she is not recognized, then we give them a recognized identity, as a We want clear she is not easy to do? A three elders, and other elders as the one from the other eyes to see joy, have said: "high," Big Brother approach .................. As the saying goes, one mountain higher than the mountain when the elders of exaggerated elders, people in KwaZulu Oriental Yong Lai Baiyu boast not only the electric eel, even in the shark Baonei street Magic Magic can not help but praise him, he's way too high, put up to today, we can say he has taken control of sharks Fort While many people praise him, but as his wife Miao small sword, but still ice with a straight face, that is, did not praise him an Oriental Yong swear tonight must going to let him and in shark Baonei let her out shameless nasty Oriental Yong thinking about some kind of a good thing, shark Baonei the street Magic Magic whole shark Baonei to shark gave toxic soft body all shark panic, even including her together to poison soft body does not know how, but even more they are afraid of is that they can not even speak no strength to Jisi this time, sharks Fort gates to the people of the Sword Legion to break open, the face of nearly a million soft shark Sword Legion simply deformed magic invincible Oriental Yong strictly Sword Legion have done a "civilized warfare" jīng essentials of God, go after just soft to the tied up soon, Sword Legion occupied shark Fort Miao small sword and Oriental Yong standing on the stage, the following is an open space, street magic magic city shark in the following, and then there are other important figure in Bao Fu has from the street Magic Magic the list down to focus on the people. Miao small sword slightly parted mouth, said: "annexed to the swordfish family, you can not die." as proud of sharks, they are heard these words feel shame and anger, but a wave of Miao swordsman, the Baofu led Swordfish Guards immediately escorted a group of sharks went up from the hand of the sword down, shark head did not happen thousands of people on the ground looking at the front killed the head of the hundreds of people are stupid, did not expect Miao small sword said to kill to kill one hundred strength is the tip of the pyramid in the shark character, and is in the shark family People with high prestige to kill the silence fell, Not a sound after ten seconds, Miao swordsman once again wielded, and hundreds of people playing, and then from the hand of the sword down, one hundred shark head also fall soon, Baofu caught on the list of people are killed, which makes the the Miao sword very satisfied, she was afraid the group of sharks because of weak surrender immediately, so that she find a reason to kill the people behind it. As a result, less high strength shark, later manage the Fort shark,<A title="Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK" href="">Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK</A>, it is easy to many the highlight of the next natural to suppress the group of sharks, so just let them surrender when the executioner swordfish family Guards do not kill people, turned to look at thousands of sharks in the open space towards them just seen the the swordfish to put Chikae murder head they will know executioner toward that they represent what they are screams in horror up. Oriental Yong suspected sea Fenger poison is not a mistake, even give them the strength to shout so loud Swordfish Guards rudely grabbed their nearest shark , was arrested shark ah scream that you want to surrender, but swordfish Chikae simply ignore them, as if they will only kill the head generally looked Swordfish Guards arrested almost 100 people, was caught shark screams do not have, without being caught some lucky, and fear of the next time will turn to them. "I annexed to ...... I on behalf of the shark family attached into the swordfish family ......" At this time, there is a very faint sound in the world screams, the sound made everyone hear general, everyone turned to look at the sound unfamiliar Magic Magic limp body fell to the ground, but she the sound is still passed out: "I would like on behalf of the shark family attached into the swordfish family, please do not scrapping my people" the swordfish family Guards stopped down, but his eyes looked around the shark is still poor, seems at all like a knife to them generally quiet audience, who is about to chop the sharks are not screaming, waiting for their fate will be turning because street magic magic word, no, or above Swordfish an idea of ​​the Queen turning point after a while children, Miao small sword to see it to the street magic magic, cold eyes, there was a hatred seems to hate her too quickly surrendered her one finger next to a shark, said: "You have to be annexed to climb over. "The street Magic Magic bite his teeth, or suffer the hearts of grievances, looked around a shark, and then the voice of the soft unto the place slowly creep to everyone watching street magic magic like a wretch, do not know over how much she climbed up there. Miao the sword Then they asked: "you are willing to be her behalf? . The following shark hesitated, Miao small sword did not give them more time, the next ordered: "kill." The swordfish family Chikae excitement dragging the sharks are going to behead. Fear of sharks quickly shouted: "I am willing, I am willing to ..." other sharks quickly shouted willing to. The swordfish family Guards put down these sharks, toward other sharks, sharks afraid, was also quick to shout willing. Miao small sword asked: "afraid to die, and ye gave me one of her representative of your reason" Miao sword, then rarely, very simple, but if you do not answer as she says, is to decapitate the fate of sharks we have to cry, they are too afraid to face her problems, sharks do not know how to answer, ah, they are too stupid to die,<A title="Coach New Arrivals Bags" href="">Coach New Arrivals Bags</A>, a time can not find a reason to, even if it is a false excuse "... she is our pro queen, she can represent me ............ do not know is the the only gall heart smart shark said first out. Other sharks a quickly this reason, repeated in his mouth again Miao small sword laughed and said: "shark street Tian Wu What?" Do not know in which corner of the shark to life rushing replied: "street Tian Wu has left us, we are now shark Queen her Miao small sword heart satisfied, pointing to her: "willing attached entrants, climb past" almost without any hesitation, all sharks are committed to climb this scene is so even if played out half, on behalf of thousands of people just in the millions of sharks, but this is a good start, they annexed to the other sharks mention. And, most importantly, in this case, street magic magic to the Queen of the shark, the following play can easily staged a shark who are willing to surrender, have been understanding of medicine, but it was not completely antidote, but let their strength has been restored to one-tenth of the antidote and then let them go when "Han jiān" a kind of angle sè against those stubborn shark. ...... Oriental Yong at night when, to achieve during the day the white rì dream, Fort shark hard to clean up the the Miao sword meal but he was found in March, he packed Miao sword, or Miao sword in fix him, ah, how to engage in actions of this woman than men also fierce, but this is normal, today Miao small sword for the mother at the half of the hatred, her mood ups and downs, and to help her Oriental Yong revenge, she is the love and gratitude, so at the time, the action Rulangsihu but two of the Oriental Yong done once, and chūn recurrence of the situation was about to come open, suddenly pass out Plum II I heard Ke Sheng. Two surprised and shouted: "Who" &lt; <ML></ML>

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